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If you've been following this blog for a while, you are familiar with my legal battle over a video I created criticizing thug singer Akon's lewd on-stage behavior with an underage girl. We won that legal battle. Akon "apologized" in a song called "Sorry" -- and then went on to engage in even more thuggish... Read More
Several weeks ago, I spoke with GWU law professor Jeffrey Rosen about my curious experiences with YouTube's mystery censors. Longtime readers will remember the battle over "First, They Came." For the past two years, my attempts to re-upload the little video about the Mohammed Cartoons and violent jihad were blocked. Other users were able to... Read More
Thug singer Akon, famous for molesting or assaulting young fans at his concerts, says he'll leave the country if Barack Obama loses. Because he's, you know, afraid: You want scary? Here's scary. And here's scary. Hat tip: Mary Katharine Ham, who's got a great vid of Obama's flip-flops here.
Smack that.
Well, well, well. The Smoking Gun exposes the marketing fraud known as Akon (the thug entertainer you've come to know and loathe well here - previous Akon blogging): Akon's ad nauseum claims about his criminal career and resulting prison time have been, to an overwhelming extent, exaggerated, embellished, or wholly fabricated, an investigation by The... Read More
Back in June, thug R&B singer Akon was involved in a stage tantrum involving a boy whom he hurled from a stage. Here's the vid: Today, Akon was charged in the incident: More background here. The unhinged kid-tossing debacle came on the heels of Akon's videotaped
"I've had it up to here."
Oh, this is rich. Muslim students in Malaysia are protesting an upcoming concert by American pop songstress Gwen Stefani. They believe she is indecent and obscene: Stefani has agreed to bow in dhimmitude. She won't wear "revealing" constumes: U.S. pop singer Gwen Stefani will not wear revealing costumes during her concert in Malaysia, the show's... Read More
Universal Music Group is at it again: Another heavy-handed crackdown on a YouTube user.
You remember our successful battle against Universal Music Group? The record industry giant tried to abuse copyright law to yank a video we put on YouTube criticizing Akon. With the help of the Electronic Freedom Foundation, we asserted fair use, beat back the bogus legal threat, and had the video restored. Well, UMG is at... Read More
...sorry that he got caught! And now he's got a brand-new song passing the buck and deflecting blame for his crude stage sex act with an underage girl in Trinidad. He blames the girl's father, the Trinidad nightclub where he sandwiched the girl, and Verizon Wireless for pulling sponsorship of his concert tour with Gwen... Read More
R&B "artist" Akon doesn't seem to have learned from his past on-stage debacle. The Poughkeepsie Journal reports that he had one of his security guards hunt down a boy in the audience who supposedly threw something at the performer. Brought onto the stage at a Fishkill concert, the boy was plopped down in front of... Read More
The Hot Air video report on Akon that Universal Music Group didn't want you to see is now back up on YouTube. That's right. The music giant and the video-sharing site (who happen to be "strategic partners") have backed down: We originally posted the Hot Air report to YouTube on May 2. On May 3,... Read More
Hot Air and the Electronic Frontier Foundation are challenging copyright law abuse by music giant Universal Music Group--the record company for R&B misogynist Akon. Last week, I noted that UMG forced YouTube to yank our video report criticizing Akon's onstage antics and vulgar lyrics claiming copyright infringement. The non-profit EFF has agreed to represent Hot... Read More
Thank you, readers. Thank you, Laura Ingraham listeners. Thank you, Verizon Wireless: Akon's ringtones have been removed by the Verizon Wireless website. I just spoke with Gerace by phone, and he told me Verizon Wireless had made a "mistake" partnering with Akon. It's good to see some corporate responsibility here. Will others step up to... Read More
Gone. This morning, I linked to the YouTube version of our Hot Air show exposing hip-hop misogynist Akon. The YouTube version is no longer available. This is the message you will now see: "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Universal Music Group." We believe our commentary and criticism of... Read More
***1245pm Eastern update: Laura Ingraham has phoned the Verizon exec I mentioned below, John Harrobin, to come on her show to discuss Akon...apparently, he took a half-day off today and won't be back until next Wednesday...stay tuned and keep up the pressure for accountability...*** Calling Verizon Wireless exec John Harrobin...anyone home? *** Check this out.... Read More
This is making the rounds. Blame George Washington. The site Media Take Out writes: Gossip site Hollywood Grind added: Akon told the audience that he was holding a "contest" with the winner getting a trip to Africa. He said that although they had held the contest in London, and Atlanta, that Trinidad’s contest would be... Read More
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