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Air America

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Percy Sutton and Malcolm X, 1963. Well, well, well. The Congressional Black Caucus is trying to shake down the White House -- and taxpayers -- by holding a Democrat financial regulation "reform" bill hostage until Team Obama stuffs it with taxpayer goodies for a minority-owned radio station and other minority-owned businesses. The story is here... Read More
Montel Williams is now a moonbat talk show host for Air America. The formerly civil TV personality is now a foaming-at-the-mouth nutroots-panderer who wishes GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann dead. Radio Equalizer Brian Maloney reports: WILLIAMS (1:30:32): Michelle, slit your wrist. Go ahead... or, do us all a better thing [sic]. Move that knife up about... Read More
I'm sure we'll be hearing passionate condemnations of unhinged talker Mike Malloy's mob threat from Bobby Gibbs and Josh Marshall any second now. Civility!
Just keeping you posted on the Coleman-Franken vote count in Minnesota. Norm Coleman is hanging by a thread: Minnesota-based Power Line has been keeping tabs. And so has Ed Morrissey. Keep your fingers crossed. Gah:
Al Franken's got some nerve talking about accountability.
Sinking ship.
Longtime readers will remember the extensive joint investigations into failed liberal radio network Air America and Al Franken that I published here and at Radio Equalizer with Brian Maloney. Fortunately, Norm Coleman's Senate campaign in Minnesota remembered, too. Franken's Air America debacle is the subject of a new campaign ad. Schadenfreude-licious: *** Press release: COLEMAN... Read More
Arresting developments.
Thanks to David Lunde for the photoshop Well now.
Brian Maloney has the scoop: Blame Bush!
Ship of fools.
Thanks to David Lunde for the photoshop *** Just got an e-mail notice about the first "Air America Radio Cruise." The boat is going to lean so far left that I fear for the passengers' safety: Carbon offset fraud included: Jon Elliott, by the way, is the hysterical loon who suggested that hysterical loon Randi... Read More
"Violence fantasies."
Brian Maloney has audio of the creepy, BDS-infected liberal radio talk show host diatribe of the day. Bryan Preston: "These same people constantly wail at waterboarding Khalid Sheik Mohammed. That’s just who they are." Yes, I spy with my little eye a word that starts with "U." And ends in "nhinged."
Dead air.
The moonbat radio network loses out to Spanish-language radio. The Austin-American Statesman reports: Celebrate diversity!
Err America.
Maybe she should have just kept her mouth shut.
Raining on the tinfoil parade.
Update 10:45pm Eastern. I'm thinking of selling these. Whaddya think: And the logo on the back: Update 8:30pm Eastern. "It was the brownshirts!" Lord, what fools these moonbats be. *** The real story: Air America radio host Randi Rhodes is temporarily off the air, but claims she was brutally attacked near her Manhattan apartment are... Read More
It's up to Brian Maloney, once again, to get to the bottom of the story: Read the whole thing. You, too, MSM.
Brian Maloney looks at the fool taking over Air America--and Al Franken officially jumps ship.
Brian Maloney reports Al Franken has been cancelled in San Francisco and may be on his way out at failing, flailing Air America.
Bush Derangement Syndrome fizzles in movie theaters: The provocative film "Death of a President," which imagines the assassination of George W. Bush, bombed at the North American box office with a meager $282,000 grossed from 143 theaters in its first weekend. The pseudo-documentary played at 91 U.S. theaters and 52 Canadian cinemas during its first... Read More
Brian Maloney smells another shell game coming on. Me, too: Brian's got some answers and more questions. As always, stay tuned to the Radio Equalizer. *** Sheldon Drobny speaks...and he's not happy.
If you read Brian Maloney's extensive report yesterday on the failed Air America takeover deal with shady nutball Sheldon Drobny, the brief AP dispatch this morning on the liberal network's filing for bankruptcy will be no surprise: As Brian reported exclusively yesterday: After an Air America Radio buyout plan by eccentric Democrat Party fundraiser /... Read More
My friend and frequent investigative partner Brian Maloney at The Radio Equalizer has an exclusive report on how shady couple Sheldon and Anita Drobny are riding to Air America's rescue: The takeover looks to be as messy as all of Air America's past financial dealings: Stay tuned. Maloney's always got more coming.
Brian Maloney has the lowdown on flailing lib radio network Air America's legal and financial troubles at The Radio Equalizer. The New York State Attorney General's office has now transferred the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club case involving Air America to its criminal prosecutions bureau. You won't believe who finally covered the story. Yup,... Read More
The poor Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club is still waiting for Air America to pay it back. Details are buried at the bottom of the New York Sun's story following up on liberal blog Think Progress's claim that Air America will soon file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy: Last year, Air America was involved in... Read More
***scroll for updates below...Think Progress retracts story*** Photoshop: Darleen Click So, Air America leaks word of its bankruptcy to liberal blog Think Progress in an attempt to avoid complete humiliation by all those evil right-wingers who were spreading such vicious rumors about its financial chaos. May I just say: Bwahahahahahaha. First question: Will the New... Read More
My frequent investigative blog partner and Hot Air affiliate Brian Maloney of The Radio Equalizer reported the news several weeks ago. Now, MediaWeek is trailing with confirmation: liberal talk network Air America is losing its flagship station, WLIB, in New York City, on Aug. 31: Brian's exclusive report on March 3: In a development sure... Read More
Two correspondents who attended the New York anti-immigration enforcement demonstration have sent reports. MacLachlan snapped photos posted over at his Flickr page and sends these comments: #1,28 - Crying out, "Bandidos para todos los paises" This is the chief reason for the number of flags at the protest #3 - School Bus; don't know if... Read More
Brian Maloney scoops the rest of the MSM again with an exclusive scoop on the departure of Air America CEO Danny Goldberg. Excerpt: The changes take effect Friday, April 7, according to an internal source. Goldberg, a former record label executive overseeing rap, hip hop and pop acts, joined the ailing network in early 2005.... Read More
Lunchtime viewing: Bryan Preston has posted "The Dud," a short video of our encounters with the fizzling anti-war protesters in Washington, D.C., yesterday. A few stills... Cindy Sheehan: "The enemy is our government." Background. How's that sandwich? Age of Hooper has more video. *** Carlos Santana and Sharon Stone are singing the moonbat blues. While... Read More
The New York Post's John Mainelli follows up on intrepid Brian Maloney's investigative blog exclusive from last week on the impending loss of left-wing radio network Air America's New York flagship station: Also not commenting: Air America's cheerleading team at the New York Times. David Lombino at The New York Sun also trails Maloney's blog... Read More
Brian Maloney, once again beating the pants off the New York big media, has the scoop at The Radio Equalizer. Excerpt:
Brian Maloney has an exclusive report on a reported $8 million George Soros bailout of Air America. Mark April 22 on your calendar. It's the date of the first annual Milblogger conference in Washington DC. The best and brightest of the blogosphere will be there. Austin Bay will emcee. Speaking of milbloggers, they are disgusted... Read More
Johnny Weir, the American ice skater with a crush on the old Soviet empire, failed to medal at the Olympics. On the bright side, it looks like he's got a promising future as an Air America radio host...or Cindy Sheehan's warm-up act. *** Matt at Blackfive points out that American ice skater Sasha Cohen supports... Read More
*** video of Maloney/O'Reilly here*** Last year, I was privileged to work with Brian Maloney of The Radio Equalizer on an ongoing blog investigative series about beleaguered Air America radio's finances. Brian has continued to dig and dig deep on the story. He has a new report here and will discuss it tonight on The... Read More
Am scheduled to appear on FNC's The O'Reilly Factor tonight for a segment about Bush-haters in the MSM. Tune in around 8pm EST. Update: Video at The Political Teen. There wasn't time to get through all the items on our lists. FYI, mine were: 1) The NYTimes 2) Newsweek 3) CBS News 4) The LA... Read More
She. Is. Mad. I think you will get a kick out of my latest, Unhinged-themed column: "Who are you calling angry?" Intro: Janeane Garofalo, left-wing actress-turned-Air America radio host, is a miserable woman. Last week before the holidays, she turned up on cable TV. No, not to count her blessings but to rant against conservative... Read More
Watch this video (9MB/Quicktime): Click here. (There may be a bit of a pause before it starts.) It's a clip of the last few minutes of an exclusive promotional sales pitch for Al Franken's new book, "The Truth (with jokes)," featured at (Thanks to my web guy, Mark Jaquith, for the technical assist.) The... Read More
File this under "How the MSM ignores facts, smears blogs, and publishes snit fits disguised as responsible journalism." Last week, I received a media inquiry from Wall Street Journal media reporter Joe Hagan. He wanted to talk about blogs and the University of Oklahoma bomber story. Although I was dismayed to learn the only coverage... Read More
From Air America.
***updated*** Brian Maloney and I have been hearing rumblings about various Air America departures. Another one is now official. (VP of finance Sinohe Terrero resigned earlier this month.) Via the Air America blog this morning:
I'm scheduled to appear on Fox News Channel's O'Reilly Factor tonight with my investigative blog partner Brian Maloney to talk about our reporting on Air America. It'll be old hat for readers of our blogs, but we're glad for the opportunity to bring the story into the mainstream. Update: Video at The Political Teen. ***... Read More
You're going to love this. This morning, I posted a follow-up item on DemCreditScam, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee's dirty trick against Maryland GOP Lt. Gov. Michael Steele. (Send your suggestions for naming the scandal to Hugh Hewitt). I wondered why the NYTimes has failed to print a single article about the scandal, engineered by... Read More
Via Tax Prof Blog, Al Franken--talk show host on the foundering Air America radio network--will be lecturing today at Yale Law School. The Business School laughed him off. If you happen to be in the area, please stop by and ask Franken how the Air America panhandling is going, whether he plans to donate any... Read More
Stuff it with cash, please! Al Franken's liberal radio network, Air America, is now scraping the bottom of the barrel for investors. Having taxed the patience of deep-pocketed liberal sugar daddies, Air America execs have cooked up a new campaign to hit up their own listeners for cash donations. My investigative blog partner Brian Maloney... Read More
Tuesday quick links: -Dan Rather has a crocodile tear-shedding, lip-quivering meltdown. Dry-eyed comments from Penraker, the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler, Roger L. Simon, and Steve J. -Robert Spencer on The Hijab That Wasn't. -FEC sues the Club for Growth. FEC statement here. Club for Growth response here. RedState, BizzyBlog, and Jack Lewis sound the alarm. -More ungrateful... Read More
***Please note 9/28 note correction: Terrero was employed at Gloria Wise, but did not work under Cohen*** Inside Air America: The loan scandal deepens by Brian Maloney and Michelle Malkin Part of a continuing investigative blog series 9/14/05 *** If you believe Air America, Al Franken, and their clueless defenders, the liberal radio network's now-notorious... Read More
***235pm EDT: Updated with just-released statement from NYC Department of Investigations*** Yesterday, in our latest joint investigative piece on Air America and the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club loan scandal, Brian Maloney and I reported that "knowledgeable sources tell us the liberal radio network is contemplating how to stem the lingering bad publicity. Anticipating... Read More
Inside Air America: Al Franken's Lying Lies Part of an ongoing investigative blog series by Brian Maloney and Michelle Malkin Sept. 7, 2005 (Part II of this installment is at The Radio Equalizer) *** Take a close look at this signature. It belongs to Air America host and crusader for truth Al Franken. It is... Read More
Thanks again to all who participated in the Katrina Blog for Relief event, which N.Z. Bear says will now be extended into a Blog Relief Weekend--ending on Labor Day. Look for more info on how N.Z. and Hugh Hewitt are refining the framework to better match donors and charities with specific needs in Hugh's latest... Read More
***scroll down for updates...IT workers, Houston helps, Homes for Katrina Victims...where is helping...beware of changes its mind...*** 1) As I noted last night, N.Z. Bear at TTLB has set up a registration page for bloggers who want to participate in the Hurricane Katrina Blog Relief Day fundraiser--inspired by Hugh Hewitt--set for tomorrow, Sept.... Read More
Former Air America chairman Evan Cohen is still missing. Current Air America host Randi Rhodes will be making the trip to Camp Casey in Crawford, Texas. No word on whether she will be travelling on the private jet she requested. The Weekly Standard (August 29 issue) says the Air America scandal "continues to metastasize:" The... Read More
Inside Air America: An Investigative Blog Report The Sheldon Drobny Files by Brian Maloney and Michelle Malkin Part of a continuing series My investigative blog partner, Brian Maloney, watched the surreal appearance of Air America co-founder Sheldon Drobny on C-SPAN this weekend. Drobny was on the network to plug his 2004 book, "Road to Air... Read More
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