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7/7 attacks

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Oprah has jumped aboard the foreclosure prevention bandwagon -- channeling ACORN's propaganda campaign to support President Obama's massive mortgage entitlement expansion. She's in Sacramento playing the world's smallest violin for families who bought more home than they could afford and are now paying the consequences. I am not shedding tears: "I think it's wonderful that... Read More
Headline: "London mayor defends Muslims as bomb plot foiled." The back story: Mayor Ken "Red Ken" Livingstone is a...
This will come as no surprise to those who follow London politics: "London mayor defends Muslims as bomb plot foiled." Livingstone is known as "Red Ken" and "Ken Leninspart" for his far Left, jihadi apologist views. As I noted two years ago during the 7/7 London bombings aftermath, Livingstone was a staunch defender of one... Read More
Remember? It's the one-year anniversary of the 7/7 London jihadi bombings. Pajamas Media has extensive, extended coverage throughout the day. Andrew Ian Dodge expresses my feelings today: What good is remembrance if it is wrapped not in resolve, but appeasement? Diana West nails it: Just in time for the one-year anniversary of 7/7, a poll... Read More
New developments in the continued hunt for the 7/7 terrorist bomb plotters. ITV reporting: AP account here. Notting Hill is a chic, upper-class neighborhood in West London. So much for that terrorists-as-poor-oppressed-victims meme. More at The Counterterrorism Blog. *** Update: Arrests.
Some common-sense advice for London subway riders.
Credit: UK Times Online/ABC News I missed this on ABC News last night, but The UK Times online followed up and Andrew Stuttaford at The Corner linked: Shocking new images have emerged of unexploded bombs, some packed around with nails, which were found in a car left behind by the July 7 London bombers. In... Read More
At least two of the London terrorist bombing suspects were on the dole in Britain. Just another case of plotting to blow up the hand that feeds...
You've no doubt read about the case of mistaken identity in Thursday's London tube shooting. It is an awful, awful tragedy--and one which the usual suspects will exploit to further their anti-cop, anti-gun, anti-War on Terror agenda. But London Mayor "Red Ken" Livingstone, of all people, gets it right this time (via BBC): Confronted with... Read More
1224pm EST. University College Hospital in London is now on "high alert" as London police search for today's terror bombing suspects. All four bombing locations have been cordoned off. Intelligence sources telling Fox News' Simon Marks that the mastermind of the 7/7 bombings is not in custody and still at large. The latest from the... Read More
Magdy El-Nashar, an Egyptian man with North Carolina ties, is wanted by London police in connection with last week's terrorist bombings. El-Nashar had a PhD in biochemistry. He studied chemical engineering at North Carolina State in 2000. Based on this list of recent graduates, it appears he did not complete his course of study at... Read More
News coming in: Reuters/Sky TV... More Sky news on home raids related to the attacks. *** 1135am EST. Sky: All four bombers died in the attacks. WaPo wire here. 1200pm EST: The Economist reports on breakthroughs in the hunt for the bombers. And those security TV cameras may have come in handy after all. BBC... Read More
Here's the list. Keep them all in your thoughts and prayers. Hat tip: Andy Cochran at The Counterterrorism Blog. President Bush vows: "We will not yield."
Remember this famous photo of one of the 7/7 terrorist attack victims? LondonToronto Sun columnist Mark Bonokoski has a moving piece today about the woman behind the mask and the man who assisted her: "She never once cried." Her name is Davinia. His name is Paul. Read the whole thing. *** British expat Mamoon Chowdry... Read More
It's back to terrorist-whitewashing business as usual at the BBC. The perpetrators of the 7/7 attacks are no longer "terrorists." They're just "bombers." Biased BBC has a round-up of BBC watchdogs. Harry's Place has the lowdown on BBC's editorial scrubbing; also here. Meryl Yourish keeps track here and here. Smash notes: Flashback October 2001: BBC... Read More
The NY Times echoes what I noted on the 7th, and what many other War on Terror watchdogs have warned about for years: "For a Decade, London Thrived as a Busy Crossroads of Terror." The Washington Post runs a similar story: "In London, Islamic Radicals Found a Haven." Mediacrity takes a closer look at one... Read More
Here's the text of DHS chief Michael Chertoff's statement: Okay, now can we enforce our immigration laws??? *** See also... Michael Cutler at The Counterterrorism Blog has more on continued failures in immigration enforcement. The 7/7 attacks: Looking homeward
You won't be able to persuade the conspiracy nuts otherwise, but those early reports of Israel being warned in advance of the bombings were erroneous. See Power Line and The Corner for details.
Do you remember what happened on May 5, the day of the British parliamentary elections? A bomb went off at the British consulate in Manhattan. Reminder: The attack has still not been solved. Was it a dry run? Can't say for sure, but the 7/7 attacks in Britain serve as stark reminders that the Islamists... Read More
Fox News reports between 41-45 dead and toll will likely rise, plus large number of wounded casualties--more than 300. The round-up: Death toll rises in London explosions Death toll in London attacks rises to 12 Reuters: At least 90 casualties at Aldgate station: Doctor The Guardian blog reports at least 41 dead and possibly 1,000... Read More
Der Spiegel reports:
More at Instapunk , Flickr, and BBC.
808am EST. Tony Blair statement at G-8. We condemn utterly these barbaric attacks...all of our countries have suffered from the violent impact of terrorism...We are united in our defeat this attack on civilized people everywhere...Here are at this summit leaders are striving to combat poverty and improve human life...The perpetrators of this attack... Read More
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