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CBS 4 in Denver reports that law enforcement officers have gone three months without getting paid for overtime costs related to policing the Democratic National Convention. Who's looking out for the troopers? Show them the money:
Some late-night election updates for you: *The Minnesota Senate race pitting the nation's unfunniest comedian against Norm Coleman is a dead heat at 42-42. There's talk of a recount. *In a reprise of 2004, the Washington state gubernatorial race is a squeaker. Democrat incumbent Christine Gregoire is holding a premature celebration; GOP challenger upstart Dino... Read More
"What do we do now, Michelle?"
There is no time to lick wounds, point fingers, and wallow in post-election mud. I'm getting a lot of moan-y, sad-face "What do we do now, Michelle?" e-mails. What do we do now? We do what we've always done. We stand up for our principles, as we always have -- through Democrat administrations and Republican... Read More
Quick look at some ballot intiatives: Ward Connerly's measure in Colorado to end racial preferences is ahead and is a projected winner in Nebraska. The three bans defending traditional marriage all appear to be passing. Ballot measure tracking page is here.
Photo credit: reader Dane I'm starting a fresh thread for the night. Just a reminder that you can catch me on PJTV sometime during the 8pm-9pm Eastern slot. Scroll for rolling updates... Tidbits: The Real Clear Politics electoral map is here. McCain takes Kentucky and W. Virginia; Obama takes Vermont. Military ballots will be counted... Read More
Guardians of liberty.
Gearing up for election liveblogging tonight, the first thing I want to do is send a shout-out to all our troops fighting overseas to protect our freedoms here at home. Please join me in thanking them for putting their lives on the line for our country. God bless them all. can peek at the WSJ here and at Allah's post here. Preserve your sanity by taking 'em all with a huge grain of salt. *** Reader David D. is watching the exit poll reporting on cable TV and jotted down some of the snort-worthy results: *61% think Michelle Obama will be a good first... Read More
Hope. Change. Nightsticks.
Reader Steve e-mails: "Just after 12:00 noon, Fox News reported that two black panthers were at one location in Philadelphia "guarding" the doorway to a polling station. One carried a nightstick and confronted a citizen who had gone in to the polling place. That citizen called police (he was interviewed by the Philly correspondent for... Read More
So, will Michelle Obama be calling our country "downright mean" again at the end of the night? Or will she and The One get the chance to "transform" the constitution, the military, the schools, and every other aspect of American life in their image? Toledo police are gearing up -- literally -- with gas masks... Read More
Bon voyage.
A French TV crew is headed to America on an anthropological quest to interview some strange, alien creatures. One of them e-mailed me for advice. I don't know why this cracks me up so much, but it does. There's something Inspector Clouseau-like about it. Had to share: Hello, We are a french tv crew, working... Read More
Open borders, bottomless pit.
My syndicated column today tackles the bailout angle no one wants to talk about: Open borders and the home loan debacle. You've heard a lot about Fannie/Freddie and the minority lending shakedowns, but you haven't heard most commentators/analysts on either the left or the right talk about the massive illegal alien mortgage racket -- a... Read More
Andrea Mitchell in hostile territory.
Triple-snort-worthy. At least they weren't filled with urine, like the ones the moonbats were tossing.
Showtime. Update: Tribute to Michael Monsoor
Scroll down for updates... President Bush will address the RNC tonight by satellite. Also on tap in prime time slots: First Lady Laura Bush. Former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson. And Democrat Sen. Joe Lieberman. FWIW, here's what GOP insiders are saying about the post-Gustav convention shake-up. With the base energized, let's hope Fred Thompson brings... Read More
Recreate the hate.
It's starting to get a little ugly in the Twin Cities. We've got reports of buses vandalized and targeted with flying sandbags; delegates spat on and abused by rock-throwers; and Cubs Scouts harassed. But first, a reminder of my warning last week about the rabble-rousers now causing trouble at the RNC. Here's what I wrote:... Read More
Choked up.
Something's definitely wrong with this picture. An ABC News reporter gets throttled by Denver police outside a hotel for taping Dem senators schmoozing with fatcats. But nothing happens to these unhinged nutballs? (Related interview at PJM Political.)
My second syndicated column of the week sums up the Recreate '68 flameout. We've been having fun mocking the motley assortment of clowns and cads here in Denver for the week, but I'll add this caveat: Law enforcement in the Twin Cities should remain on guard. A lot of these malefactors are headed down there... Read More
Love, peace, justice...kill. (Photo credit:
Ready for your afternoon Crazyland TV? Pajamas Media and Founding Bloggers put together a video of our adventure at the Denver Mint yesterday. Thankfully, no signs of any contagious disease. Phew:
Denver - Well, I'm happy to report that the anti-capitalists failed in their effort to defy gravity and levitate the U.S. Mint. The wizard hat and magic wands weren't working. The protest was an abysmal failure -- with a crowd of about 20 profit-bashing protesters far out-numbered by press, bloggers, police, horses, and looky-loos. I... Read More
"He's still talkin' 'bout the war on terror like it actually exists!"
The Democrat Party may be in splintering chaos, but outside the Pepsi Center, the Marxist Left is unified. Hot Air TV special correspondent Jason Mattera was out and about among the collectivist masses again yesterday -- where he was offered a joint and deep thoughts about world citizenship, the scourge of capitalism, and the non-existent... Read More
Capitali$m $uck$!
The anti-capitalism protest kicks off in downtown Denver later this afternoon at the Mint, which the radicals will attempt to "levitate." Meanwhile, the enemies of profit have been busy...trying to make a few bucks. Do as they say... Hat tip: PPC.
Lights, camera...
I snapped a few photos this morning while doing Fox and Friends from the Democrat convention floor at Pepsi Center. The centerpiece is this behemoth, Hollyweird-esque podium display with a bank of 8,000 square feet of video screens and three huge, high-def plasma TV screens. It's all about the image. Just like the Dem presidential... Read More
Bummer. Public Enemy was supposed to give a free concert to the Recreate '68 moonbats next week...except that Public Enemy had no idea they were invited: The anarchists are scrambling to regroup. It's going to be a fun week.
Let the games begin.
That's the new tagline for the Democrat convention, courtesy of the RNC. In other DNC circus news, Denver is removing the razor wire from Gitmo on the Platte, disappointing moonbats everywhere who were looking forward to their brush with torture. Jail officials are doing the inmate shuffle. Democrats are trying to block regular folks from... Read More
Maybe limousine liberals who can't book fancy cars for the Democrat National Convention in Denver should swallow their own sanctimonious eco-medicine and walk, bike, or pedicab. Perhaps planet savior Nancy Pelosi would be willing to pedal. Horrors:
Off to the races.
Did you know it's primary day in three states today? Some bellwether results will be due out later tonight from Colorado, Nevada, and Connecticut. High turnout expected in battleground Colorado. If you're casting votes in any of these races, let us know. Via National Journal: Voters go to the polls Tuesday for primary elections in... Read More
Waste of time.
Just received via email: CNN to air Saddleback Presidential Forum hosted by Pastor Rick Warren: Saturday, August 16, 8:00PM – 10:00PM (ET) For the first time since winning their parties respective nominations, Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Senator Barack Obama (D-Ill.) will both appear during the high-definition CNN broadcast of the Saddleback Civil Forum on... Read More
6:00pm. Opening flag burning ceremony.
I feel an avalanche of parodies coming on. The DNC has e-mailed its convention schedule: Monday, August 25 -- One Nation Monday’s headline prime-time speaker will be Michelle Obama. Tuesday, August 26 – Renewing America’s Promise Senator Hillary Clinton will be the headline prime-time speaker on Tuesday night. Wednesday, August 27 -- Securing America’s Future... Read More
Feces bombs and urine buckets.
Ew. Yuck. Bottom line: We always knew libs were full of crap. If you have to be in Denver during the Democrat National Convention, wear a biohazard suit. Not coincidentally, Nancy Pelosi will be peddling "Know Your Power" at the Tattered Cover bookstore in Denver on August 20, five days before the convention begins. No... Read More
Conservatives at work, Pelosi at play.
Scroll for updates...4:05pm Eastern...Pelosi moving to crackdown?!...2:00pm Eastern. 40 GOP congressmen come to the floor. Pence: "We're prepared to stay here as long as we can"...Live Twitter updates from Rep. John Culberson! "Min Whip Blunt speaking now describing our bill to drill here drill now to get us through the next 10 to 15 years... Read More
Blowin' in the wind.
Well, this pretty much sums up the Democrat energy policy: Expensive and empty eco-gestures signifying nothing. Via Face the State (hat tip - M.S.): The eastern Colorado wind turbine tapped for the Democratic National Convention's carbon-offset program has one problem: It doesn't generate any electricity. Convention organizers are now being questioned for their eagerness to... Read More
Guess the vice presidential picks, win some gear or gadgets.
Sales pitch.
Well, this explains the New York City herpes epidemic, I guess. Via ABC News comes word of the Left's latest Internet sales pitch. Vote Democrat: Have more promiscuous sex! Given how shamelessly the Republicans have ripped off Democrat messaging ("the change you deserve!"), I will not be surprised to see some diluted form of this... Read More
"10. Only the most carbon neutral entertainment allowed: Mimes."
Role reversal.
Last week, I questioned the McCain camp's inclusion of ultra-liberal bloggers in its regular blogger conference calls while excluding this and other conservative blogs critical of McCain. Nutroots bloggers snickered and mocked. Now, liberal bloggers are up in arms over the Democratic National Convention Committee's blogger credentialing decisions, which left many left-wing blogs out in... Read More
Your tax dollars at work.
Guess who's paying to subsidize an "emergency chief" to handle the nutballs at the Democrat National Convention in Denver. You are! Via the Rocky Mountain News, here's the scoop on how an expert on moonbat management is making out like a bandit: Planning for the worst during the Democratic National Convention requires one of the... Read More
Many readers have e-mailed asking what I think of former Ga. Rep. Bob Barr's presidential candidacy (he's making an official announcement for the Libertarian Party nomination at 11am this morning). Two words: Not much. On immigration, he's virtually indistinguishable from all the other remaining presidential candidates. On homeland security, he's joined with what Heather Mac... Read More
Recreate '68.
The latest on the convention anarchy planning front, via Slapstick Politics: More here from the promoters who support "creative, militant direct actions" to "grind the war to a halt." JGM at Drunkablog helpfully advises: "Don't forget your jammies with the little hammer-and-sickles on them." You will also not be surprised to learn that one of... Read More
Early exit poll results.
Hillary's theme song tonight: Ha, ha, ha. Stayin' alive, stayin' alive... Scroll down for updates... Polls close at 8pm Eastern in the Keystone State. I'm waiting in the studio to do a Fox News segment on Billbo's latest eruption in a few minutes. FNC is reporting a few new exit poll results... Take with the... Read More
"It's not enough to say 'Yes we can.' We have to say how we can."
Will it be the snob or the liar? Voting began in Pennsylvania at 7am this morning. Mark Memmott has an early round-up of the Obama and Clinton morning show appearances. KDKA reports: Democrats Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama questioned each other's character and readiness to be commander in chief in last-minute television ads as... Read More
"When things blow up because the police have to enforce a permit that the Democrats got, don’t blame us for that."
"When things blow up because the police have to enforce a permit that the Democrats got, don’t blame us for that." Remember that quote. Protest organizers from "Recreate '68" are throwing a tantrum over the Democrat Party's permit process. Will they ignore it as an idle threat? Or, keeping in mind the history of left-wing... Read More
On Friday, I told you about the mess at the NRCC. It's all parts of the party that are in peril. The base is demoralized. Republicans don't want to give. And Republicans don't want to run. Via US News, the Senate Republicans are giving up on regaining the majority: The battle cry of the Republican... Read More
Party crashers.
It's going to get crazy in Denver. Really crazy. On top of the "Recreate '68" mob, the Democrat Party will have to deal with anarchists looking for their 15 minutes of fame. Something called "Unconventional Action" is plotting to target "Democrat delegates, hotels, banks, military recruitment centers, and governmental and police offices." Slapstick Politics is... Read More
Update: Barack takes Wyo's 12 delegates. seven delegates; Hill takes 5. *** Shrillary's already lowered expectations in anticipation of another silver-medal showing in the Wyoming caucuses today. Latest wire dispatches show Obama ahead by a large margin. Turnout's high. Twelve national delegates are up for grabs: Barack Obama took the lead over rival Hillary Rodham... Read More
Scroll down for updates... Well, people, it's Super Tuesday II. Or "Alamo Tuesday," as Amanda Carpenter has dubbed it. Can you feel the excitement and electricity in the air? Somewhere buried under layers of ennui? Look hard. You can unearth a spark or two. Zogby (grain of salt alert) shows the Big She "rebounding" but... Read More
Out of the shadows.
Sovereignty? What sovereignty? The Tri-Valley Herald headlines a story about illegal alien students registering voters and lobbying for the shamnesty college tuition break DREAM Act this way: "Legal or not, immigrants are getting political on campus." Jose Ruiz is like many college students. He's outspoken. He's politically active. And, most importantly, he wants to make... Read More
The political is personal.
My Unhinged mugshot gallery just keeps growing! Hope your family dinner doesn't look like this (via JWF): Remind me to send a copy of Unhinged to the clueless D.A.: "It is a very serious charge, we see people figh
Left-wing AstroTurf.
I love how Reuters calls the Soros-sponsored operatives uniting against John McCain "grass-roots:" What Reuters forgot to mention: The Center for American Progress is Clintonista John Podesta's think tank funded with Soros cash. MoveOn is a Soros operation. USAction is
Costume party.
Which bothers you the most? A) (Via Drudge et al.) B) (hat tip - Robert Spencer) C) D) E) F) G)
Invisible Hand 101.
Yes, it's becoming a series. The latest installment of Annoying Platitude Of The Day surfaced in the Democrat debate and has also been plied mindlessly by Republican candidates. John McCain is a repeat offender. The Annoying Platitude Of The Day is this phrase: "Managing the economy." Liberal reporters keep asking: Which candidate is best equipped... Read More
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