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2004 Campaign

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The judge presiding over the election challenge in Washington State will issue a ruling this coming Monday, the Seattle Times reports. (Hat tip: reader Anthony J.) According to the Times, Republicans have been arguing "that illegal votes cast in any given precinct should be deducted from each candidate's total by the same proportion as the... Read More
Ninety-one veterans say they want their votes for Washington State's governor to be counted, too.
The latest in an infinite series on the ballot-counting in Washington state, the Ukraine of the Pacific Northwest... *The Secretary of State is demanding that the state Supreme Court allow Democrat-leaning King County to count 735 disputed ballots *Meanwhile, King County officials tomorrow will release preliminary results of their hand recount of more than 898,000... Read More
When last we visited the gubernatorial goings-on in Washington state, "do-over" was the word. Over the weekend, the big news was a "smoking gun" report from Seattle-area election officials regarding uncounted, unsigned ballots. Republican party chair Chris Vance said "the report shows that election managers were working on the signature problem months ago, that the... Read More
What a mess. Update: Emcee has posted the Washington GOP's lawsuit documents here. Update II: It's getting crazier. AP reports... Update III: A judge refuses the Dems' bid to have the "newly discovered" ballots counted.
The Washington Times's Ralph Hallow covers the Washington state election debacle (more here): How about both? Stefan Sharansky has taken to calling the King County election board "the Ukraine County canvassing board." Perfect!
Oh, man. The gubernatorial election is still not over in Washington state. The Seattle Times reports today: Analyzing whether vote counting errors tend to be random (usually not), Jim Miller at Sound Politics warns that Republicans should be prepared for bad news. We'll keep an eye on developments.
Steve Sailer puts another nail in the coffin of the myth that Bush won 44% of the Hispanic vote. Ruy Teixera agrees with Sailer. So does Zogby.
Republican Dino Rossi has won the gubernatorial recount in Washington State. Sore-losing Democrats, who thought beleaguered attorney general Christine Gregoire was going to coast to victory, are preparing to demand not only a hand recount--but also a second full recount as well. Get all the lowdown at Sound Politics. This one looks like it will... Read More
Four years ago, the world watched as election officials scrutinized hanging chads in Florida. Now residents in Washington State, where the outcome of the super-close gubernatorial election is still in doubt, are getting their own taste of election drama. The Post-Intelligencer reports: It's worth recalling former Senator Slade Gorton's gracious concession four years ago to... Read More
Steve Sailer destroys the 44% myth once and for all here.
Several readers have sent me this ranking of states by IQ, purporting to show that people in red states are dumber, on average, than people in blue states. Like a lot of what the Democrats have spewed this election cycle, the IQ chart--pushed most prominently by Bush-hater Howard Stern--is a hoax. The Generosity Index, compiled... Read More
As I noted a few days ago, exit polls showing that 44 percent of Hispanics voted for Bush last week are flawed. This Steve Sailer column and this Houston Chronicle article have the details. Despite the clear imperfections with the exit poll data, many post-election analyses cite the 44 percent figure as if there is... Read More
In today's New York Times, columnist Bob Herbert argues that President Bush won last week because the American people are ignorant. He suggests in passing that Kerry could have won if only more people (presumably less ignorant people) had voted: I hope other bloggers will dissect his claims about voter ignorance. As for blaming low... Read More
AP: Bush, Kerry Voters Differ on View of U.S.
Here is a county-level map of the 2004 presidential election results, courtesy of USA Today: A map of the 2000 results can be viewed here.
In Washington, my old home state, some delightfully surprising results: - Republican Dino Rossi, a solid conservative legislator from Issaquah, is currently 1,000 votes ahead of litigation-happy Democrat Christine Gregoire in the race for Governor. Gregoire's management abilities (or lack thereof) were demonstrated in this incident. This race is too close to call. - King... Read More
Just wanted to post that for posterity as the President makes his entrance. Update: Lovely speech. God bless America!
Fox called it for Bush 15 minutes ago. Secretary of State Ken Blackwell told Peter Jennings that he'll take "2 days, 2 weeks, or 2 months" if he has to, to ensure a fair count. John Hinderaker at Power Line says: One way to make up the gap: There are, ABC reports based on a... Read More
Slimeball Rhodes Scholar Brad Carson loses to conservative Tom Coburn. Sweet! And in case you missed the desperate left's last-ditch dirty trick trying to link Coburn to a white supremacist group, check this out: The man alleged to be the author of an article, circulated in Indian Country, about a white supremacist group endorsing Tom... Read More
Just wanted to share a nice e-mail from abroad: Three cheers for Euro-non-weenies!
Fox News Channel just called my childhood home state for Kerry. Disappointing if that holds up, given the pre-election day Quinnipiac poll that had Bush and Kerry in a dead heat. According to the Home News Tribune, the final Star-Ledger/Eagleton-Rutgers poll, published Sunday, found Kerry leading by 45 percent to 41 percent. Two weeks ago,... Read More
"Too close to call." "Too close to call." "Too close to call." "Too close to call." Wouldn't it be cool if all the talking heads would just walk off the set and Brit Hume would announce: "We'll be back when there's actually news to report." Hume seemed so bored a few minutes ago that he... Read More
Unbelievable. A lower Manhattan polling place is surrounded by left-wing propaganda art exploiting Abu Ghraib imagery. (Hat tip: Little Green Footballs)
John Greenleaf Whittier is making the rounds. Thanks to the several readers who passed along "The Poor Voter on Election Day:"
-- A San Francisco State University student, shouting at College Republicans who were attacked by a mob of Palestinian protesters during a get-out-the-vote event --Democrat students suggesting College Republicans were to blame for false voter-suppression flyers at the University of Pennsylvania Because of editing errors on several levels, the Oct. 29 edition of The Daily... Read More
It's a gorgeous day here--translucent blue skies, temp in the 70s, autumn leaves doing pirouettes across the lawn. Every tranquil fall morning like this reminds me of the morning of Sept. 11. My husband and I packed the kids in the double stroller and walked to the nearby elementary school to vote. We sang The... Read More
From the National Post: California liberals threaten to move to Canada if Bush wins. Let's hope they keep their promises this time around.
Poliblogger has an excellent compendium of major races and initiatives here. We'll be keeping an especially close eye on Oklahoma and South Dakota; the 11 states holding referenda on same-sex marriage; Arizona's immigration enforcement initiative; and the Colorado electoral college initiative.
Busy this morning transforming my daughter into Sleeping Beauty in time for her preschool Halloween party. Back later. Meantime, check Powerline and The Truth Laid Bear for al Qa Qaa updates. Also, Andrew McCarthy on Our Troops vs. Kerry's Global Test and Clint Taylor's excellent piece, which asks: Why won't he fight terrorists as hard... Read More
The Rawhide ticket or the Aqua Net boys? You decide.
Mallard Fillmore imagines Nov. 3... Yikes. (Hat tip: McGehee)
Mommypundit has some invaluable insights on why Kerry is a dawg.
"I will bring my faith with me to the White House and it will guide me." -- John F. Kerry, Oct. 20, Xenia, Ohio Where are the church-state separatists now?
AP reports: Update: More Kerry endorsements, including a prized nod from the Palestinian Authority. (Hat tip: Laurence)
James Joyner highlights CNN's attempt to spin a survey showing overwhelming troop support for President Bush.
Scroll down here.
My new column gives an overview of the campaign epidemic of anti-GOP hate spreading across the country. Here's the intro: On a related note, see below for updates to last night's blog entry on the disgusting anti-Bush Special Olympics poster, which has now been picked up by Drudge. I spoke with both the editor of... Read More
Believe it or not, they're out there. Here's the scoop, buried in a Los Angeles Times article on homeless voter registration drives: And more: Sitting a few feet away on a ledge, Charles Ross puffed on a cigarette and explained to L.A. CAN outreach worker Herman Jones that in his 73 years, he had never... Read More
...immigration and border security. As I wrote in my column this week, it's the six-ton elephant in the room.
Newsflash: President Bush Did Not Win Election on October 7
Unadulterated Dennis Miller on Jay Leno just minutes ago: And the crowd applauded.
For those still interested: Just received a call from the IUPAT, which has now identified the union member who grabbed the Bush/Cheney sign from Phil Parlock's daughter and threw the pieces at the family as they left the event. "We are taking steps to deal with the individual," the union told me. Meanwhile, President Bush... Read More
Just got off the phone with Phil Parlock, who is amused by desperate liberal rumor-mongering that the man wearing an IUPAT t-shirt and holding a piece of his little girl's Bush/Cheney sign is his own son. "That's ridiculous. This is a small town," Parlock told me from his home in Huntington, W. Virginia. "Everyone would... Read More
Democrats accused of ripping Bush signs (Kerry supporters rip up toddler's Bush/Cheney sign) LI man arrested in air rage case (Drunk Kerry supporter attacks Bush supporter on airplane) Family Of Killed Soldier: Vigil Crowd Threatening (Peace activists threaten and taunt relatives of a veteran killed in Iraq) 9/11 Memorial Vandalized (Anti-war activists at the University... Read More
Colin McNickle, the man to whom Teresa Heinz Kerry hissed "Shove it," writes about the death threats he has received. Also, he is still waiting for the o-pin-KNEE-o-nay-ted Teresa to answer his original question. Maybe he'd have better luck if he asked her in Portuguese, French, Italian, or Spanish.
Unfit for Command : Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry Current rank: 2
(The first part of this file is buried so deep, I figured I better start a new one.) 7/28 Edition. Best bloggy round-ups. I have limited access to TV tonight. Here are a few good places to visit for convention nuggets: Poliblogger's got "bite-sized" facts and funnies. INCITE is live-blogging every night. 7/27 Edition. Best... Read More
This will be a continually updated file on the best of the worst of the Democratic National Convention's freaks, flubs, and follies. Feel free to leave your nominations. 7/26 Edition. "What liberal media?" moment of the day: From Spoons, CNN engages in some wishful thinking with its characterization of Carter, Clinton, and Gore as a... Read More the Republican Party convention! The Washington Times and Bob Novak report separately on efforts by conservatives to diversify the Karl Rove-approved, namby-pamby, prime-time speakers line-up. The Times' Ralph Hallow writes today: More than half the Republicans in the House have signed a formal complaint to President Bush about the failure to give prominent conservative,... Read More
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