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I told you on Monday about the opening of SSgt Frank D. Wuterich's trial this week in connection to an alleged massacre of Iraqi civilians in the village of Haditha in 2005. Seven have been exonerated. Wuterich is the last Haditha Marine standing. Here's the very latest on the proceedings. SSgt Wuterich's defense team succeeded... Read More
"Eight Marines were charged. Seven have been cleared as the facts have been revealed. Now one more trial remains." -- Defend Our Marines Welcome to 2012. The headlines will be awash in presidential politics this week, but I want to make sure you take note of the trial of SSgt Frank D. Wuterich set to... Read More
Wishing you all a joy-filled Christmas 2011! Isaiah 9:2-7 The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who lived in a land of deep darkness— on them light has shined. You have multiplied the nation, you have increased its joy; they rejoice before you as with joy at the harvest, as... Read More
Never forget: A newsreel of the Day of Infamy: Five memorials will be held today for "servicemen who lived through the assault and want their remains placed in Pearl Harbor out of pride and affinity for those they left behind." Here's the official White House statement on this solemn occasion. An old salt remembers: Ninety-one-year-old... Read More
Word: Puts things in perspective, doesn't it? (Via milblogger Blackfive)
A lot of competition for the award, but this freak wins hands down (hat tip: Ed Shahzade): More at My Fox Boston. Background on Professor Avery: S
He just made the announcement. WSJ reports:
News flowing in fast and furious this morning. Gaddafi captured. Gaddafi alive. Gaddafi dead. Here's the latest from Reuters: Here's a link to the graphic photo purportedly of the slain Libyan dictator.
All those Occupiers holding their "End the War!" signs better march on over to the White House. President Obama just announced he's sending U.S. troops to central Africa to fight something called "the Lord’s Resistance Army." The letter to House GOP Speaker John Boehner: TEXT OF A LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT TO THE SPEAKER OF... Read More
Two great forces for freedom celebrating birthdays today: The U.S. Navy turns 236. The Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher is 86. Happy Birthday, well wishes, and thanks to both institutions for their vigilant defense of liberty at home and abroad. "Hope is no basis for a defense policy." - Margaret Thatcher
Before 9/11, there was 10/12. The USS Cole bombing, eleven years ago today, should have taught us all that the jihadists' war on the infidel West started a long, long time ago. The Navy will remember in Norfolk today. Have you forgotten? Too many have: Remember: The flame of Muslim outrage is eternal. Never forget:... Read More
For your lunchtime viewing entertainment, a motley bunch of anti-war/Stop the Machine/Code Pinko/Medea Benjamin/99 percenters are screaming things in the Hart Senate Office Building and hoping to get arrested. The police and media outnumber the "99 percent." Watch live: Details: Anti-war protesters plan to storm the inside and outside of the Hart Senate Office Building... Read More
Let's hope it really happened this time. In December 2009, Reuters reported that al Qaeda recruiter and Fort Hood jihadist spiritual advisor Anwar al Awlaki was killed in an airstrike in Yemen. He counseled the 9/11 jihadists, hailed Fort Hood gunman Nidal Hasan as a "hero," reportedly inspired both the Christmas day would-be underwear bomber... Read More
Scroll for updates... Earlier today, a lone gunman -- described as Mexican-born with a "valid U.S. passport" -- barreled into a shopping mall parking lot, stormed an IHOP, and marched to the back where a table full of uniformed Nevada National Guardsmen were dining. The Guard's headquarters are about four miles from the restaurant. Eduardo... Read More
What a day, huh? Late-breaking news tonight is that Taliban "supreme leader" Mullah Omar may be dead. Or not. In an uncanny turn of current events, the Taliban reportedly claims its phones have been hacked: No word on whether any graphic photos accompanied the "hacked" messages. In related news: New Study Asserts Taliban Faction Closely... Read More
New Dehli 2005. Mumbai 2006. Mumbai 2008. And now, more bloody horror for India again: Three near-simultaneous explosions have shaken India's commercial capital Mumbai (Bombay), police say. The Indian home secretary said two people had been killed and more than 100 wounded. One explosion was reported in the Zaveri Bazaar, another in the Opera House... Read More
It's Flag Day and the Army's 236th Birthday. Don't forget to celebrate!
Watch this: Read this via WXIA TV in Atlanta: One of the soldier's fourth bags was his weapons case. The entire unit paid out of pocket for the bag fees. Way to welcome home the troop
Never forget. June 6, 1944, 160,000 Allied troops landed along a 50-mile stretch of heavily-fortified French coastline to fight Nazi Germany on the beaches of Normandy, France. General Dwight D. Eisenhower called the operation a crusade in which “we will accept nothing less than full victory.” More than 5,000 Ships and 13,000 aircraft supported the... Read More
Taps Day is done, gone the sun, From the hills, from the lake, From the skies. All is well, safely rest, God is nigh. Go to sleep, peaceful sleep, May the soldier or sailor, God keep. On the land or the deep, Safe in sleep. Love, good night, Must thou go, When the day, And... Read More
Here's how Colorado Springs kicked off Memorial Day weekend. This military town knows there's much more to the holiday than BBQs and pool parties. To borrow a phrase, remember the reason for the season. Let me know what you're doing in your neighborhoods and hometowns. Fort Carson dedicates 22 names added to Fallen Soldiers' Memorial
From the "Never Let a Crisis Go To Waste" files: Sen. Chuck Schumer hit the Sunday talk show circuit to push for the TSA-ization of Amtrak. Because, you know, that's working out so well. The Mouth of the Empire State has proposed expansion of the no-fly list to encompass a new "no-ride list" (prompting legions... Read More
Adnan Shukrijumah has been a fugitive since 9/11, was rumored to have crossed the Mexican border, and was indicted last year in the NYC/Zazi bombing plot. Pakistan may be harboring him, as noted earlier this week. And there is also -- of all places -- a Shukrijumah tie to Trinidad and Guyana. An Al Qaeda... Read More
Today's syndicated column summarizes the week in bin Laden narrative bungles. The Navy SEALs did what they were told to do. It's President Obama's civilian messengers who can't tell a straight story and do right by our heroes who risked their lives. The White House Keystone Kops aren't just squandering a public opinion bump. They're... Read More
Lots of photojournalism headlines today. While the White House capitulated on the OBL death photos, Reuters was apparently willing to fork over money for pictures of bodies at the bin Laden compound other than bin Laden. The story and photos are here. Question: Who did Reuters pay? The camera man was reportedly a "Pakistani security... Read More
Islamic Rage Boy, 1. Obama, 0.
Scroll for updates... Remember how we were waiting for the pic of the century yesterday? Looks like it'll be a century before anyone ever sees it. In the least shocking news of the day, the most transparent president ever has decided not to release the bin Laden photos/video. MSNBC'er Chuck Todd just tweeted the news:... Read More
My latest syndicated column was inspired by Five for Fighting singer/songwriter John Ondrasik's tweet this morning suggesting that President Obama invite former President Bush to join him at Ground Zero on Thursday. Late tonight, word spread that just such an invitation was reportedly extended. Unfortunately, Bush has apparently declined. Given how Paul Ryan was treated... Read More
Since 9/11, homeland/national security officials have been on the hunt for Adnan Shukrijumah. He was most recently tied to the NYC 2010 bombing plot involving convicted Colorado jihadi Najibullah Zazi and I've been keeping track of his various alleged sightings for nearly 10 years now. Refresher: So, guess who may be harboring this fugitive and... Read More
Looks like the White House may release at least one photo of dead bin Laden and perhaps more pics and video of the raid. Take everything bungling deputy national security adviser John Brennan says with a grain of salt, of course -- but here are the latest details via ABC News: As I said yesterday... Read More
So Politico's Josh Gerstein reports that White House officials are walking back key details disclosed by Deputy National Security Adviser John Brennan at his bin Laden briefing yesterday. The administration account has now been "modified." You know all that sensational stuff about bin Laden having a gun and using one of his wives as a... Read More
White House photog Pete Souza has posted several insider pics on Flickr giving Americans an extraordinary view of President Obama and Cabinet/military officials as they watched the bin Laden operation real-time and prepared to let the world know the results. The expressions speak volumes: Caption: President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, along with... Read More
Where were you last night when you first heard about Osama bin Laden's death? If you were like me, you were on Twitter. The micro-blogging/social networking giant reports: "Last night saw the highest sustained rate of Tweets ever. From 10:45 - 2:20am ET, there was an average of 3,000 Tweets per second." The graphic: From... Read More
Last night, I noted that "much of the intelligence gathered that led to discovering bin Laden was developed by the detainees detained under the Bush administration at facilities like the one Obama wanted to shut down." Those facilities, US officials are now reporting, included the CIA secret prisons reviled by the Left, outed by the... Read More
Intrepid investigative journalist Erick Stakelbeck has a new book out today that couldn't be more timely. I am honored to have written the foreword and urge you all to mark Osama bin Laden's death by getting a copy of The Terrorist Next Door -- and informing yourselves of the continuing jihadi threat right within our... Read More
Leftists are swarming Twitter to chastise any conservatives who dare give any credit to President Bush for his resolve and role in leading the post-9/11 counterrorism/national security response to the worst attack on American soil. Meanwhile, Democrat hacks are burning the midnight oil making this All About Obama. It begins: "New DNC chief: Obama deserves... Read More
Scroll for updates... News breaking all over the place tonight that Osama bin Laden was killed and that his body is in US possession. Latest reports via Fox News live right now are that he was killed over a week ago by a US missile. There are conflicting reports on whether he was killed in... Read More
Scroll for updates... Buzz out of Washington this morning is that the Obama administration has signaled it will end efforts to try 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in a civilian trial and instead will use the Gitmo military tribunal system pursued by, yes, George W. Bush. AG Eric Holder is reportedly holding a 2pm Eastern... Read More
Remember this? March 26, 2009... Document drop: Whitewashing the “Global War on Terror” out of existence Yesterday, the Washington Post reported on the Obama administration's vehement denial that it is backing away from the phrase "Global War on Terror." The phrase has long been a source of debate and rancor - not just on the... Read More
My column today takes on trashy trash-talking Democrat Rep. Lynn Woolsey's smear of Gen. David Petraeus. The Code Pink/MoveOn Democrats strike again. "Move On" is still stuck in 2007. Democrat Rep. Lynn Woolsey: Capitol Hill's Lindsay Lohan by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2011 A grown woman in public office who acts like Lindsay Lohan... Read More
Just awful. Let's hope the missing journalists are indeed in Libyan government custody and will be released safely ASAP. My heart goes out to the families. Our family knows the kind of hell they are going through right now. Praying for a safe return:
Global rumors that Libyan dictator Moammar Gaddafi has been shot roiled the markets this afternoon. Oil prices tumbled $2 a barrel. The White House says it has "no reason to believe" Gaddafi is dead. But given how CIA director Leon Panetta gets his intelligence -- quick, get him the TV remote control! -- there's no... Read More
Loony-tunes dictator Muammar Gaddafi refused to step down in a trademark bizarro Libyan TV address this morning. He babbled hysterically about druggie kids instigating terror, blamed American planes for bombing innocent civilians, and ranted about the devil. All that was missing were Hugo Chavez-like references to "sulfur" and Noam Chomsky... ...and a Bed Intruder/Auto-Tunes soundtrack.... Read More
The last Somali pirate action against Americans I blogged about was in April 2009, but the chaos on the high seas has not abated. Today, we learn four Americans are dead after Somali Muslim pirates kidnapped and killed them in the Gulf of Aden. Pray for their families: Four Americans, including a couple from Southern... Read More
One person can make a difference. Just read this. *** See also: The Constitution Made Easy. Send a copy to Chuck Schumer.
An American war hero was buried yesterday. We will never forget: Via Larry Alexander at He was a
Wishing you all a joy-filled Christmas! "Gloria in excelsis Deo" - King's College Choir: A special Christmas greeting to our troops at home and overseas. Soldiers celebrate in Iraq: Top US generals are in Afghanistan today, including Gen. David Petraeus: Gen. David Petraeus started his Christmas visit by traveling in a C-130 cargo plane from... Read More
Photo credit: Brad Froehle Last week, I flagged the latest stunt by city government officials in the People's Republic of Berkeley -- a resolution honoring Wiki-leaking saboteur Bradley Manning. Tonight's the night the city council will vote. The meeting is underway and is livestreaming on the Berzerkely website here. According to the council's notes, the... Read More
Homegrown hate crimes against our troops by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2010 When jihad-bent American Muslims target American soldiers on American soil, why does America yawn? The Fort Hood massacre has faded from view. The Little Rock Army recruiting station ambush barely registered on the national radar screen. Ditto the Fort Dix plot. And... Read More
Never forget: A newsreel of the Day of Infamy: A survivor on the USS Maryland remembers: Charlie Webb was shaving aboard the USS Maryland on Dec. 7, 1941, when the call to report to general stations went out. The Maryland was on Battleship Row in Pearl Harbor, and Pearl Harbor was being attacked by Japanese... Read More
"...the September 11th of world diplomacy."
No American should take joy, pleasure, or satisfaction from the untold, devastating ways in which the coordinated Wikileaks document dump of hundreds of thousands of State Department cables -- nearly half of which are "secret" or "classified"-- has undermined U.S. diplomacy. Here's the left-wing Guardian of London crowing that its publication of the cables has... Read More
The “war hero” candidate buried information about POWs left behind in Vietnam.
Are elite university admissions based on meritocracy and diversity as claimed?
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