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VTech shootings

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Today has been designated "Hokie Hope" day in honor of the VTech victims. Bells are ringing at noon across the country to remember. Americans are wearing orange and maroon to show solidarity with the VTech campus. Here's a running list of memorial services for the students and professors killed on Monday. PJM Tel Aviv editor... Read More
Here's a petition to memorialize VTech hero, Dr. Liviu Librescu, by renaming Norris Hall in his honor. Related: Fallen students to be awarded posthumous degrees Related: Official memorial fund
Video: Shep Smith makes the announcement. Previous today: Backlash against NBC
***update: 940am Eastern press enforcement spokesman: "I am sorry that you all were exposed to these images..."*** ***update: TVNewser reports...NBC has announced it will limit usage of the Cho maniac videos to 10 Percent Of NBC airtime... Mark Finkelstein notes that angry VTech family members canceled appearances on the Today show over the network's... Read More
If you haven't already read the December 2005 temporary detention order for VTech maniac Seung-Hui Cho, you should. A source who works as a Special Justice in Virginia e-mailed me today: Yes, if he had been "committed" he may never have been able to purchase a firearm. Without more facts, I am not second guessing... Read More
An important media advisory from the AAJA: Only they can use ethnic descriptors. Everyone else: Back off! Too. Ridiculous. Reader Doug in Colorado writes: Yep.
I've been traveling. The Hot Air crew has everything you need to know about the VTech shooter. I'll be back soon. *** A Virginia blogger mourns Ryan Clark, a friend killed yesterday in the rampage. Allah links to the Daily Mail, which ID's the woman killed in the first shooting as Emily Hilscher, "who lived... Read More
University of Iowa graduate Matt Miller e-mails that today's carnage at Virginia Tech "sounds eerily similar to the November 1st, 1991 shootings at the University of Iowa by a Chinese doctorate student of physics shot dead three professors, his rival classmate (also Chinese) and a University Vice President. He also seriously wounded one other student... Read More
The Internet rumor mill, chasing down leads on the identity of the Virginia Tech shooter, has been grinding all day. Allah debunks one of those rumors, which Hot Air received, investigated, and debated this afternoon and evening: He's not the shooter. Here's his LiveJournal page. And his Facebook page. He's gloating about making the Drudge... Read More
Scroll for updates... All the latest. (Update: Cell-phone video added, Bush video, more eyewitness reports, and questions about campus management of the crisis) Virginia bloggers tracking the story here. Audio of Virginia Tech President Charles Steger's comments here. Reader Brian writes: Andrew's Dad, noting a recent editorial from Va. Tech's university relations vice president arguing... Read More
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