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Voter fraud

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Plus: More voter fraud advisories.
Yesterday, I introduced you to the Homeless Ohioans for Obama voter registration drive that has fraud written all over it. There's even more "thug thizzlin'" -- to quote the above registered homeless voter for Obama -- going on. Watch as GOP poll observers are turned away in Ohio: Soren Dayton notes: I've blogged Brunner's shenanigans... Read More
"Do his thug thizzle."
Oh, dear Lord. We are so screwed. Watch this: The guy promoting the free taxi program to register the homeless in Ohio exults: "It's a perfect opportunity for them to come in, register at a temporary address like a homeless shelter or a YMCA or something like that. They can register at that address because... Read More
Many friends in Washington state alerted me to the Democrat Party's attempt to disenfranchise our troops overseas through a lawsuit claiming that GOP gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi "confused" voters by identifying himself as "GOP" instead of "Republican." A judge has ruled today and stopped the Dem stunt. Thank goodness someone in a robe has some... Read More
Follow the money. It's your money.
Just heard from several readers that Lindsay Grahamnesty told Fox that the Mother of All Bailouts includes a reported $100 million more in funding for the left-wing housing entitlement thugs and heavily tax-subsidized fraudsters at ACORN. Under the original bailout proposal, apparently, a large portion of any repayment of the $700 billion would go to... Read More
A reader noticed something interesting while exploring Barack Obama's voter registration website, Vote for Change. If you answer "no" to a question about U.S. citizenship, you get this screen: Says reader Chad: "I just thought it was interesting that the Obama campaign thought that it was 'unfortunate' that only US citizens could vote for him... Read More
Peter Bronson blows the whistle on the state of Ohio's top election official engaging in partisan voter registration shenanigans. Keep an eye on this:
Obamanation 101.
This weekend, I noted aggressive attempts by Team Obama to sign up college students and exploit lax residency rules in battleground Virginia. And last week, I blogged the latest ACORN attempts to infiltrate campuses. The quest to capture the youth vote continues -- by an overzealous college official who attempted to offer academic credits to... Read More
Lots of Virginia readers are disturbed by a report in the Virginia Pilot yesterday on loosened voter registration rules for college students. Red flagging it: Norfolk election officials on Friday reluctantly loosened procedures for registering college students to vote after protests from presidential candidate Barack Obama's campaign and an admonishment from state election officials. The... Read More
Caution: Community organizers at work.
Left-wing, taxpayer-subsidized ACORN fraudsters have been infiltrating the public schools. Watch out: Your kid could be recruited to help assist and "organize" the "community" of homeless people, criminals, and illegal aliens signing up more dead people and fake people to vote for Obama. (Hat tip: Jim Vicevich) In the Hartford Courant: Jahneil McMahon long ago... Read More
One of the best moments of Wednesday's GOP convention -- and there were many -- was Rudy Giuliani's jab at Barack Obama's days as a "community organizer." The follow-up from Gov. Sarah Palin was icing on the cake. On cue, Team Obama and its satellites in the blogosphere reacted with ginned-up outrage. The Obama camp... Read More
How much to buy off the Latino vote? Cha-ching: $20 million. I smell a windfall for ACORN's army of voter registration agents. And I see a bright red voter fraud flag. Just saying: (hat tip - William Amos)
Corruption as usual from the friends of Obama. Funded with your tax dollars.
I ask again: Hello, GOP? Hello? Earth to GOP. Do something about this. Taxpayers continue to fund ACORN and its corrupt ways. We're subsidizing their voter fraud, lining the pockets of their left-wing leaders, helping them profit off of the mortgage counseling racket, and now...funding them while they covered up massive embezzlement. Crikey: Two prominent... Read More
Monitoring the friends of Obama.
Yesterday, it was Las Vegas. Today, it's Dauphin County, Pa. I'm going to make ACORN Watch a regular feature, because Obama's "old friends" will be up to no good across the country through November. And you're paying for it. Keep a look out in your neck of the woods. Hat tip for this one to... Read More
Your tax dollars at work, courtesy of the friends of Obama.
What are Obama's "old friends" at ACORN up to these days? They're signing up countless new voters who will dutifully cast dubious ballots for their far Left savior and soulmate. The Las Vegas Review Journal reports today on ACORN's flurry of suspicious activities. Remember, people. This is your tax dollars at work: Analysts have attributed... Read More
Old friends.
My syndicated column today spotlights the whistleblower report on ACORN, which I've been blogging about (here) and which deserves more attention in the media and in Washington--especially in light of the radical activist group's embrace of Barack Obama. The Consumer Rights League e-mailed to let me know that three GOP congressmen (Hensarling, Feeney, and Royce)... Read More
"Regime change."
I mentioned the Consumer Rights League's whistleblower report on ACORN's shady activities last week. Not a peep about it from anyone in Congress. Via reader William Amos comes news of the voter fraud-perpetuating, mortgage racketeering group's national convention today. Headlining the event: John Edwards and Chavista Maxine Waters, with ACORN's chief calling for "regime change"... Read More
De-fund the Left.
The radical left-wing, government-subsidized group ACORN uses your tax dollars to engage in voter fraud, enrich itself as part of the mortgage counseling racket, and serve as an activist branch of the Democrat Party. There's more. Ashley Eiler e-mails about a new report: "The Consumers Rights League just released a collection of whistleblower documents from... Read More
On the trail of "Lamont Williams."
I've been remiss in blogging about the extraordinary story of voter suppression by the Left in North Carolina. It appears to be a case of Hillary-supporting women's activists placing confusing robo-calls to erode black voter turnout and hurt Barack Obama. The North Carolina attorney general has now put a stop to the calls by "Women's... Read More
The Supreme Court gives us more good news this morning: Indiana's voter ID law has been upheld. Half of the states have passed similar laws. The race-mongers and open borders lobby will be in an uproar. CQ summarizes: You may recall that the woman who challenged the voter ID law in Indiana was, um, fraudulently... Read More
Your tax dollars at work!
Not again? Yes, again. KYW in Philly reports that the left-wing, government-subsidized group ACORN once again faces allegations of voter fraud: That's rich. It's all the post office's fault! Last October, three elections hoaxers who worked for the far Left group ACORN pleaded guilty in Seattle for their role in the
Howard Dean and the Democrats are leaping at the chance to help John McCain's campaign finance petard hoist him. Dean has written a letter pressing the FEC, which doesn't need much goading, to investigate McCain's attempt to wriggle out of the very campaign finance constraints he championed. Problem is, there's no one there to listen.... Read More
Open or closed?
Update: Ed Morrissey has your answer: *** Yesterday afternoon, I noted reports of independe
The Sun-Sentinel buries a flag-raising paragraph at the bottom of a story today on voting in Florida: What the law says: Florida Statute 97.052 requires the designation of party affiliation or the designation of no party affiliation at the time of registration. Florida Statute 97.1031 stipulates a voter may change his party affiliation by providing... Read More
Not that it will make any difference to the tinfoil hat crowd, but New Hampshire finished recounting a large sample of Democrat ballots at the behest of quitter Denny Kucinich and found no evidence of a fraud conspiracy: The recount of Democratic primary votes in New Hampshire that Cleveland's Dennis Kucinich requested hasn't changed any... Read More
Dennis Kucinich announced today in a press release that he's demanding for the New Hampshire recount--not because it would make any difference, he admits, but basically just for the hell of it: Democratic Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich, the most outspoken advocate in the Presidential field and in Congress for election integrity, paper-ballot elections, and campaign... Read More
It has surfaced again: Nutroots hysteria over alleged voter fraud caused by Evil Diebold: How Evil Diebold--controlled by the GOP/Bush mafia, you know--got Hillary Clinton voters to conspire with them is not exactly clear. Tinfoil-hat theories never are. Jason Smith is amused: "The news really isn’t that the nutroots are again blaming electoral defeat on... Read More
Remember "Fruto Boy Crispila?"
Remember last fall, when every last moonbat was decrying voter fraud preemptively? Remember Diebold Derangement Syndrome? After the Dems won, of course, voter fraud dropped from their political radar screen. And boy, would they love for the rest of us to fuhgeddaboudit. Yesterday, three elections hoaxers who worked for the far Left group ACORN pleaded... Read More
Update 7/27 10:05am Eastern. Here's the PDF of the settlement agreement (via David Postman): Guess which left-wing group is at the center of the worst case of voter-registration fraud in Washington state history? Yep, you guessed it: ACORN. The same ACORN tied to massive voter fraud in Missouri. And Ohio. And 12 other states. Here's... Read More
Require photo ID at the ballot box? Heavens, no, we couldn't do that! Plus: Remember all that...
On the Senate floor right now, members just finished voting on an amendment to a student loan bill that would require voters to show photo ID at the polls. You know, so illegal aliens and other ineligible people don't undermine the integrity of the election process. The amendment failed 42-54. Stand by for the roll...... Read More
Via the Dallas Morning News (hat tip - reader Jeff J.): Noncitizens likely voted in Bexar County DA investigating as many as 330 people in election fraud case Dozens of non-U.S. citizens may have voted in Bexar County elections, a county elections official reported, prompting an investigation by federal and local authorities. The names of... Read More
Oh, this is just side-splitting. The Daily Kos summons up the Black Box Brigades and launches a fund-raising drive to fight evil Diebold, which Kos thinks stole a congressional election from a Democrat in Florida's 13th district. "These are the opening salvos in what will be the battle to end Diebold," he proclaims. Except for... Read More
Early exit polls show Dem lead. But turnout's high and the GOP remains optimistic. Rumor: Hastert warning of 30-seat loss in the House? Hold on tight. *** Meanwhile, sue, sue sue: is offering a $250,000 reward "for new material evidence leading to a felony conviction for an organized effort of partisan voter suppression or... Read More
Michael Graham nails the Democrats' strategy of undermining the election results before they're tallied: "Either we win, or you cheated!" Nancy Pelosi's doing it, too. And left-wing groups are threatening to create legal havoc by demanding deadline extensions for absentee ballots. Notice in all their pot-stirring about voting fraud that they have absolutely nothing to... Read More
***update: Of course, she says she misspoke*** Oh, yes, she did. Francine Busby, the Democratic candidate in Tuesday’s CA-50 special election has been caught on tape telling a Spanish-speaking audience “You don’t need papers for voting.” Responding to a question from a translator about how to help her campaign, Francine Busby also told non-English-speaking volunteers... Read More
Photographed at the Dallas illegal alien demonstration yesterday: Kim Priestap at Wizbang: Sen. Ted Kennedy is scheduled to address the crowd--future constituents--in Washington, D.C., today around 4:30pm EST. As they say:
People will be heading to the polls on Tuesday. A New Jersey judge has issued a last-ditch order to try and prevent dead folks from casting ballots: The most recent polls show Democrat Jon Corzine pulling ahead: With two days before Tuesday's gubernatorial election, Democrat Jon S. Corzine has solidified his lead ove
Jim Hoft sees dead Everywhere. More on the tainted Detroit ballots here. *** Speaking of election fraud, be sure to check out Stefan Sharkansky's latest investigative blogging on shenanigans in Washington state. And in Texas: A case of "legal" voter fraud.
Can the New York Times--yes, the New York Times--make this any clearer to the Democratic tinfoil hat-wearers who cling to "Ohio was stolen" election conspiracy: In Ohio Vote, Woes, Yes, Fraud, No David Limbaugh spells it out further: Black voter suppression? No. Exploitation? Yes. Meanwhile, most of the MSM are ignoring the story of Iranian... Read More
Decision is imminent in the Evergreen State's never-ending election challenge lawsuit. - Stay tuned to the indispensable Sound Politics blog. - TVW, the state's version of C-SPAN will broadcast the judge's ruling live beginning at 12noon EST. - My friends at 570AM KVI will also provide live coverage and instant analysis. - Seattle P-I readers... Read More
The judge presiding over the election challenge in Washington State will issue a ruling this coming Monday, the Seattle Times reports. (Hat tip: reader Anthony J.) According to the Times, Republicans have been arguing "that illegal votes cast in any given precinct should be deducted from each candidate's total by the same proportion as the... Read More
Another one for the Count Every Bogus Vote file. Incredible, but no surprise to bloggers who've been on this from the get-go: The U.S. Attorney downplays the story, noting that no "widespread conspiracy" was found. But the investigation continues. *** More coverage and blogging: Task Force Find More Ballots Cast Than Registered Voters Marathon Pundit:... Read More
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