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United Nations

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Soon to be the new mascot of the Democrats' cap-and-tax push, Disney's Tinker Bell was tapped by the United Nations this week to serve as an "Honorary Ambassador of Green." This is not an Onion parody: Tinker Bell edged out Wendy and Captain Hook for the position. Can't beat a microscopic carbon footprint.
"Terror council."
President Obama just finished up his I Am The Change You Seek speech at the United Nations. Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton noted Obama's extraordinary self-referentialism mixed with Wilsonian naivete and anti-Bush subtext, and joked that the president "did everything but break out and ask 'Can't we all just get along?'" There was a momentary... Read More
In response to North Korea's willful violation of a toothless U.N. Security Council resolution, the panel quickly passed...yet another toothless U.N. Security Council resolution. It is Monty Python's world, and we are all just living in it. Fetch the comfy chair! We all know the answer, but William A. Jacobson has an excellent post asking... Read More
Your global watchdog at work again: UN bigwig arrested on kiddie porn charges. *** Previous U.N. sex scandal blogging.
"[N]o genuine pollution cuts are being made..."
The U.N. wasting money? This is, of course, no surprise coming from the same ninnies who brought the world the oil-for-food debacle and whose idea of humanitarian aid is sending condoms to cyclone victims. But I digress. The Guardian reports on the latest mass squandering of U.N. funds on the carbon offset scam (hat tip... Read More
"That food is now sitting on a tarmac doing no good."
A monstrous cyclone in Myanmar has been followed by monstrous inhumanity by the country's military dictatorship. The UN announced this morning that it was suspending food aid after the junta seized humanitarian shipments. This comes after the regime refused to issue visas to international aid workers: Reuters has more: The
Tool. Traitor. Shill for "Islamic charity."
Update: He's Debbie Schlussel's former boss. Update: Oops. There goes the book! (Hat tip - Kevin) Update: Here you go...he's a Republican from Michigan who shilled for the Islamic American Relief Agency... A former congressman and delegate to the United Nations was indicted Wednesday as part of a terrorist fundraising ring that allegedly sent more... Read More
Global wahmbulance alert.
For crying out loud: Don't you wish John Bolton were still around to man up the U.N.?
Can Republicans beat back this U.N. power grab?
Update 11:44am Eastern. The vote: 17-4. LOST moves to the Senate floor. Stay tuned. And dial your Senators: 202-224-3121. Update 11:25am Eastern. Joe Biden rejects Sen. David Vitter's request for an additional hearing on LOST. Biden attacks Frank Gaffney and Fred Smith for their opposition to the treaty. Biden moves to hold a vote on... Read More
Surrender is not an option.
Up at Right Wing News. Bolton for President! Here's his new book on
Bush and the U.N. vs. American sovereignty.
I mentioned the Senate’s push for the Law of the Sea Treaty a week ago. It's a sovereignty-undermining measure that would, as Frank Gaffney puts it, place "the U.N. on steroids by assenting to its control of seven-tenths of the world’s surface." Quin Hillyer weighs in today and urges conservatives to rally against the ill-advised... Read More
I've gotten many e-mails about the Senate's push for the Law of the Sea Treaty. Frank Gaffney has followed the issue and wrote about it here in 2004, calling it a "very Kerry treaty." He has a piece out today in the Washington Times with the lowdown on the latest fight: If Americans have learned... Read More
Update: U.S. walks out on A-jad. Allahpundit's got the speech vid. *** While A-jad lies about his commitment to "human rights" onstage at the U.N., watch our latest dispatch from Columbia yesterday--an interview with Iranian activist Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi: Update 5:00pm Eastern. A-jad has begun his U.N. rant. After his requisite homage to the 12th imam,... Read More
Henchmen for Saddam.
They're lucky they weren't charged with treason. Via the Houston Chronicle: Houston oilman David Chalmers, accused of funneling illegal payments to Saddam Hussein's regime at at time when Iraq was the target of strict economic sanctions, pleaded guilty today to a conspiracy charge. Chalmers' business associate at Houston-based BayOil, Ludmil Dionissiev, pleaded guilty to one... Read More
More run-of-the-mill corruption at Turtle Bay.
Last week, I blogged about a visas-for-sale scheme sanctioned under US immigration law. Didn't get much attention. So I was glad to see there was some interest in the visas-for-sale that a corruptocrat at the U.N. allegedly engineered: Sure would like to know who those visas went to, which countries they came from, and where... Read More
Reuters reporting: Background at the Jurist website. Allah's got breaking reaction and analysis.
Do As I Say... Kofi Annan plans to give the United States the finger in his farewell address. USA Today reports: Like Kofi Annan knows anything about remaining true to principles? He leaves behind a feckless,
Cam Edwards reports on the U.N. confab in NYC this week on renewed international efforts to undermine the Second Amendment: A remarkable thing happened at the United Nations yesterday. We, the United States, told the world “no”. The messenger was Robert Joseph, the Undersecretary of State for Arms Control and International Security. Speaking before the... Read More
Hands off of our 2nd amendment, you blue-helmeted bullies. Alan Gotlieb reports: In what can only be a carefully-timed, deliberate insult to the United States and its Constitution, the United Nations is hosting a conference on global gun control aimed directly at our Second Amendment, on dates that include our national holiday, July 4. The... Read More
***scroll down for updates*** United Nations Undersecretary-General Jan Egeland--yeah, the same jerk who called America "stingy" during the Indonesian tsunami disaster last year--has come around to offering the U.N.'s help to victims of Hurricane Katrina (hat tip: Catez Stevens, who has more): This is also worth noting, since so many readers have been wondering: Would... Read More
The United Nations is trying to figure out how to get its paws on the Internet and take over governance of cyberspace. The good news, for now, is that it can't decide on how to do it. Via Declan McCullagh: One British MP, Derek Wyatt, who follows Internet regulation says we should breathe a little... Read More
Looks like Kofi Annan has not been honest about his relationship with his son's employer, Cotecna Inspection Services, a major U.N oil-for-food contractor.
Kofi Annan is assuring victims of the massive earthquake/tsunamis overseas that help is on the way: Let's pray that the U.N.'s "help" doesn't look like this again. Michele at A Small Victory has put together a list of other charities that might better spend your contributions.
Annan Pledges to Aid in Oil-For-Food Probe
The heat is on. Washington Times is reporting: House Republicans call for Annan to step down Excerpt:
Move America Forward has launched an ad campaign calling for the expulsion of the U.N. headquarters from the U.S: Watch the ad and join the campaign here.
Reuters reports on despicable acts by United Nations peacekeepers in the Congo: So, expect to see the abuse photos plastered on the front page of the New York Times and the video replayed endlessly on CBS News, right? Yeah, right.
When Catherine the Great toured the Ukraine and the Crimea in the 18th century, the story goes, bureaucrat Grigori Aleksandrovich Potemkin constructed elaborate fake villages in order to impress her. Now, there's a 21st century twist on the Potemkin village: Potemkin refugee camps! The Washington Post reports that before U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan's visit... Read More
Hazardous material experts were called to U.N. headquarters on Monday after a suspicious powder was discovered on the 27th floor, according to Reuters. Free Republic poster Martin Fierro observes: "Have Blix inspect it. He'll have an answer for us in five years or so." Or maybe they should just ask these guys.
The Shaping Event of Our Modern World
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