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Tim Geithner

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Party of supplication.
Scroll down for updates...4:21pm Eastern Senate floor liveblogging...Hatch sings Geithner's praises...Final vote 60-34 Woo-hoo! You're in. Let's go shoot some hoops. The Barack Obama Republicans are Bending Over again. For weeks, we've watched capitulationsist GOP Senators rationalize away Treasury Secretary nominee Tim Geithner's tax, legal, and bailout failout troubles. Sen. Orrin Hatch insists he's "very... Read More
I'm in between flights home after a quick NYC trip. The Geithner Senate Finance Committee vote is over. He sailed through despite his "tax goofs" and legal "trivialities." I joked the other day about the capitulationists I'm now calling the "B.O. (Barack Obama/Bend Over) Republicans." Here they are: And here are the
It looks increasingly like the GOP is going to ignore the bad signs and capitulate on Obama's Treasury Secretary nominee. Tom Blumer lists the top 10 disturbing aspects of the Geithner nomination. Do not say, 6 months or a year from now, that you were not warned, GOP.
Maybe I won't throw you off the bus, after all! You are not going to believe who described Obama Treasury Secretary nominee Tim Geithner's serial tax-dodging as a "triviality." Charles Krauthammer. He also calls those who believe Geithner should be denied the nomination "unserious." Perhaps that Beltway dinner with The One is paying dividends already?... Read More
Looks like our GOP friends are gonna roll! My column carries the ball forward on the Tim Geithner debacle. Two debacles, really: 1) The serial tax-dodging, ridiculous excuses, and bailout failure of Barack Obama's Treasury Secretary nominee; and 2) Geithner's go-along apologists in the Senate GOP. Underscoring the theme of my column today? Read this... Read More
The wheels on the bus...
Er, Tim, I need to lighten my bus... A former IMF employee e-mailed me yesterday when news of Obama Treasury Secretary nominee Tim Geithner's tax troubles came to light. He wrote: [H]aving worked at the World Bank/IMF I can tell you that as an American working there, they REIMBURSE you for the self-employment taxes! The... Read More
Tuck away these euphemisms if you ever have tax troubles: "Tax goofs." "Discrepancies." Tom Blumer scrapes away the Associated Press whitewashing. Membership in the Obama Brotherhood has its privileges.
The next act in Obama's Treasury Secretary drama has been set for Jan. 21 at the request of Sen. Jon Kyl. The rescheduling wasn't related to the tax-dodging disclosures. Looks like Sen. Kyl is on the fence: Will he buy the "honest mistake" alibi? You can contact Kyl through his Twitter page here. Meantime, Rush... Read More
"He's a very competent guy."
First, GOP Sen. Orrin Hatch gives Obama Attorney General nominee Eric Holder a big, wet sloppy kiss and hug. Now, despite Obama Treasury Secretary nominee Timothy Geithner's serial inability to pay his self-employment and FICA taxes on time, Hatch has embraced the tax-dodger and bailout architect. Quoted in the WSJ this evening: "I still support... Read More
Scroll down for updates... Pssst...did you take care of that problem yet? They were just honest mistakes, really. And I'm sure the Obama IRS would be as charitable with you or me as Team Obama is being with Timothy Geithner if we used the same explanation for failing to pay self-employment taxes: President-elect Barack Obama's... Read More
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