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Tim Geithner

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As they say in the military: BOHICA. On ABC's This Week today, tax cheat Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner championed the expiration of the Bush tax cuts and pooh-poohed the economic impact of tax hikes on the highest earners in the country. It's "responsible" to punish the wealthy, he argued. Because after spending America into oblivion,... Read More
DUI: Driving under the influence...of Big Labor-pandering, left-wing radicals My column today dives into the TARP special inspector general's audit of the "Factors Affecting the Decisions of General Motors and Chrysler to Reduce Their Dealership Networks." You can find it at the TARP OIG's website here. I encourage you all to read through the entire... Read More
Chicago on the Potomac.
In Chicago politics, there's an old term for the publicly-subsidized pay-offs meted out to the corruptocrats' friends and special interests: Boodle. In the age of Obama, "reform" is all about the boodle. So it was with the stimulus. And the massive national service expansion. And the health care bill. And so it is with the... Read More
Scroll for updates... My syndicated column today shines light on all the Goldman Sachs company men in the Obama administration's midst. The GOP wants SEC correspondence disclosed. Here's that story. In related news, Goldman Sachs cheerleader and beneficiary Rahm Emanuel met with NYC business elite about the financial reform plan. Listen up: Related must-read from... Read More
In January, I deconstructed the White House "Financial Crisis Responsibility Fee" fakery for you: My friends at the Heritage Foundation compiled a handy graphic that underscores chicanery.
Eeenteresting. About a week ago, the SEC agree to cover-up bailout documents for AIG until 2018. The documents relate to the backroom bank bailout payments at top dollar to AIG counterparties -- which know-nothing Tim Geithner was grilled about today on the Hill. The leak comes as Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke heads to the Hill... Read More
"You gave lame excuses then, you are giving lame excuses now."
Photoshop/CoC card set credit: Tennyson Hayes Complicit? Clueless? Incompetent? Corrupt? All of the above. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner went before Congress today to answer (or not answer) questions about his role in the AIG bailout while he was chairman of the New York Federal Reserve. (See my backgrounder on the backdoor bailout payments to AIG's... Read More
As part of the pre-State of the Union publicity blitz, the Obama White House had its cabinet members sit down for quickie videos to tell you how they all "got to work" and "took bold steps to rescue the country from a potential second Great Depression; to rebuild the economy for the long-term -- so... Read More
Photoshop/CoC card set credit: Tennyson Hayes It's not quite the Mother of All Distractions, but it's up there. Maybe the First Cousin of All Distractions. The White House unveiled its ballyhooed $90 billion plan to punish banks with a "Financial Crisis Responsibility Fee" this afternoon. It's faker than the fake garden vegetables the First Lady... Read More
Photoshop/CoC card set credit: Tennyson Hayes Late last week, Bloomberg News reported that the New York Federal Reserve Bank -- then under the leadership (or rather, lack of leadership) of Tim Geithner -- presided over a systemic effort in the fall of 2008 to suppress public disclosure of ailing insurer AIG's backdoor bailout payments to... Read More
Pssst. President Obama. Here's a reminder about the Wall Street money men -- the "fat cats" you now condemn -- who sit in your own domicile: People in "fat cat"-infested houses shouldn't throw stones. Excerpt from Chapter 6, "Wall Street Money Men: Lifestyles of the Rich and Liberal," Culture of Corruption... “Too often,” Obama lectured... Read More
Turning the tables on Tax Cheat Timmy? Just desserts from the GOP: (Via TaxProf Blog and Moe Lane)
Oh, crikey. I'm cramping up. From. Laughing so hard. Ouch. Ow. Stop the pain! Another "temporary" housing entitlement with "strong taxpayer protections" and an "expected cost to the federal government" of "zero." Laughter turning to tears. We
Same old, same old.
If you read Chapter 6 of Culture of Corruption, you know all about President Obama's Wall Street money men -- who look an awful like President Bush's bailout-happy money men from the world of Government Sachs and CITI. I'll include an excerpt below. I'll need to update the chapter with the latest info from Bloomberg... Read More
President Obama couldn't make it up to New York City last week for the 9/11 anniversary, but he's up there today to mark the collapse of Lehman Brothers with a speech on financial reform and a new push for more regulatory agencies and government authority to be handed to botched bailout architects and enablers like... Read More
The Democrats bloodied Republicans with the "culture of corruption" cudgel. Republicans are finally performing some political jujitsu. Keep repeating it and don't give them a pass: Action Demanded on Rangel/Geithner Tax Violations (WASHINGTON, DC) -- While Democrats continue their plan for a federal takeover of the nation's healthcare industry, new revelations show they are incapable... Read More
Good for the TARP watchdog. Team Obama tried to tighten his leash. He bit back. Turbo Tax Tim Geithner tucked tail. More, please: The Treasury Department backed away from a standoff over the independence of the special government watchdog appointed to scrutinize how last year's $700 billion financial-industry bailout is being spent. Neil Barofsky, special... Read More
That's #$%^&*!! Turbo Tax Tim Geithner to you! I can't help but think there were a few stifled giggles as the feckless Wonder Boy vented. Via the WSJ, here's the scoop on how financial watchdogs are pushing back against Team Obama's plans to consolidate their offices and give the Fed more power: The story reminded... Read More
The nutroots were quite upset with George Stephanopoulos for inviting me on his This Week roundtable. They piled on him on Twitter. And even Paul Krugman tried to stir up lefty ire. God forbid a non-establishment, non-Beltway-certified "acceptable" conservative have a voice in a mainstream forum! Unlike Matt Lauer, Stephanopoulos wasn't compelled to play "beat... Read More
How do you say "Snort-worthy" in Mandarin?
Tax cheat Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner is a laughingstock in Congress. A permanent punchline on late-night TV. And he's a joke in China, too: Last week, I
A telling exchange this afternoon between staunch fiscal conservative Sen. Jim DeMint and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, via WaPo: Geithner was hammered by a Republican senator decrying Treasury's growing power over the American economy. "This is not mission-creep," said Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.). "This is a stampede of any traditional understanding of constitutional boundaries." DeMint... Read More
Government Sachs.
Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal blew the whistle on NY Fed chairman Stephen Friedman's massive Goldman Sachs conflict of interest. Friedman -- former chair of Goldman Sachs -- resigned from the NY Fed yesterday, but obstinately insists he did nothing wrong. Friedman is inextricably linked to Obama Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, who served... Read More
Treasury Department tax cheat Tim Geithner already announced this knee-slapper initiative in March. The White House follows up today with the details of the crackdown on corporate tax cheats: Where's that Timmy G. tax cheat stamp? Yeah, there it is. *** Obama says he can squeeze
You know that bank bailout program to buy up toxic assets that morphed into a capital injection plan and then back again? Well, now TARP is going to be expanded to cover life insurers. Yes, life insurers: The Treasury Department has decided to extend bailout funds to a number of struggling life-insurance companies, helping an... Read More
There was a big dog-and-pony show earlier today led by Tiny Tim Geithner, who announced bold new initiatives to crack down on mortgage scammers and shut down irresponsible lenders cooking the books. Speaking of mortgage scammers who cooked the books, when will they shut down Fannie and Freddie and go after their enablers in Congress?... Read More
And another one down, and another one gone...
It's not like Tim Geithner can afford to lose any of the few officials who are actually working at the Treasury Department with him, but last night, he put one on leave. Very curious -- especially given the sacked employee's recent increased visibility for his public statements about the government's (mis)handling of AIG. The WSJ... Read More
Pshop credit: Bucktown Dusty Someone really needs a teleprompter of his own: Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner sent the dollar tumbling with comments about China’s ideas for overhauling the global monetary system, only to drive it back up by affirming that it should remain the world’s reserve currency. Geithner was initially asked at a Council on... Read More
Not again? Yes, again: Another person under consideration for a top Treasury job has decided to bail on Tim Geithner. After promising not to continue the failed Bush policies of the past, the Obama administration is keeping on two top Bush Treasury officials: Also at the hearing, Geithner called Kashkari, who runs the Troubled Asset... Read More
The Teleprompter of the United States has its own seal! Hey, why not? TOTUS has its own blog and its own Twitter accounts. Brand it, own it, behold it (thanks to David A Stein): *** Doug Ross catches a precious TOTUS moment on the baskbetball court: *** And Bucktown Dusty discovers why Tim Geithner can't... Read More
Now what? Last week, the Obama administration brought us a $1 trillion Federal Reserve magic trick hatched by the David Copperfield School of Economic Recovery -- printing up a trillion bucks and “pumping it into the U.S. economy”…by buying up bonds and mortgage securities…sold and backed by the government. Today, hapless, truth-challenged tax cheat Treasury... Read More
The Robert Gibbs Live Comedy Hour WH press briefing is on. Press corps is actually pressing Gibbs on Tim Geithner. A journo asked Gibbs about the Geithner date discrepancies (March 10? March 3?) Gibbs replied, and I quote: "Uhhh...uhhhh...uhhh...uhhh." After having made snarky remarks about "his friends on cable TV" in response to a question... Read More
Can he get anything straight? TurboTax failed him. So, apparently, did Outlook calendar. Hapless Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner claims he didn't find out about the AIG bonus issue until March 10. This was contradicted by AIG president Edward Liddy's testimony before Congress earlier this week. Liddy was right. Geithner was wrong. And it's all on... Read More
Heckuva job, Timmy.
Yep, Barack Obama's Special Olympics remark on Jay Leno was thoughtless. But he made an even worse joke -- intentionally insulting every American taxpayer's intelligence -- when he seriously asserted on the late-night talk show that Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner was doing an "outstanding job." Gag: Obama claimed to take personal responsibility...but not until he... Read More
As I noted earlier this afternoon, President Obama had a little frog (or B.S.) caught in his throat as he was performing this morning in the Kabuki Theater of Outrage over the AIG bonuses. Photoshopper/blogger Bucktown Dusty worked up a little cure for the next time Obama chokes on reality, sanctimony, or hypocrisy: Unfortunately, the... Read More
The Kabuki Theater of Outrage.
Scroll down for updates...Obama will "pursue every single legal avenue" to block AIG bonuses.... I snorted this weekend over the fecklessness of Tiny Tim Geithner, crawling on his knees to AIG in an attempt to avert a public relations disaster concerning the bailout behemoth's massive executive bonuses. AIG, 80 percent owned by taxpayers, basically told... Read More
Busy with offline stuff today. What's on your minds? Here's a blood-boiler of the morning. Mr. Lonely Tim Geithner -- who was instrumental in putting together the wealth-redistributing AIG "rescue" plan -- now apparently believes that if he says "pretty please with sugar on top," the bailout behemoth will cut back on bonuses sure to... Read More
Toxic asset.
Tim Geithner turns out to be the most toxic asset of all. And another down, and another one gone, another one bites the dust...
This is cute -- although the Hillary image is a little disturbing.
He's got nobody to call his own...
Here's a sob story about how Wonder Boy Tim Geithner, Uniquely Qualified Savior of The Economy, is all alone. Snippet: Denial ain't just a river in Egypt. I'm dedicating Bobby Vinton today to Mr. Lonely Tim Geithner: *** Commenter MissCheryl recommends "All By Myself," by Eric Carmen: Commenter jrlingreenbay nominates "One" by Three Dog Night:
Had a bad day.
Wow. The rats keep jumping off the sinking S.S. Treasury Department. Timothy Geithner stands alone...again: The person Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner wanted as his chief deputy withdrew from consideration Thursday, dealing a setback to the agency as it struggles to address the worst financial crisis in decades. Annette Nazareth, a former senior staffer and commissioner... Read More
They said he was uniquely qualified. A wunderkind. The Man with the Plan. Too big to fail. Now we learn from the on-the-ball MSM that tax cheat Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner is flailing about and in over his head. Who's shocked? For five weeks, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has battled the worst economic crisis in... Read More
Dog chases his own tail.
Trying. To. Type. Between. Snorts. Sides. Splitting. Fresh from the AP wire: No, of course not. "Immediately providing details" is not something Obama Cabinet members do. Silly.
The Taxpayers Clearinghouse Prize Patrol travels to NYC, NJ, and Washington to present huge bailout checks to AIG, Citi, and other lucky winners of the bailout bonanza. Plus: Showering Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner with cash: Brought to you by the same creative folks who are offering the personal bailout contest at
What a joke. Snort. Oh, and just a reminder about the 10 Republicans who voted for the tax cheat/wonder boy because he was so uniquely qualified -- with iron-clad credibility -- to do the job: Corker (R-TN) Cornyn (R-TX) Crapo (R-ID) Ensign (R-NV) Graham (R-SC) Gregg (R-NH) Hatch (R-UT) Shelby (R-AL) Snowe (R-ME) Voinovich (R-OH)... Read More
Rubber stamp.
Are you up for a cathartic act of civil disobedience? DaveG at Where's the Change? has a subversive plan. I like it: I think it's time for a comeback for civil disobedience. The only thing that angers me more than the rampant elitism and corruption in our government is that apparent tolerance for it that... Read More
Before I get to my syndicated column today, I must remind you of an unctuous, heavy-breathing piece written by New York Times columnist David Brooks on Nov. 21 of last year. Seems like eons ago. I blogged about the bordering-on-obscene column in a post titled "Ivy League ejaculations." Here's a bit of Brooks' paean to... Read More
Obama CPO nominee Nancy Killefer withdraws.
Crikey. Three weeks in, and this administration is a complete laughingstock. More tax troubles. More nanny problems. More withdrawals. This time it's Obama's Chief Performance Officer. Yeah: Chief Performance Officer. Triple-snortworthy. "[W]ould explain her reasons for pulling out." Let me guess: "Family reasons." *** How do we blame Bush for this? And why did Geithner... Read More
Interesting. The White House press corps stopped snoozing today and is all over WH spokesman Robert Gibbs on the Daschle tax debacle. ABC News's Jake Tapper, who broke the story late Friday night, pressed Gibbs on whether Daschle's ethical messes undercut Obama's squeaky clean agenda. Several other reporters questioned the Team Obama talking point that... Read More
Before we get to tax cheat Tom Daschle, let's recall the names of the Bend Over Republicans who pooh-poohed Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner's tax troubles and accused critics of "thinking in small political terms." On the Senate Finance Committee, B.O. Republicans Mike Crapo, Orrin Hatch, John Cornyn, Olympia Snowe and John Ensign all determined that... Read More
Here is the roll call vote on the Geithner nomination: And here are the 10 B.O. (Barack Obama/Bend Over) Republicans who sided with Obama and the Dems: Corker (R-TN) Cornyn (R-TX) Crapo (R-ID) Ensign (R-NV) Graham (R-SC) Gregg (R-NH) Hatch (R-UT) Shelby (R-AL) Snowe (R-ME) Voinovich (R-OH) Question: Where was GOP Sen. Kit Bond? Update... Read More
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