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Supreme Court

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Fifteen years ago, when I still lived in the D.C. swamp, I took my elementary school-daughter and toddler son out for one of our regular weekend breakfasts at IHOP. But we couldn't be left alone to enjoy our meal. As my kids dug into their funny-face pancakes, a fuming-faced liberal marched to our booth and... Read More
Just as a wave of crucial midterm primary elections kick off around the country this spring, the conveniently scheduled leak of a Supreme Court draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade became America's new weapon of manufactured mass distraction. Left-wing abortifa agitators descended on the Supreme Court steps in Washington, howling, "Fascist scum has got to... Read More
Two highly anticipated rulings will come down in about 15 minutes on the Hobby Lobby/Obamacare mandate case and the union home health care provider coercion scheme in Harris v. Quinn. Background reading from our previous reporting/coverage on both issues: Good news: Supreme Court agrees to hear Harris v. Quinn (families battling SEIU over thuggish home... Read More
Loyal readers will recall that in the fall of 2009, I published special reports on the parental revolt against Big Labor's attempts to force their way into the homes and lives of families who care for developmentally disabled loved ones. One of the moms I spotlighted, Pam Harris, refused to surrender. Her class-action lawsuit challenging... Read More
Judge Robert Bork, former Supreme Court nominee, legal scholar, and the conservative movement's champion of originalism, died early this morning after a long battle with heart and pulmonary complications. His family reports that the funeral will be held on Saturday. Bork endured one of the most vicious, coordinated attacks from the Left during his Reagan-era... Read More
Just in from C-SPAN: A request to Chief Justice John Roberts to allow camera coverage of the Obamacare oral arguments next spring. They've been stubbornly opposed to sunlight, but it's worth a try: SCOTUS Healthcare TV Coverage(function() { var scribd = document.createElement("script"); scribd.type = "text/javascript"; scribd.async = true; scribd.src = " var s = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];... Read More
President Obama just can't let go of far Left San Francisco liberals out of touch with mainstream America -- and the law. After dropping two controversial Bay Area judicial nominees from his slate before Christmas, Obama has resurrected the bids of 9th Circuit nominee Goodwin Liu and US Magistrate and ethnic-card jurist Edward Chen and... Read More
Obama Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan was confirmed by the Senate this afternoon. USA Today breaks the vote down: The confirmation took place as a thunderstorm raged outside, prompting several wry Tweets as the votes were tallied: @keithcrc: SuperStorm pounds DC just as #Kagan confirmation vote is taken #someonesnothappy @kathyrnlopez: the thunderstorms over dc echo... Read More
He just announced this morning he's voting with the Democrats on the Kagan nomination, and reportedly took a holier-than-thou stance by complaining about Dems who blocked Bush judicial nominations. Spare us the bipartisan sanctimony routine. *** Kagan vote count tracker here. Via lefty blog TPM: "What's in Elena Kagan's heart is that of a good... Read More
First, the good news: The Supreme Court affirmed the Heller decision on the individual right to bear arms and essentially and effectively struck down the city of Chicago's sweeping gun ban: It was a 5-4 decision with Justice Sam Alito penning the majority decision and Justice Antonin Scalia writing a scathing concurrence and kiss-off to... Read More
Places, places everyone. Today, the curtain officially opens on the Senate "battle" over Obama Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan. "Battle" gets ghost quotes because all the poohbahs on Capitol Hill are already treating her confirmation as a "foregone conclusion." Beltway Republicans will put up just enough of a fight to placate grass-roots conservative activists on... Read More
Scroll for updates...Obama announcement peddles Elena the Populist/Lover of Everyday People narrative... Monday opens with a SCOTUS bang. NBC News reports tonight that Harvard Law School dean turned solicitor general Elena Kagan will be the White House SCOTUS nominee to replace retiring Justice John Paul Stevens. It was widely rumored she would be the pick... Read More
"Perhaps unnecessarily colorful language."
Scroll for updates... UC Berkeley prof Goodwin Liu is before the Senate Judiciary Committee this morning on his nomination to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. The hearing is streaming live on CSPAN here. Liu acknowledged his copious sins of omission on his committee questionnaire. "I'm sorry," he told the panel, but rationalized that they... Read More
It's Retirement Friday! On the heels of Democrat Rep. Bart Stupak's retirement plans, SCOTUS Justice John Paul Stevens confirms swirling rumors of his upcoming retirement this summer. News breaking on the wires and Twitter. AP: The Left is preparing for a "pitched battle." Background on Kagan and Wood here.
Va. Gov. Bob McDonnell is giving a terrific counter-response to Obama's spend-all, do-all State of the Union address. He is drawing on the Founding Fathers and talking about the need to restrain government. "The federal government is simply trying to do too much." Speech excerpts here: McDonnell tipped his hat to Scott Brown, quoting his... Read More
Many of you may remember a scathing documentary by Citizens United about Hillary Clinton from 2007. I blogged about it at the time here. The film became the center of a huge legal battle over the free-speech-stifling McCain-Feingold campaign finance scheme. Parts of the law were struck down by the Supreme Court when the Wisconsin... Read More
Able to leap tall life obstacles in a single bound!
Able to leap tall life obstacles in a single bound! Not all “compelling personal stories” are equal by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2009 Since when did securing a Supreme Court seat become a high hurdles contest? The White House and Democrats have turned Second Circuit judge Sonia Sotomayor’s nomination into a personal Olympics event.... Read More
On Fox News Channel this morning, Sen. Claire McCaskill dutifully read her "compelling personal story" talking points and hyped Sonia Sotomayor's compelling personal background while whitewashing her legal record. (RCP Video has the clip here.) Incredibly, McCaskill was not aware that Sotomayor had said “I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness... Read More
So, it's Sonia Sotomayor. Identity politics triumphs. Here's the bio/record info I shared at the beginning of the month: "Judge Sotomayor’s nomination to the Supreme Court would be very concerning given her hard-left record on the Court of Appeals, where she is recognized by practitioners as one of the more liberal judges. -Judge Sotomayor’s personal... Read More
Hope you are well-rested from the Memorial Day weekend. Lots on the docket -- literally. Obama's SCOTUS pick is widely rumored to be revealed sometime this week: The Washington Times has questions about short-lister Elena Kagan. Not the first time we've seen soft-on-terrorism machinations by an Obama leftist: As the Wall Street Journal's "Political Diary"... Read More
Fight back.
The left-wing blogosphere has been busy slinging mud at Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, who has taken over the lead GOP spot on the Senate Judiciary Committee. All on cue, the liberal bloggers are recycling old quotes out of context to smear Sen. Sessions as a racist and cripple the Republicans from voicing any opposition to... Read More
Okay, the part about Janet Napolitano being in the running for Supreme Court justice is a stomach-turner. It's the part at the end that is the snort-inducer of the day so far:
Conservatives in Washington are gearing up for the SCOTUS battle. My legal sources have compiled sketches of Obama's top three likely picks and their records. Gird your loins: Elena Kagan "Dean Kagan’s nomination to the Supreme Court would be concerning given her complete lack of judicial or appellate experience. She has never been a judge... Read More
Supreme Court Justice David Souter has announced he will retire at the end of the current term. The biggest mistake John Sununu ever made was vouching that Souter would be a "home run" for conservatives. Now, we'll get an out liberal as opposed to a stealth one. Is it Harold Koh's lucky day? Gah.
Yep, the Democrat Michigan governor is on a short-list of possible replacements for ailing Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Wait until she does to the law what she did to the Michigan economy. Yikes.
"Off the top of my head, no."
The blogosphere and the punditocracy made much hay yesterday over Sarah Palin's inability to name a Supreme Court case other than Roe v. Wade with which she disagreed. Does it bother me? Yes. But not as much as some of the hand-wringing critics who, unlike Palin, are lawyers with instant recall or commentators who make... Read More
You decide.
Anthony Kennedy and the leftists on the Supreme Court ruled this morning that what child rapist Patrick Kennedy did to his 8-year-old stepdaughter is a crime that should not be punishable by death. The MSM will tiptoe around what child rapist Patrick Kennedy actually did. I'm reprinting the full description of the crime from Kennedy's... Read More
Open-borders majority.
Whether Obama or McCain becomes president, I think we can look forward to more of this open-borders activism on the Supreme Court. La Raza, the ACLU, and AILA are high-fiving each other today over the ruling in Dada v. Mukasey (opinion here): The marriage, you'll not be surprised to learn, was a sham.
Order in the court.
The judicial debate will heat up this morning on two fronts: At 10am, McCain addresses the subject at Wake Forest University. Minutes later, GOP Sen. John Cornyn will speak on the Senate floor. Sen. Cornyn "will note that the simple fact thus far during President Bush’s final two years in office is that there have... Read More
The Supreme Court gives us more good news this morning: Indiana's voter ID law has been upheld. Half of the states have passed similar laws. The race-mongers and open borders lobby will be in an uproar. CQ summarizes: You may recall that the woman who challenged the voter ID law in Indiana was, um, fraudulently... Read More
Clarence Thomas speaks.
Update: Justice Thomas met with members of the new media tonight. La Shawn Barber, among several right-leaning bloggers, was there. *** Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas endured ad hominem attacks and character assassination attempts to an extent that few other public figures in American life have ever endured. His new book, "My Grandfather's Son," was... Read More
Update: The Left gloats.
Update: There are lots of folks monitoring left-wing blog comments sections for hate. But none top the editorial remark of the bloggers at Wonkette, who must be jealous of all the attention that the Daily Kos has gotten lately: Oh, but of course, they're just joking. They're always just joking. They're Wonkette. They're a joke.... Read More
Dems play the "dupe" card. Plus: A Bobby Byrd flashback and a reminder of the SCOTUS hearing circus.
Sen. Charles Schumer plays the "dupe" card. Yes, you can question his competency now. He admits it--he's an idiot: As penance for the Democrats' self-admitted stupidity, Schumer is now threatening to snuff any new confirmations of Bush high court nominees. Via Politico:
Summer of speculation.
Tom Goldstein of SCOTUSblog looks into his crystal ball and compiles a (not so) short list of potential Dem Supreme Court justice picks. He believes the initial appointment would go to a woman, probably a minority, and offers a second list for second/third-seat picks. Goldstein's bottom line: Supreme Court justice Deval "Quota King" Patrick? Scary,... Read More
If any of you followed my work at the Seattle Times, you know how closely I covered the battle against government racial preferences in Washington state. You may remember that Washington passed Initiative 200 to ban government racial preferences in public hiring and education. Despite massive establishment opposition (led by my then-publisher), the measure was... Read More
Decisions, decisions, decisions: Builders prevail in endangered species lawsuit; Bush wins on faith-based initiatives;...
A bunch of Supreme Court decisions coming down today... Allah's watching: Breaking: SCOTUS says schools can censor “Bong Hits 4 Jesus” (plus there's a decision in the $54 million lost pants case filed by a crazy judge against D.C. dry cleaners.) So's SCOTUSBlog: Wires reporting on a business win in an environmental case... The Supreme... Read More
Rebuffed by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the NYTimes puts out a desperate editorial this morning asking someone, anyone--paging Nancy Pelosi!--to help protect them from accountability for protecting illegal leakers and reporters accused of tipping off terrorist charities: The "right" the paper claims is neither absolute nor iron-clad (see Branzburg v. Hayes). As for the "great... Read More
I noted the NYTimes' attempt this weekend to seek protection from Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for two accused blabbermouth reporters, whom the feds believe tipped off two Muslim charities fronting for terror. Well, wonders never cease. The Times reports this afternoon that the court rebuffed the leak-dependent paper: The United States Supreme Court refused today... Read More
Salim Hamdan, Osama's driver: Why is this man smiling? ***latest update 1120am Eastern...opinions have been posted...flashback: A jihadi gets his day in court...*** ***update: breaking...1014am Eastern...Ruling is delivered...5-3..."Bush overstepped authority"...Lyle Denniston at SCOTUS Blog: "The Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that Congress did not take away the Court's authority to rule on the military commissions'... Read More
Lyle Deniston at SCOTUSblog reports this morning: The Supreme Court on Monday refused to hear the appeal of Jose Padilla, a U.S. citizen held for more than three years as an "enemy combatant." The Court, however, declined to dismiss the case as moot, as the Bush Administration had urged. Only three Justices voted to hear... Read More
***update - Alito passes the committee on a party-line vote - 10-8*** The Dems are gearing up on a party-line vote against SCOTUS nominee Samuel Alito. Here's the latest from AP: Been watching a bit of the Senate Judiciary Committee bloviatio
Nebraska's Ben Nelson announces his vote for SCOTUS nominee Sam Alito. Via Reuters: Let's see how many MSM outlets will lovingly call him a "maverick." Or is that label only reserved for
***scroll for updates...1030am EDT appearance with GOP Sens...1110am Schumer exploits Rosa at The Political Teen*** Via Breitbart/AP, we have a nominee: Samuel A. Alito, Jr. White House will make official announcement at 8am EDT. Details from USNews: Nicknamed "Scalito" for views resembling those of conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, Samuel Alito Jr. is... Read More
Fox News reporting tonight that the White House will announce its SCOTUS pick tomorrow. Washington Post, A1 for Monday: Real Clear Politics has a round-up of SCOTUS vacancy news (see right sidebar). SCOTUS Blog looks at front-runners. Reuters/WaPo on Alito and Luttig. The Prowler hears it will be Judge Samuel Alito. So does Erick at... Read More
What a relief. Sad, pensive, what-a-waste relief. Not happy-joy-joy relief. First Breitbart/AP dispatch 858am EDT: Exit strategy hinged on refusal to release privileged White House documents. (Ed Morrissey and Charles Krauthammer called it.) Whatever. We know the real reasons. Now, onto a candidate that conservatives can be proud of, okay? National Review Online has a... Read More
Ankle Biting Pundits has a statistical analysis of senatorial bloviation and a recap of yesterday's SCOTUS nomination hearing. Excerpt:
The SCOTUS nomination hearings for John Roberts begin today. This will not surprise you: Here's a handy SCOTUS vocabulary guide. 10 likely questions senators will ask. Five more questions for John Roberts. Patrick Ruffini's SCOTUS wire is here. Stay tuned to Confirm Them and Bench Memos throughout the day. Track back if you'll be liveblogging... Read More
Washington's gearing up for SCOTUS nominee John Roberts' hearings on Tuesday. A few handy links: - Bush nominates Roberts to fill Rehnquist's shoes. - The wires have a "guide to the John Roberts hearings," with brief biographical info, Senate Judiciary Committee tidbits, and the "Michael Jackson connection." - WaPo analysis declares "Roberts Hearings Likely to... Read More
In Opinion Journal this morning, Manuel Miranda nails loony NARAL for its inexcusable attack ad against SCOTUS nominee John Roberts: The ladies who gave Plato's "noble lie" new uses in the hearings of Clarence Thomas are at it again. NARAL is using the image of the abortion clinic bombing by Eric Rudolph to suggest that... Read More
Time and again, Washington Post Style reporter Robin Givhan hides behind fashion snarking and culture reporting to savage conservatives. She did it with Katherine Harris and Dick Cheney and John Bolton--and I'm sure you can remember many more examples of partisan mockery. Well, today's conservative-bashing Style commentary sinks to the lowest low. The piece, "An... Read More
Talk TV sensationalists and axe-grinding ideologues have fallen for a myth of immigrant lawlessness.
The Surprising Elements of Talmudic Judaism
How America was neoconned into World War IV