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Stuff Muslims Don't Like

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Not making this up: "10 terms not to use with Muslims." On the list: Assimilation. Freedom. Religious freedom. Tolerance.
"Repent or die!"
At least five are dead in a car bombing outside the Danish embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan. It never ends. Via the Jerusalem Post (hat tip - JWF): In related news: "Muslim hard-liners intolerant of tolerance rally." slamic hard-liners broke up a religious-tolerance rally Sunday in Indonesia, beating demonstrators with bamboo sticks and calling for the... Read More
"Hate crime!"
The sharia creeps in Canada are making noise again. The Religion of Perpetual Outrage strikes anew. As usual, they're up in arms over a truth-telling cartoon--which makes this a natural entry for our Stuff Muslims Don't Like Series. Because if there's one thing they really, really don't like, it's Western cartoons that force them to... Read More
Maryland Supreme Court rejects Islamic divorce.
Time for another installment of Stuff Muslims Don't Like. #2: Due process for wives. In Malaysia, Islamic Sharia law allows men to divorce their wives with a triple talaq text message. Coming to the US? Well, here's a small dose of sanity--surprising, I know--from Maryland's Supreme Court, which refused to recognize Islamic divorce. Yes, you... Read More
#1 Bikinis.
You know that popular blog "Stuff White People Like?" It's a humorous site that keeps a running list of, well, stuff that white people like. The mainstream media went ga-ga over the site and a NY publisher forked over a book advance reported to reach $300,000. This week, the blog's creator announced that the book,... Read More
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