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South Korean Christian hostages

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Evil reigns in Afghanistan. Apathy reigns everywhere else. It reminds me of how the world shrugged at the South Korean Christian hostage ordeal. Ho-hum: A BRITISH aid worker gunned down in Kabul yesterday was murdered because she was a Christian, the Taleban claim. Gayle Williams, 34, was shot at close range by two men on... Read More
Release...and submission.
Update: Yonhap reports the rest of the remaining hostages have been released. Just in: That's in addition to the 12 released yesterday. This is not the end of the crisis, unfortunately. The South Korean government's direct deal-cutting with the Taliban ensures that we will see more infidels kidnapped: Under the terms of Tuesday's deal, South... Read More
Cutting a deal with Taliban.
I'll believe it when they are all back safe and alive, but here's the news: The price? No more South Korean Christians in Afghanistan. Yonhap reports: Note: He said the actual timing for the hostage release can't
Have you forgotten?
It's Day 35 of the South Korean Christian hostage crisis that the world has forgotten (if it ever paid attention at all). The Taliban renewed its threats to kill the remaining 19 hostages: “If the demands of the Taliban are not met, the Korean hostages face death,” said purported rebel spokesman Zabihullah Mujahed to Agence... Read More
"Gesture of good will." More: The released hostages are Kim Gina, 32, and Kim Kyung-ja, 37, ministry spokesman Cho...
Just in: The Taliban monsters are patting themselves on the back for their "gesture of good will." Now, they want their reward: "We are expecting the Korean people and government to force the Kabul administration and the U.S. to take a step toward releasing Taliban prisoners," Ahmadi said by telephone from an undisclosed location." Appeasement... Read More
Eugene Cho keeps track of all the latest twists, turns, and continued apathy/hostility towards South Korean Christian hostages being held by Taliban thugs in Afghanistan. The Islamo-killers changed their minds and have decided not to release two women captives after dangling a promise to do so earlier this weekend. Not much solid info. Here's Chosun's... Read More
The latest on the South Korean Christian hostage crisis: Karzai appeals to terrorists' sense of shame. Something tells...
Still no movement in the case of the 21 South Korean Christian hostages being held captive. I doubt this will get anywhere: South Korean officials look ready to bow to the Taliban's will:
Update: A hostage makes a phone call plea to AFP..."It's difficult, they're very dangerous," she said, speaking at times in English and at times in Dari," she told the news agency. "She gave her name as what sounded like Sing Jo-Hin but there was no way of verifying she was one of the hostages. 'Most... Read More
More waiting, watching, and pussyfooting around.
Chosun spotlights the South Korean versions of Cindy Sheehan who are blaming America for the crisis. Yes, they are blaming us and lambasting our War on Terror efforts--while at the same time demanding that we intervene and Do Something to stop the jihadists from slaughtering the S. Korean Christian missionairies: Well, it appears we aren't... Read More
The martyrs no one cares about.
Here's the latest video report of a reported rescue operation for the 21 remaining South Korean Christian hostages kidnapped by the Taliban in Afghanistan. Stand by for more. Update 1:30pm Eastern. Taliban announces what it's calling its final deadline... Update 11:00am Eastern. More conflicting reports via Christian Today (hat tip - Dan Riehl)... Confusion arose... Read More
Killed by the Taliban in the name of Allah.
Update 7/31 3:00pm Eastern. Yet another deadline has been set: At least there's outrage somewhere. The U.N. is useless as usual. All eyes are on, who else, the U.S.: The Afghan government, which was criticized for releasing five Taliban prisoners in exchange for the freedom of an Italian journalist earlier this year, has rejected the... Read More
Update 9:45pm Eastern. Al Jazeera has aired video of seven of female South Korean Christian hostages. Here's a still: Update 2:45pm Eastern. Yonhap reports, "The Taliban, claiming Monday to have executed another male South Korean hostage, threatened it will continue to kill more of them and more frequently. Qari Yousuf Ahmadi, who claims to speak... Read More
Mourning, watching, waiting, praying.
The latest:
"All of us are sick and in very bad condition."
Update 11am Eastern: Alive for now. Another deadline has passed. The fate of the 22 remaining South Korean Christian hostages kidnapped by Taliban thugs in Afghanistan remains unclear: Chosun reports on the broadcast of one hostage's voice and plea:
Jihadi bastards take an innocent life. Victim is a male pastor, Bae Hyung-kyu. Taliban threatens to kill more.
Just in: Chosun identifies the victim as a male pastor: Taliban militants who are holding 23 Korean hostages in Afghanistan killed one male hostage at 4 p.m. on Wednesday (8:30 p.m. KST), a purported spokesman for the group said. The Afghan government confirmed a hostage had been killed, while the Afghan Islamic Press quoted the... Read More
Plus...breaking: German journalist said freed by Taliban
Joshua Stanton at One Free Korea: "Only death cults murder innocents in the names of their gods. This should only deepen the world’s contempt for this gang of cultist thugs, these modern-day Assassins, and be further evidence of the need for us to eradicate it. If Roh Moo Hyun had an ounce of statesmanship in... Read More
Bumped...originally posted July 24, 2007 @ 08:21am Update 2:45pm Eastern. The "final stage"...Now they want money. Meanwhile, still very little American coverage of the ongoing crisis. Maybe if the kidnapped South Korean Christian missionaries were journalists or drunken celebrities, the story would get some attention. Update 2:15pm Eastern. "Negotiations" continue, Afghan villagers protest Taliban: CBS... Read More
""The Taliban won't have any option but to kill the hostages." Plus: Taliban talks to AP by satellite phone.
An update on the story I noted over the weekend: Vinnie at The Jawa Report wonders: "Anyone have any ideas why they'd be so bold to use a traceable satellite phone and talk to the AP rather than the usual posting on jihadi websites and using personal couriers to Al Jazeera?" *** And an
Convert or die.
Just in: Meanwhile, The Jawa Report calls attention to 18 members of a South Korean Presbyterian churches
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