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Sarah Palin

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The media crazy train is standing room only. As the GOP and the Right have gotten better and better at telling their stories and pushing back against progressive narratives, the gate-keepers who once held a monopoly on controlling the airwaves and printing presses have become more than unhinged. They've become completely untethered from rationality: -... Read More
Scroll down for update... At RightOnline in Las Vegas this weekend, those of us in the "Just A Blogger" club hammered away at the MSM journalistic elites and their self-serving double standards. Fantastic keynote speaker Sarah Palin mocked the inhabitants of MakeUpCrap-istan who disparage investigative bloggers while manufacturing the news themselves to fit their agendas.... Read More
Back in 2008, I wrote a column called "The Four Stages of Conservative Female Abuse." It's a handy guide to the common types of attacks waged against unapologetic conservative women in the public square. You can read my related war on conservative posts here. The vile exploitation of S.E. Cupp's image by Hustler magazine --... Read More
Many of my friends and readers are e-mailing me furiously tonight and the common sentiment is this: "I don't get it." "It" is this: Sarah Palin just officially threw her hat in the Utah ring on the Greta Van Susteren show and endorsed six-term Beltway barnacle Orrin Hatch over fresh-faced challenger/Tea Party-backed/acclaimed state legislator Dan... Read More
The opposite of "novelty" Establishment Republicans are really getting unhinged by fresh, conservative voices -- especially female and minority ones -- who are on the rise. You'll recall that earlier this month, Romney supporter Ann Coulter took to ABC News to put down Sarah Palin and Marco Rubio as "novelty" candidates. Yesterday at the Utah... Read More
Mitt Romney supporter Ann Coulter appeared on the ABC News Sunday show, "This Week," hosted by former Clintonite George Stephanopoulos. Asked about Romney's potential vice presidential picks, she said this (while seated at a table with former green jobs czar Van Jones, who served under the Biggest Novelty Candidate of Them All, Barack Obama): Unbelievably,... Read More
A little scene-setting for you before I bring you this brand spanking -- emphasis on the spanking -- new video from my friends at ShePAC. As I noted earlier this morning, I discussed the miscreant Bill Maher and called him what he was: An invertebrate (and yes, I meant "invertebrate," not "inveterate" -- though both... Read More
Ann Coulter: Ignore my speech last year. Scott Walker: Big Labor won't break me. Bobby Jindal: Louisiana won't forget Obama's jackboot-ism. Sarah Palin: I know you want me. *** Yesterday: CPAC speeches in 20 words.
Sarah Palin will continue to be one of the nation's most powerfully effective voices for grass-roots conservatism. She is at her best when challenging the Beltway GOP establishment and taking on the corruption and profligacy in both parties. More power to her. *** Gov. Palin broke the news on the Mark Levin radio show --... Read More
Saturday quick takes: *Sarah Palin is set to speak in Iowa shortly (estimated time - 2:15pm ET). You can watch live here on C-SPAN. She is reportedly going to tackle crony capitalism. The timing couldn't be better. *It's not news to readers of this blog that green jobs are a hemorrhaging taxpayer-funded slush fund for... Read More
Sigh. Seriously, Tina Brown? Yes, I'm talking about you, Oxford University-educated Newsweek/Daily Beast editor Tina Brown. You've resorted to recycling bottom-of-the-barrel moonbat photo cliches about conservative female public figures and their enraged "crazy eyes?" Really? Who's in charge of Newsweek cover graphics now -- a Media Matters Soros Monkey? A random Daily Kos commenter? Keith... Read More
Free swag idea for Palin e-mail hunters Here's my response to the New York Times and Washington Post crowd-sourcing of Sarah Palin's emails during her tenure as Alaska governor, via Matthew Boyle's piece on the document dump: The New York Times and the Washington Post issued open calls on Thursday asking their readers to help... Read More
Chasing Sarah: The Boys Behind the Bus by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2011 In the 1970s, "The Boys on the Bus" exposed how a clubby pack of male political reporters ruled the road to the White House and shaped the news. Four decades later, an outsider gal from Alaska has commandeered the 2012 media... Read More
What a great combination: Sarah Palin and Rolling Thunder. Memorial Day in Washington, D.C. sounds like it will be a blast. The event is the kick-off for a cross-country bus tour. The Palin family will hit the northeastern corridor first, on a route that will take them to "historical sites that were key to the... Read More
Image via Zazzle On Monday, as the progressive smear machine worked overtime to pin the horrific Tucson massacre on conservatives and to squelch political opposition by targeting Tea Party/limited-government rhetoric, I published "The progressive “climate of hate:” An illustrated primer, 2000-2010." Today's column provides another primer for the amnesia-wracked blamestream media on just how widespread... Read More
"Blood libel."
Palin Derangement Syndrome Alert Photoshop: David Lunde Two days ago, Instapundit/law professor Glenn Reynolds assailed the politics of "blood libel" in the Wall Street Journal. Today, Sarah Palin issued her own poignant, but fierce rejoinder against the vicious smears of Tucson massacre opportunists and drew on "America's enduring strength" to pay tribute to the victims.... Read More
Update...Friend says Loughner "did not watch TV. He disliked the news. He didn’t listen to political radio. He didn’t take sides. He wasn’t on the left. He wasn’t on the right." Over to you, Sheriff Dupnik...Update...Dupnik refuses to release public reports on Loughner...see below...update...documents released... In the ignominious tradition of camera-hogging police chief Charles Moose... Read More
From the bottom-of-the-barrel-scraping blogger whose reaction to the lynching of four American civilian contractors in Fallujah in 2004 was this... ...comes today's nominee for the progressive Left's most ghoulish Tucson massacre Tweet of the week. He cheered the ruthless murders of American war veterans serving their country as civilian contractors in Iraq, and now he's... Read More
The Tucson massacre ghouls who are now trying to criminalize conservatism have forced our hand. They need to be reminded. You need to be reminded. Confront them. Don't be cowed into silence. And don't let the media whitewash the sins of the hypocritical Left in their naked attempt to suppress the law-abiding, constitutionally-protected, peaceful, vigorous... Read More
HuffPo plus Associated Press plus PDS (Palin Derangement Syndrome) = Putting the looooooooooooony in Loony Left. Just read this. Sarah Palin's reaction: "This takes the cake." Or as I like to say: "This takes the H8 cake!"
En fuego!
En fuego! Man, I thought those Palin-bashers who didn't know when the Boston Tea Party occurred took the hate cake. I was wrong. Here's the errrrrrudite liberal journo Richard Wolffe mocking Sarah Palin for citing famed, beloved Christian author, novelist, lay theologian, and apologist C.S. Lewis as a source of divine inspiration (via The Daily... Read More
Thanks for the memories.
From this: To this:
Hope you all had a great holiday. I'm taking the day off with family. Here's a partial clip of my Thanksgiving Day visit with Fox & Friends yesterday calling out some of the political turkeys of the year: Among the biggest turkeys I named: Palin-bashers...for their feckless double standards (which Gov. Palin skewers perfectly on... Read More
Oh, Hollyweird. Still Palin-induced crazy after all these months. And still repeating thoroughly debunked campaign lies spread by the Soros-supported Internet smear machine. Last night, comedian/actress Tina Fey won a humor award for her Sarah Palin schtick and used her acceptance speech to indulge in a broader swipe at the conservative women's revolution in politics.... Read More
Last we heard from former Bush speechwriter-turned-Washington Post line columnist Michael Gerson, he was attacking Tea Party activists and yours truly for criticizing his old boss/mentor Karl Rove's Christine O'Donnell-bashing. See: Rove aide: Kneel before The Architect, you puny website operators & Tea Party ingrates. Well, Rove's Beltway water boy took to his WaPo perch... Read More
My column today is a rejoinder to Maureen Dowd's plaintive wail about Republican Mean Girls in the NY Times on Sunday. I'll take a GOP mama grizzly who wants government to leave you alone over a Democrat bully bureaucrat any day. As yesterday's failed attacks on Sarah Palin, Christine O'Donnell, and Sharron Angle showed, the... Read More
Scroll for updates... Sarah Palin wisely warned Tea Party activists to keep working hard right up until Election Day -- and not to "party like it's 1773" yet. Intellectually superior leftists from Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas to PBS "moderator"/Obama cheerleader Gwen Ifill took to Twitter to snicker about Palin's historical illiteracy. But it's the... Read More
Bidenrrhea of the mouth.
On the campaign trail with sinking Ohio Democrat Gov. Ted Strickland today, VP Joe Biden claimed he was "second" in the line for succession to the presidency. CBS veteran political reporter Mark Knoller noted the flub on Twitter. But it somehow didn't make any of the other news coverage of his appearances. Bidenrrhea of the... Read More
The times they are a-changin' -- and it's ladies of the Right who are kicking ass and naming names. Five items for your viewing and reading pleasure: * Jeri Thompson smacks GOP poobahs and pooh-pooh-ers upside the head: While they may not be intending to be sexist, the message, the attitude and whining sure make... Read More
Got tea?
Entrenched GOP incumbent Bob Bennett of Utah -- ousted in May by a grass-roots revolt against big government Republicanism -- has company. Voters have retired liberal GOP incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. She is reportedly conceding tonight to upstart Joe Miller. It's a big win for the Tea Party -- and Sarah Palin. Stacy... Read More
Sarah Palin is out with a very savvy video capturing the spirit of the grass-roots conservative women's movement -- a phenomenon I've traced here since the mom-bloggers and young women bloggers and other Founding Sisters of the Tea Party movement first came onto the scene. Watch: Yes, there's always a risk in overreaching and slipping... Read More
You've no doubt read about the Palin family's snoopy new neighbor, author Joe McGinniss, who has rented a house 15 feet from the Palins' backyard to conduct binocular-aided research for his Random House book. I'll share more thoughts later on the media ethics issues and media double standards involved. For his part, Todd Palin wasted... Read More
Dim bulbs.
Well, well. It looks like the libs are coming down with a case of Strong Conservative Woman Envy. Take a look at this: What makes the piece extra-amusing: The female writer, Taylor Marsh, posted her lament on the blog of political cross-dressing Gingrichite-turned-liberal Arianna Huffington. No comment from Marsh on Arianna's wattage.
Scroll for added below... As you know, the Sage of 1600 Pennsylvania took a snippy shot at Sarah Palin yesterday over his nuclear policy: "I really have no response," he told ABC News. "Because last I checked, Sarah Palin's not much of an expert on nuclear issues." Someone get him a skin thickener, stat.... Read More
Colleen Raezler of the Culture and Media Institute rings in Women's History Month with the Top 10 Most Disgusting Attacks on Conservative Women over the past year: You won't be surprised to learn that half of the ten involve...yours truly!
Talk to the hand. I was offline most of the weekend with family, so surfed over to Memeorandum tonight to catch up on the latest blog buzz. What have the left-wing blogs been raging about? The ink on Sarah Palin's hand. The wall-to-wall coverage leads with "exclusive" investigative reports from a HuffPo "independent journalist and... Read More
The question isn't why Sarah Palin is helping John McCain. The question is: What are you doing to stop him from cementing his Big Government Republican legacy? *** Conservatives: Beware of McCain Regression Syndrome by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2010 Pay attention: In the afterglow of the Massachusetts Miracle, there are flickers of peril... Read More
What is it with the Left’s obsession over conservative women and swimsuits?
What is it with the Left's obsession over conservative women and swimsuits? The trash bloggers of the far Left are eagerly digging up "dirt" on the wife and daughters of the GOP Sen.-elect from Massachusetts. Call it the Palinization of the Browns. The Huffington Post just sent out a blast e-mail advertising a music video... Read More
We had frigid weather and several inches of Goreflakes on the ground here in Colorado Springs, but Sarah Palin lit up the town for a Borders signing earlier this evening that drew yet another massive crowd on her nationwide "Going Rogue" book tour. My family and I had the great honor and pleasure of meeting... Read More
Last October, NYTimes columnist trembled in fear at the prospect of massive waves of violence by conservatives. He accused McCain-Palin supporters of being "gripped by insane rage." His fellow fear-mongerer Frank Rich added that the Right was guilty of “Weimar-like rage” and the “violent escalation of rhetoric.” Since then, of course, the Left has been... Read More
Zing! Sarah Palin at the Gridiron Dinner in D.C., skewering the saboteurs in the McCain camp with Ginsu wit: More here and here. *** Meanwhile, in Iowa:
Ah, the wit and wisdom of Joy Behar. She has called homeschooled children "demented." She has called me a "selfish bitch." She has called Sarah Palin "dumb" and "not coherent." Last week, the genius View co-host seriously suggested that "Black Friday" is RAAAACIST. It was left to economics professor Whoopi Goldberg to explain what "in... Read More
Palin-bashers of pallor.
MSNBC host Chris Matthews, MSNBC reporter Norah O'Donnell, and MSNBC guest Joan Walsh shamelessly played the race card against Sarah Palin and her book-buying audience last week. In Michigan, O'Donnell smugly noted that Palin's fans were "largely white -- almost no minorities in this crowd." Matthews parroted the line, assailing the "white crowd." Walsh likened... Read More
We've had Bush Derangement Syndrome. Cheney Derangement Syndrome. Female Conservative Derangement Syndrome. And Palin Derangement Syndrome. But this week, the blogging world saw the first definitive case of Palin-Induced Psychosis suffered by the Atlantic magazine's Andrew Sullivan. It's not a pretty sight. Watch him completely unravel here and here. Jules Crittenden provides a road map... Read More
"Extreme" in a skirt.
Female Conservative Derangement Syndrome has spread across the pond. The Observer of London spotlights the "extreme" women in American politics that give them the willies. Boo! She is a striking brunette with a decidedly outspoken attitude. She lambasts President Barack Obama as a socialist and has become the darling of America's right-wing activists who flock... Read More
The AP reports that Sarah Palin's memoir will be published on Nov. 17. The title is "Going Rogue" -- an allusion to the in-fighting between Team Sarah and the McCainiancs that broke out in the last weeks of the campaign. Should be quite a compelling read.
Sarah Palin's warning about the effects of Obamacare on the elderly and infirm have been met with derision and ridicule. William Jacobson has a good round-up. Meanwhile, the effects of socialized medicine in Britain -- engineered by government-run cost-cutting panels on which Obamacare would be modeled -- continue to wreak havoc on the elderly and... Read More
Scroll down for updates... Lots of heavy media anticipation over a Sarah Palin announcement expected any minute from Wasilla. Here's CBS: Feel free to speculate. Allahpundit has a developing round-up; multiple sources reporting that Palin will say she's not going to run for governor again in 2010. Here comes 2012? *** A contrary take: FNC's... Read More
Bad joke.
Scroll down for update... With protests planned and growing anger over his vulgar abuse of the Palin family, David "The Perv" Letterman attempts a belated, half-assed apology tonight on his increasingly unfunny show via TV Week: Notice that he's apologizing for the execution of the joke. In other words: If only he had written it... Read More
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