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Scroll for updates... It's been six months since Libyan dictator Moammar Gaddafi gave his "I am still in charge" speech, ranted about rats and drugged-up children, and appealed to his "son" Barack Obama for help. Now, it finally appears Libyans are done with him -- freedom-fighters are celebrating across the Twittersphere, though the identity of... Read More
Global rumors that Libyan dictator Moammar Gaddafi has been shot roiled the markets this afternoon. Oil prices tumbled $2 a barrel. The White House says it has "no reason to believe" Gaddafi is dead. But given how CIA director Leon Panetta gets his intelligence -- quick, get him the TV remote control! -- there's no... Read More
Loony-tunes dictator Muammar Gaddafi refused to step down in a trademark bizarro Libyan TV address this morning. He babbled hysterically about druggie kids instigating terror, blamed American planes for bombing innocent civilians, and ranted about the devil. All that was missing were Hugo Chavez-like references to "sulfur" and Noam Chomsky... ...and a Bed Intruder/Auto-Tunes soundtrack.... Read More
An iconic Egyptian protest image reminiscent of Tiananmen Square, via the Telegraph... And another iconic photo via Twitpic (click on photo for full size)... They're calling it "Angry Friday." Protesters in Egypt may have been cut off from the Internet, but information will always find a way to free itself. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is... Read More
I've noted Islamic attacks on Coptic Christians at home and abroad dating back to 2005 and Good Friday 2006. The latest wave of violence came over the New Year's Day holiday in Egypt and follows increased Muslim persecution of Christians in Nigeria, the Philippines, Baghdad, and across the Middle East: For Christians in the Middle... Read More
The new State Department mascot Today's syndicated column builds on my weekend post about Foggy Bottom foghorn Michael Posner. If you thought the State Department's handling of Posner's Arizona-bashing, China-pandering couldn't get worse than ignoramus P.J. Crowley's clueless defense yesterday, think again. As Allahpundit points out, Posner is in full spin cycle, playing the "taken... Read More
Actually, I phrased the title question wrong. Question: Who the hell is Michael Posner, and why the hell is he apologizing to China?! Answer: Michael Posner is the former head agitator at the transnationalist Human Rights First, who represents the textbook State Department mindset of pandering to the worst America-bashers without hesitation or shame. Foggy... Read More
The Guardian details the latest on the new wave of arrests in Iran amid another round of regime complaints that the homegrown protests are Western-fomented: Authorities in Iran intensified their drive to snuff out the opposition movement overnight by arresting the relatives of prominent activists, including the sister of the Nobel laureate and human rights... Read More
President Obama isn't traveling abroad to commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall 20 years ago today. Of course not. There's nothing in it for his Chicago cronies. Also: There's nothing for America to apologize for there today. Guess which U.S. celebrity is in Germany to mark the anniversary? David Haselhoff. When David Haselhoff is... Read More
The latest in Commie Chic: "Oba Mao" t-shirts! Nope, not manufactured by RAAAACIST Tea Party protesters. Manufactured in China and sold by the Chinese for the rest of the Citizens of the World. Mao-cheerleading White House communication director Anita Dunn has already put in a special order (via Breitbart TV): *** On a related note,... Read More
Shall we dance?
Here is your reminder of what courage, determination, and standing up for freedom look like: Twenty years ago, a Chinese tank pummeled into student athlete Fang Zheng as he fled Tiananmen Square. He lost his legs and his livelihood as he was reduced to selling cigarettes at a street stall. With the help of US... Read More
At around 12:30pm Eastern, Barack Obama will put down his ice cream cone and boldly condemn repression in Iran. Why now? Andrew Malcolm explains the timing: You don't need to be a basketball-loving president of the United States to know that if you're trying to block opponents' shots in your end, you sure aren't increasing... Read More
Hackers vs. China whitewash.
Last week, I took the crouching IOC to task for looking the other way at the cheating Chicoms' female gymnasts of questionable age. The panel has taken a baby step toward investigating the scandal. The Times of London reports: The International Olympic Committee has ordered an investigation into mounting allegations that Chinese authorities covered up... Read More
Because they can.
Photoshop - Lundesigns The ChiComs get a another gold medal for Olympic tyranny. Ruthlessly perfect 10s across the board: And more: Five Americans have been detained in Beijing following a pro-Tibetan protest in which they spelled out “Free Tibet” with blue lights near China’s national stadium, The New York Times is reporting. The activists, members... Read More
"The result really is a shame. Feel bad?"
Photoshop - Lundesigns The Olympic creed turned on its head again by the ruthless ChiComs. Damned, damned shame: Beijing's ruthless demand for perfection was highlighted when Tan Zongliang was made to squirm on China Central Television after missing out in the men's 50m pistol competition. Even though it was his first ever Olympic medal, he... Read More
The good news: Team America won all-around gold and silver yesterday. The bad news: the ChiComs will get away with their cheating ways and the fecklessness of the IOC will be given a pass. My second syndicated column this week rips international athletic officials for turning a blind eye. *** Cheating ChiComs, Crouching IOC by... Read More
Whitewashing Red China.
Photoshop - Lundesigns Update: Thanks to David Lunde for the new Chicom-friendly peacock and Olympic logos. Are you watching the Olympics? Have you detected Commie whitewashing by NBC? Bruce Carroll has. So has Matthew Balan. And Geoffrey Dickens. Maybe it's time to redo the NBC peacock logo in ChiCom red with yellow stars... *** The... Read More
Yingying the jailed Tibetan antelope.
The soft-and-cuddly Communist p.r. operatives designed five lovable mascots for the Olympics, including "YingYing the Tibetan antelope:" Doug Powers strips off the whitewash and redesigns the logos the right way:
Sad news: The Egyptian blogger who blogs at Rantings of a Sandmonkey is calling it quits: (hat tip - Susan) Please join me in sending the Sandmonkey best wishes and good luck. And better yet:
"Kathy Sierra" is currently the top search term at Sierra is a tech blogger here. Yesterday, she announced she would not appear at a public convention because anonymous death threats and nasty comments had left her terrified and house-bound: In a rather strange act of solidarity, Robert Scoble has decided to take the week... Read More
Bad news: The Free Kareem website has just issued this press release: The Free Kareem Coalition is saddened by the Egyptian appeals court’s decision to uphold the four-year sentence handed to Abdul Kareem Nabil Suleiman, better known as Kareem Amer, in February for criticizing the Egyptian government and condemning radical Islam. The interfaith coalition has... Read More
The verdict against Kareem is in: three years in prison for insulting Islam and inciting sedition and another year for insulting Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak. Kareem will appeal. Help him. President Bush? Condi Rice? Promoters of democracy in the Middle East? Hello? Hello? Previous Free Kareem blogging.
Good on the Washington Post for publishing an op-ed today on the plight of Abdul Kareem Nabeel Suleiman, the blogger on trial in Egypt for his posts critical of the government and of Islam. Raja M. Kamal, associate dean for resource development at the Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago, and... Read More
There's a horrid development in the case of Abdul Kareem Nabeel Suleiman, the Egyptian blogger on trial for posting to his website statements calling for equal rights for women and protection of free speech, as well as other statements critical of the Egyptian government and Islam. The Free Kareem website reports: Reported by Al-Masree Al-Yawm... Read More
A reader sends word of a protest tomorrow on behalf of Egyptian blogger Kareem Amer. If you're in the NYC, please consider showing your support: NEW YORK, Jan. 29, 2007 - Egyptian blogger Kareem Amer's trial is scheduled for this Thursday. An informal group of New York City residents are joining together in solidarity for... Read More
In between breathless condemnations of the Bush administration for stifling its free speech, endless court filings demanding classified and sensitive information from the military and intelligence agencies, and self-pitying media industry confabs bemoaning their hemorrhaging circulations (with the exception of the New York Post), my colleagues in the American media don't have much to time... Read More
Alaa Abd el-Fatah, an Egyptian blogger, and several compatriots have been detained for holding a peaceful protest supporting the independence of the country's judiciary. Info here, here, and here. Instapundit is tracking the story. Contact the State Department: US Department of State 2201 C Street NW Washington, DC 20520 Main Switchboard: 202-647-4000 E-mail
From Beijing: Don't Nike's bone-headed execs know what happens to people who exhibit courage, individual style, and expression in China? Get a clue, suits.
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