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Joe The Plumber

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In November 2008, the Ohio state inspector general concluded that Helen Jones-Kelley, then-director of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, had no legitimate reasons to check state computer systems for confidential information on Joe Wurzelbacher -- the citizen who audaciously called out Barack Obama's wealth redistribution agenda in a viral campaign trail exchange... Read More
I'd be burning the phone lines right now if I were an Ohio taxpayer: Democrat Cordary says he's just doing what the law tells him. But there are exceptions in the law to allow the AG discretion NOT to use taxpayers' money to defend indefensible government employees who act "manifestly outside the scope of his... Read More
Ho hum. Government contractor abuses access to citizen's confidential info. Left shrugs. Privacy invader gets a slap on the wrist. Crickets chirp: Hat tip: JWF
DOH'bama strikes again.
This administration has no shame. No shame at all. USA Today reports that the Obama White House sheepishly disclosed today that Labor Secretary nominee Hilda Solis's hubby has just paid up 16-year-old tax liens...yesterday. The disclosure comes just hours before the nomination vote. Hope, Change, Transparency! The husband of President Obama's Labor secretary nominee paid... Read More
Bill Whittle responds to criticism of PJTV and Joe the Plumber. More here. *** Update: JD Johannes has an update on his initial reaction to JTP:
"He also observed and reported from the house where a Kassam landed on Sunday afternoon."
JTP on the scene. Photo released by Israeli GPO. Joe the Plumber arrived in Sderot, Israel, and earlier in the day he spoke to the foreign press. Boy, did he ever speak to them. Via the Jerusalem Post, which also notes a Kassam rocket attack occurred Sunday afternoon during the visit: Samuel Wurzelbacher of Ohio,... Read More
"Professional" question of the morning.
My syndicated column today looks at the MSM sneering over Joe Wurzelbacher's trip to Israel sponsored by PJTV, recounts how The Fraternal Order of the Professional Journalist has squandered its own credibility, and exposes how liberal media elites have attempted to shut out conservatives from membership in the journalism club by redefining their craft based... Read More
Joe The Plumber will cover the Gaza conflict for PJTV. He'll be there for 10 days. Stay safe, Joe! (link) Predicting death wishes for Joe from the left side of the blogosphere in 3, 2, 1... PJTV's Gaza Update page is here.
Heads finally roll.
Finally, something more than a slap on the wrist. Lead Ohio government snooper Helen Jones-Kelley resigned from her job and two of her cohorts were canned as a result of their plundering through Joe the Plumber's records. Good. Glad to see some heads roll. Before the news came down, Glenn Reynolds and I had a... Read More
"Dictated word for word."
Vanessa Niekamp is the Ohio state employee who first stepped forward to call out the Joe the Plumber snoopers on their official lies. You'll remember in late October that she publicly contradicted her superior, who falsely claimed that searches on private citizens' records were routine if those citizens somehow came to public light. Niekamp debunked... Read More
The Ohio inspector general has finally concludes the obvious. The question now is: Whose heads will roll? Who will be prosecuted? When will the governor apologize for whitewashing this civil liberties scandal? The report: Duh! Also named as improper snoopers: Assistant agency director Fred Williams and Doug Thompson, a deputy child-support director. Charles said his... Read More
“F__G__D__Joe the G__D__M__F__plumber! I want M__F Joe the plumber dead.”
That San Francisco nutball who issued a death threat against Joe The Plumber on his KGO radio show has been fired, along with his engineer. Naturally, he's playing the victim card and blaming the engineer for his unhinged outburst. Maybe he can apply for a job with the state of Ohio.
"No reason to believe..."
Ohio Democrat Gov. Ted Strickland first told us there was noooooooo reason whatsoever to believe that the raids on Joe The Plumber's records were at all political. He maintained that position even after it was revealed that snooper Helen Jones-Kelley, director of the state Department of Job and Family Services, was a max contributor to... Read More
Well, it sure took them long enough, didn't it? Via Dayton Daily News (which you'll notice fails to mention that Jones-Kelley is a max contributor to Obama's campaign): You can run, lady, but you can't hide. *** The
Can the Democrats' "Do As I Say, Not As I Do" file get any bigger? Thanks to Jeff Poor at the Business and Media Institute, we now know that the Democratic National Committee is employing the very data mining techniques to build its party base that Democrat leaders have assailed when used by the Bush... Read More
“F__G__D__Joe the G__D__M__F__plumber! I want M__F Joe the plumber dead.”
You can catch me on Fox & Friends tomorrow at around 8:30am Eastern-ish talking about the latest Joe The Plumber developments. An unhinged left-wing talk show host from San Francscio wants JTP dead. Radio Equalizer has the scoop and audio. Kerry Picket at Newsbusters notes that the nutball host has quite the track record. Meanwhile,... Read More
It keeps getting uglier. The Columbus Dispatch is reporting tonight that an Ohio state employee is contradicting her superiors; the worker says she was ordered to rummage through Joe The Plumber's records -- and she stated the blindingly obvious truth that such searches had never been done before simply because a citizen had come to... Read More
Photoshop: David Lunde My syndicated column today spotlights the silence of the left-wing privacy champions who care more about protecting suspected terrorists than Barack Obama's critics. Earlier this week, I contacted the national ACLU office in New York twice for comment about the raid of Joe The Plumber's records. No reply. After my filing deadline... Read More
Fresh air.
I love this guy. He makes prime-time cable TV worth watching again. Best line: "This is to intimidate Colmes."
Effigies, voter fraud, and Ohio's snoopers.
Some quick hits for you fellow night owls: The Palin effigy has been taken down in West Hollywood. An Obama effigy was found at the University of Kentucky. I wouldn't automatically assume anything about the political leanings of the person/people who put it up. A Democrat staffer has been fired for her alleged role in... Read More
Chilling effect.
Photoshop: David Lunde On Sunday, I asked: Will the privacy champions come to Joe the Plumber’s defense? (link) Still haven't heard any outrage from the ACLU and the civil liberties champions at the New York Times over the government employee plundering of Joe The Plumber's records. Have you? The Columbus Dispatch has done good work... Read More
Scroll for updates... Photoshop: David Lunde Just in: The Toledo Police Department confirms that one of its records clerks has been charged with performing an unlawful search of Joe The Plumber's records. That makes two Ohio government employees identified in the snooping case. (Obama donor Helen Jones-Kelly, director of the Ohio Department of Job and... Read More
Sign of the day from a Fredericksburg, VA Palin rally, via blogger Common Cents:
Of course. I ask again: Will the privacy champions come to Joe the Plumber’s defense? *** More: Ohio's inspector general is investigating... Ohio's inspector general is investigating why a state agency director approved checking the state child-support computer system for information on "Joe the Plumber." Helen Jones-Kelly, director of the Ohio Department of Job and... Read More
Scroll down for updates...Biden whines... The blogosphere is buzzing about this video posted on YouTube Sunday night. It's Barack Obama musing about how best to redistribute wealth in America in a Chicago Public Radio interview in 2001. Not whether, but how: Through the courts or through legislation? A caller asks The One to explain how... Read More
There is something in the water in Ohio. They've got a fraud-friendly Secretary of State, infestations of out-of-state students and Obama workers sabotaging electoral integrity, and now...government employees or accomplices thereof rifling through the records of Joe the Plumber immediately after the last presidential debate. You'll remember that a national media uproar ensued after it... Read More
He's not "unlicensed." He's "undocumented." Hat tip: Commenter Maine Yankee. *** Joe The Plumbers are everywhere. They're speaking up in Tennessee: ArMatey at STACLU dissects the controversy: Now let me tell you that many news outlets are getting the story right, that Joe’s boss, Mr. Newell (in business since 1974, God bless you sir, I’m... Read More
You can catch me on Fox and Friends today at around 8:15am-ish Eastern talking about the war on Joe the Plumber and the rage that's not on your front page. *** Update: Video's here.
Scroll for updates...McCain defends Joe the Plumber... Photoshop: David Lunde My syndicated column today reports on Team Obama and the Obamedia's mission to tear down Joe the Plumber. Yes, we are in the midst of a new contagion: Joe The Plumber Derangement Syndrome. JTPDS. Now, pay close attention to how the MSM rushes to uncover... Read More
Scroll for update...Eisenstadt is a hoaxer... That's been the left-wing blogger obsession all day. It started with a post from GOP blogger Martin Eisenstadt, who says that Joe Wurzelbacher the Plumber is a "close relative" of Robert Wurzelbacher, who is the son-in-law of Charles Keating. Robert Wurzelbacher served time for his role in the Keating... Read More
"Americans are catching on."
This is going to send the Joe The Plumber Derangement Syndrome sufferers into further outrage. Brace for more attacks on Joe. ARLINGTON, VA -- Today, McCain-Palin 2008 released its latest web ad, entitled "Joe the Plumber." The ad highlights Barack Obama's plans to increase taxes on Americans, even as they seek to build their own... Read More
“I don’t have any ‘Joe the Plumbers’ in my neighborhood that make $250,000 a year.”
Scroll for snort-worthy update... Pssst. Hey, Joe "Home Depot" Biden. Maybe it's not such a good idea to be dissin' small business owners when your ticket has a well-earned reputation as condescending, out-of-touch snobs. On second thought: Keep talking, Smirky. Hat tip: Ankle Biting Pundits *** Smirky Joe's got some nerve challenging the veracity of... Read More
No, there weren't any knockout punches. But John McCain was still standing at the end of the night -- doubts about his fortitude adequately quelled -- and Barack Obama ought to be wiping the smirk he borrowed from Joe Biden off his face. Joe Wurzelbacher the Plumber was a heaven-sent gift for the McCain campaign,... Read More
American Dream.
Pam Meister has a great interview at Family Security Matters with the plumber whose wealth Barack Obama wants to redistribute. His name is Joe Wurzelbacher. Wurzelbacher for President! Read the whole thing here. An excerpt: JW: No, there was nothing new. You know, I didn’t appreciate that, actually. PM: There’s a clip of you that’s... Read More
"It's good for everybody."
I know you all are dying to weigh in. Plumber to Obama: "Your new tax plan is going to tax me more. Isn't it?" Obama: "It's not that I want to punish your success, I just want to make sure that everybody that is behind you, that they have a chance for success too. I... Read More
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