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Katy Perry is a pop singer/songwriter who churns out annoying Billboard hits ("Firework," "Teenage Dream," "Hot N Cold") that your tween-age kids love and you love to hate (yes, I speak from experience). She made news this week after tying Michael Jackson's record of scoring 5 #1 Billboard hits off a single album. She also... Read More
Watch live here. Comment below! Bibi: "Israel has no better friend than America, and America has no better friend than Israel...You got bin Laden. Good riddance." "You don't need to do nation-building in Israel. We're already built. You don't need to build democracy in Israel. We got it. And you don't need to send troops... Read More
Michigan State University seems to have a problem. It has failed to teach its student agitators how to engage in civil discourse with opponents. Flashback: December 1, 2006 - Mob rule at Michigan State University Flashback: January 26, 2009 - 3 students arrested in Gaza protest Two of those students, who were charged with trespassing... Read More
This is what floats their boat. *** Scroll down for least three more Jew-bashing martyrdom ships on the way...U.N. condemns Israeli actions, calls for release of ships... From the IDF YouTube channel, a video counter-narrative of the weekend "Freedom Flotilla" furor you won't see in the Israel-bashing press: Video taken by IDF naval boat... Read More
The more Jeremiah Wright opens his mouth, the more he sounds like...well, James Von Brunn. Or vice versa. Sammy Benoit points to the new "clarification" of Rev. Wright's "Them Jews" jibe: Ohhhhhhh. Well, that clears things up! More from Political Punch: Wright then criticized Israel, saying, “I quote Jews when I say this,” and referencing... Read More
Yes, they can.
If someone burned a flag with Obama's face on it in America, liberals would be demanding a hate crime prosecution. But if it's Hamas sympathizers burning Obama flags to protest Israel, well, they deserve our "empathy." So much for restoring America's good name in the world, eh, Barry? (Hat tip: Cory) (More Reuters photos of... Read More
Plus: A warning about UNICEF.
Meryl Yourish flames the Hamas apologists who have ignored the incessant attacks on Israeli children and schools. Read the whole thing. On a related note, UNICEF decries Palestinian civilian casualties while ignoring Hamas human shield tactics and theater of jihad with Palestinian children in the lead role. UNICEF, you should be warned, recently signed a... Read More
Joe The Plumber will cover the Gaza conflict for PJTV. He'll be there for 10 days. Stay safe, Joe! (link) Predicting death wishes for Joe from the left side of the blogosphere in 3, 2, 1... PJTV's Gaza Update page is here.
The old human shield ploy.
Scroll for updates... For context, watch this video from the UNRWA boys' school in Gaza in 2007: Terrorists from the Gaza Strip fire mortars from an UNRWA boys' school in Gaza on 29 Oct. 2007. Hamas and other terror organizations in Gaza make deliberate use of civilians living in populated areas as human shields. Here's... Read More
*The latest from Gaza... Two more senior Hamas terrorists are dead. And this: 35 Palestinians killed by Islamists, 75 shot in legs in the past week "to ensure they don't help Israel." Allahpundit's full coverage is here. The clock is ticking. U.S. tells UN Security Council to stuff it. *Stuart Smalley is up 225 in... Read More
Read these reports on genocidal Jew-hatred in oh-so-tolerant San Francisco from Zombie and The Back of the Hill.
A second major Hamas leader is dead. Good riddance. Latest development in Gaza: Israel has reportedly dropped leaflets warning residents to evacuate ahead of a possible ground invasion. Related must-reads: Diana West and Andy Bostom illuminate the root root cause of the conflict. Context is everything.
Rough waters.
Scroll down for updates...Cindy's ship intercepted and turned back after crashing into Israeli Navy gunboat... Move over, Hanoi Jane Fonda. Jihad Cindy McKinney is sailing to Gaza to deliver medical supplies to Hamas. Is it a one-way ticket? We can only hope. Via the AJC: Flashback: Cynthia McKinney's Arab and Islamist Donors *** Update 5:22am... Read More
Dave at Israelly Cool is keeping tabs on Israel's operation against Hamas. Go here.
Stand with them.
Jennifer Kutner e-mails a report about a Los Angeles vigil for the murdered Israeli seminary students marred by jihadi apologists: This statement was released by the Israeli Consulate of Los Angeles and StandWithUs: One day after the brutal terrorist attack in Jerusalem in which a Palestinian terrorist infiltrated the Mercaz Harav rabbinical seminary and opened... Read More
The Palestinian jihadist who opened fire in the library of a central Jerusalem seminary today fired 500-600 bullets. Monstrous: The Israel ambassador's office e-mailed me a statement and graphic photos. I am posting them because I want you to have them in your head when you read about Palestinians dancing for joy in the streets.... Read More
Dutch vandalism.
"Israeli Double Standard Time."
...if they're from Israel. Meryl Yourish knows what time it is:
Flag desecration of the day.
Taking a break from election coverage, here's your American flag desecration of the day via Yahoo! News (click for full image): Who are they? They're Palestinian Hamas supporters angry at West Bank moderates who've welcomed President Bush and the Annapolis folly. The Dems all argue that such widespread anti-Americanism is Cowboy Bush's fault--even as Bush... Read More
Jihad bells, jihad bells, jihad all the way.
Screenshot via the Jawa Report. Hah. Ho, ho, ho, it's Ayman al Zawahiri singing the jihadi blues. He's boiling mad about the Annapolis summit (not the only one): The vigilant SITE Institute has more details: Here he criticizes Palestinian Authority leader, Mahmoud Abbas, and all attendees of the conference, and assures Palestinians that their brothers,... Read More
Forced smiles, no touching.
Update 11:40am Eastern. The first "peace talks" will take place on Dec. 12. Update 11:06am Eastern. President Bush is now reading a statement agreed to by Abbas and Olmert..."joint understanding"..."We agree to immediately launch good-faith bilateral negotiations...engage in vigorous and ongoing negotiations...another roadmap promised...Congratulations for your strong leadership." Abbas and Olmert grimace and shake hands...... Read More
Folly. Farce. Fantasy.
Exactly: Rallies and counter-rallies continue tomorrow in front of the Naval Academy in Annapolis. Andy McCarthy calls the folly a farce: The thug Assad regime of Syria will apparently take a couple of days off from murdering Lebanese democrats and enabling the anti-American jihad in Iraq to attend this week’s Annapolis summit … or “conference,”... Read More
"Break the mug."
Update: The shadow of Iran looms...and expectations "are lower than the Dead Sea." *** If things don't go their way in Annapolis tomorrow at the Mideast Capitulation Summit, a Palestinian shopkeeper recommends that customers smash his souvenir mugs to bits (via Reuters): Demand "peace." Threaten property destruction. If only mugs were the sole targets of... Read More
Logo credit: Ellen Horowitz The build-up to the letdown continues. I'm talking about the Annapolis Mideast Peace Capitulation Summit. Arab nations, including Saudi Arabia, have announced they'll "grudgingly" attend. But they are already warning they won't be publicly shaking any hands. Of course not: Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations grudgingly agreed Friday to attend... Read More
Disaster in the making.
Logo credit: Ellen Horowitz I've been tracking the coming Annapolis summit disaster here and here. The summit hasn't received much media attention or buzz in the U.S., but Jewish blogs and Israeli news outlets have been paying mighty close attention, and I guarantee you it will be the talk of the Arab world come next... Read More
Road map to...where?
I asked last week whether the upcoming Annapolis summit on the Middle East was doomed. Carl in Jerusalem examines new signs that the Annapolis summit scheduled for next week is falling apart. And there's this: "No one seems to know what is happening." Israel Insider is also hearing the same. There are protest rallies scheduled... Read More
"Bring Your Own Bodyguard."
At the end of the month, the city of Annapolis, Maryland, will host a U.S.-brokered meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Syria is reportedly mulling attendance--conditioned on discussions including the return of the Golan Heights. Those who remember history are not optimistic about the summit's prospects. The word "folly"... Read More
Topographical photo of the day.
Allahpundit does some sleuthing: Take a look. More from Dan Riehl.
Bloggers blew the whistle.
Update: Great. The State Department doc I linked to yesterday has a virus. See here if you opened it. *** The State Department erases the evidence I missed this story over the weekend of an appalling U.S. State Department-subsidized University of California business training program that explicitly barred Israeli Jews from applying. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would... Read More
Someone you should know.
On Monday, I posted this photo I took of a sign held by a protester standing outside the gates of Columbia University: The poster of Shiri Negari, murdered by a Palestinian suicide bomber in a Gilo, Jerusalem bus attack on June 18, 2002, resonated deeply with many readers and bloggers. The protester who made the... Read More
Bubble, bubble, toil, and trouble: Meanwhile, the Washington Post reports: Israel's decision to attack Syria on Sept. 6, bombing a suspected nuclear site set up in apparent collaboration with North Korea, came after Israel shared intelligence with President Bush
Israelly Cool is following developments thoroughly. More: Fox News's intrepid Reena Ninan is in Israel and was caught in the crossfire.
So she says on her blog in response to my post yesterday. (I'm "some blogger.") Guess she's changed her mind. Such a loss. The world is weeping.
Marking Holocaust Memorial Day:
Reena Ninan blogs the commemoration at
It's U.N. man! Circa 1972: Thanks to reader Giles Babb for sending me this decades-old Oliphant cartoon he clipped from the December 1, 1972, issue of Stars and Stripes. Babb writes: "You could just as easily run the cartoon in tomorrow's paper, and no one would know that it had run nearly 34 years earlier."... Read More
Reader Curt C. passes along an informative flash animation map of the Hezbollah terror rocket attacks on Israel. Click for animation: JPost notes that a missile attack on Tel Aviv remains a real threat. IDF destroys 2,000 Hez rockets. How many more left to go?
FWIW, the Senate resolution passed this evening. N.Z. Bear has the full text. Update: Reader Chris e-mails...
Statement issued this afternoon: At least Merkel's got the priorities right. Then this from the report: And some unnecessary reminders, as if Israel wasn't already doing this: On "restraint," John McCain (yes, McCain) has it right via
Kate at Small Dead Animals reminds us of Oriana Fallaci's searing essay from December 2002--which deserves to be reprinted far and wide (update: I've added hyperlinks for reference/background). I find it shameful that in Italy there should be a procession of individuals dressed as suicide bombers who spew vile abuse at Israel, hold up photographs... Read More
Missing Israel says it will not negotitate with Hamas: The 19-year-old soldier is said to have been taken captive by terrorists who tunnelled out of Gaza to attack the army post at Kerem Shalom. Two Israeli troops and two militants were killed during the raid. Here's an update on his condition--alive and wounded. But Caroline... Read More
Via Paul Mirengoff at Power Line, more bad news: Paul points to an excellent and depressing column on Jones and other woeful Bush decisions by the Washington Times' Diana West:
Looks like federal prosecutors are ratcheting up the case against Larry Franklin. Prosecutors are expected to file new charges related to the classified documents allegedly found at Franklin's West Virginia home, according to the New York Times.
An update on the national security scandal that few seem to care about: According to JTA News, AIPAC is paying for the legal costs incurred by two former AIPAC officials who are suspected of passing classified information they allegedly got from Larry Franklin to Naor Gilon, an Israeli diplomat. Related entries here.
FBI agents have begun asking reporters about conversations they had with former Department of Defense analyst Larrry Franklin, the New York Times reports: If the reporters refuse to answer all of the FBI's questions, a subpoena could be issued. In that case, the Franklin investigation would begin to resemble the controversy involving journalists who refuse... Read More
Steve Rosen, recently fired as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s policy director in the wake of Larry Franklin's arrest, expects to be indicted for passing classified information to Israel, according to JTA: Related entries.
John Little at Blogs of War observes that the AP is already rehearsing its teary-eyed eulogy for Yasser Arafat. Not even a mention of Black September, John notes. Here's some of the other biographical info they won't be printing... Blood-spattered "peace" activism Arafat's culture of death Arafat: Terrorism, Corruption, & Crime Arafat group sells bombers... Read More
The mommy who busted the bomber. Wow. (Via JewishWorldReview.)
Talk TV sensationalists and axe-grinding ideologues have fallen for a myth of immigrant lawlessness.
The Surprising Elements of Talmudic Judaism
How America was neoconned into World War IV