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Norman Hsu

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A Norman Hsu update: The former Hillary fund-raiser and Democrat bundler extraordinaire pleads guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, and guilty to 10 counts of wire and mail fraud. Via AP with a h/t to Don Surber: Former top Democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu pleaded guilty in federal court Thursday to charges he... Read More
Shocked, shocked!
See-Dubya at Junkyard Blog spotlights a Democrat/Hillary Donor accused of cross-border money laundering. They grow like weeds in Hillary's garden. More details and background at Captain's Quarters and Patterico.
Friend of Hillary Norman Hsu gets three years in the clink--and there's possibly more to come. He also faces fraud charges in New York:
Just in from AP: The Hillary Clinton campaign was too busy digging through Barack Obama's homework to respond. *** More: Here's the indictment (PDF). Excerpts: The campaign finance fraud counts:
The politics of planting, continued. Plus: Who planted the falling flags?
Update: Monday's off to a bad start for Madam H.: *** In case you were unplugged this weekend, here's a bit of the fun we've had with Hillary over Plantgate here and here. Major Garrett at FNC has the latest reax from Hillary on how her garden of planted questioners did grow. Mrs. Smarty-Pants didn't... Read More
Waiting for a "more hospitable environment?"
Is Norman Hsu banking on Hillary becoming president and letting him skate? The New York Daily News seems to suggest as much: The next hearing has been delayed until Jan. 4. The San Mateo County Times reports: Brosnahan did not offer a reason for the delay, and the prosecutor, Supervising Deputy California Attorney General Ron... Read More
Over the weekend, Fox News Channel's Bret Baier asked me if the Chinatown story had traction. If conservatives stay on the story and liberal MSM outlets like the LA Times don't cower before the p.c. police, the answer is yes. Blogs for Bush moves the ball forward by calling on the FEC to investigate Hill's... Read More
Death of the grown-up, part 5,999.
My maiden name is Maglalang. The diversity-embracing nutroots just LOVE my last name. They love to mock it, misspell it, and use it as some sort of debate-ending trump card. B-b-b-b-but her name is "MAGLALANG!" I thought this line of attack had played out. But nutroots-panderer and Johnny-come-lately Keith Olbermann, parroting Media Matters, has picked... Read More
In defense of donor "profiling."
Asian-American grievance-mongers are at it again: Doing everything in their power to stop the MSM from investigating and reporting on shady foreign funny money pouring into Hillary Clinton's campaign coffers: Leaders of Asian & Pacific Islander American Vote (APIAVote), a non-partisan non-profit civic engagement organization, once again calls for responsible reporting and portrayal of Asian... Read More
Fistfuls of funny money.
The Los Angeles Times digs into Hillary's finances and uncovers more mysterious Chinatown donors with dilapidated addresses in NYC and jobs unlikely to put them in the position of maxing out campaign contributions. They include dishwashers, waiters, contributors who deny making contributions, and another who "admitted to lacking the legal-resident status required for giving campaign... Read More
Pyramid scheme scam operators seem to have a thing for Hillary Clinton. Or vice versa. The NY Post reports (hat tip - William Amos): The "cult" has spread its love around the Clinton family: Hillary isn'
A-keep away from-a Runaround Hsu.
Update: The full criminal complaint and analysis over at HA. There's more to come. *** Yes, I actually persuaded Bryan Preston to do his best Dion impression for our new Runaround Hsu video. All I had to do was chime in during the scat interludes. Feel like singing along? Lyrics here. Watch and share here:... Read More
Update: The Hsu falls in NY.... WSJ has more details on Source Financing. *** The Wall Street Journal continues to dig into Democrat funny money. They identify a Clinton donor who says her political contribution was reimbursed by her husband's boss, a fund-raising bundler for the candidate: When Hillary Rodham Clinton held an intimate fund-raising... Read More
What happened in Vegas...
Do you know the way to Mandalay? "Hill bill footed by Hsu" Gotta love the New York Post's headline writers. Thankfully, what happened in Vegas did not stay in Vegas: Lovely details from the
Who knew?
In the late afternoon of Sept. 6, several hours before Norman Hsu was apprehended in Colorado, I got a curious visit on my website. Someone had Googled "Norman Hsu suicide." My site came up in the search results because someone had made reference to Vince Foster's suicide in the comments of one of my Hsu... Read More
No plausible deniability.
Update: Un-freaking-believable... See-Dubya follows the tainted rinse-and-spin cycle: If the worry is that Hsu was using at least some of these people as fronts so that he could exceed the federal limits on how much he could donate to Hillary, then how will the money be any less tainted if they re-gift it to her?... Read More
Update 9/7 1:45pm Eastern. Hmmmmm. The foreign funny money mystery just got murkier. Update 9/7. More details. He was "delirious:" 1:15am Eastern update. The Grand Junction Sentinel reports that Hsu was captured after getting sick on an Amtrak train: "Disgraced Democratic fundra
Democrat Jim Doyle's got a Hsu fetish Update 4:30pm Eastern: Wisconsin's Democrat governor is standing by Hsu... Here's Gov. Doyle's contact info. Update 2:50pm Eastern. Via Christina Bellatoni at the WashTimes, Democrat Chris Dodd draws first blood on the left side of the aisle: Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) just sent out his "campaign policy on... Read More
Missing. More info: "Hsu's attorneys say they do not know his whereabouts, and that their client did not surrender his...
Attention, Democrats: Have you seen this man? Update 9/6 12:13am Eastern. Last one for the night: Singing the Hong Kong Blues. Update 11:15pm Eastern. Newsbusters observes the MSM's incuriousity about the source of Hsu's funds. So does Clayton Cramer, who chuckles at the Hsu puns, but has serious questions: Update 10:11pm Eastern. Love the NYTimes... Read More
Update 9:15am Eastern 9/5. My column today is about Hsu and the Democrats' funny money. I take on the Asian-American groups who are doing exactly what they did during Chinagate in the 1990s--play the race card. While the campaign finance reform crowd ducks under the table, there is one vociferous group making noise. Like clockwork,... Read More
How do you know a Clinton is lying?
Hillary's husband is positively shocked, shocked that shady fundraiser Norman Hsu was a fugitive from the law: Uh-huh. 'Cuz gosh durnit, geewillikers, the Clintons jus' don't know a thang 'bout questionamable folks and their funny munny. Red flags? What red flags? *** Bob Novak reports that some Dem congressmen aren't takin' too kindly to the... Read More
Hsu-spicious contributions.
Same m.o., different Clinton campaign. The WSJ reports in an online article dated Sept. 1 that the Justice Department is now looking into Norman Hsu's possible straw campaign donations as a result of the paper's investigation published earlier this week: Ready for the complaints from Asian-American groups about being "profiled?" They're coming, I promise you.... Read More
Democrat bagman turns himself in.
Hillary's fugitive fund-raiser is no longer a fugitive: Ed Morrissey corrects the AP: Here's the statement from Hsu's lawyer: In response to media and other inquiries, Jim Brosnahan, attorney for Norman Hsu and a partner at the law firm of Morrison & Foerster issued the following statement: "The 15 year old legal matter that Norman
Meet Rehman Jinnah.
Say sleaze! Hillary with former fugitive donor Rehman Jinnah in 2000. Sweetness and Light recalls yet another fugitive moneyman who shelled out big bucks to Hillary Clinton. Via the LATimes from last year noted by Rantburg: Clinton donor wanted by FBI in scheme to funnel money Robin Fields and Chuck Neubauer, Los Angeles Times, March... Read More
Hillary's fund-raising fugitive in plain sight: Where in the world is Norman Hsu? (Photo:
Update: Hillary unloads Hsu's money, but not the stain... *** Hilary caught taking money from a swindler? Mon dieu! The Los Angeles Times has the story of Hillary's fund-raising "fugitive in plain sight:" For the last 15 years, California authorities have been trying to figure out what happened to a businessman named Norman Hsu, who... Read More
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