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Goose Creek

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"I am no more than a college guy."
Ahmed Mohamed, one half of the Goose Creek two, received the maximum sentence yesterday for creating a jihad video that was to be used by Muslim "martyrs" fighting American soldiers in Arab countries. He and his apologists still insist on painting Mohamed as a regular college guy. The judge didn't buy it. Good: Former University... Read More
Just fireworks...not.
What will CAIR say now? Ahmed Mohamed pleads guilty to providing material support to terrorists. Just an innocent kid on a joy ride with fireworks? Not: has the PDF of the plea agreement. Excerpt: All the background on the Goose Creek Two here.
Jihadi PCs.
Here's the latest on those two former University of South Florida students who were just driving around aimlessly with "fireworks" in South Carolina. It appears that one of the Goose Creek Two had tons of jihadi and bomb/ammo videos on his home computers, not just the one YouTube video that's already been revealed. Curiouser and... Read More
The case of the Goose Creek Two continues to develop. The latest news? A new, superseding indictment and new weapons charges against one of the ex-USF students. Here's the DOJ's press release: TAMPA, Fla., April 16 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- United States Attorney Robert E. O'Neill today announced the filing of a seven count superseding indictment against... Read More
A New York connection.
Well, it looks like the Goose Creek Two have company. The Tampa Tribune reports on a third arrest related to the two Muslim young males just driving around with, you know, fireworks: A University of South Florida student has been arrested on a weapons charge in connection with a case against two other students accused... Read More
Bomb shock.
More details have emerged in the case of the Goose Creek Two defendants. Once again, we've come a long, long way from "two innocent boys just driving to the beach with fireworks and getting lost looking for cheap gas." Federal prosecutors disclosed more info about the YouTube bomb-making videos on Ahmed Mohamed's laptop: Instead of... Read More
"Guns, explosives, fuses, canisters of gasoline, ammunition, welding equipment, GPS devices, all-night interstate drives...
Doing the jihad case monitoring the national MSM won't do, here's the latest on the Goose Creek Two. On Friday, Judge Steven D. Merryday denied Goose Creek jihadi suspect Youssef Megahed's bid for bail. He called him a flight risk and said he posed a danger to the community (hat tip: reader Lynne S.): A... Read More
Curiouser and curiouser. As long as the Goose Creek Two and their families arouse suspicion and the mystery unfolds, I'll continue to cover them. The latest development in the case involve suspect Yousef Megahed and his brother, Yahia. Megahed's bond was delayed late last night over after the federal judge in the trial heard new... Read More
The mystery of the Goose Creek Two continues to unravel. From the very beginning, the case smelled. Remember: "Fireworks?" Just fireworks. Just two innocent boys on a drive to the beach. Who just happened to be driving on an isolated road that leads to a naval station...which houses a military brig where enemy combatants are... Read More
"Bomb Shock."
I know. You're shocked, shocked: Yes, question their patriotism. The next hearing is an arraignment sched
"They are making this up to make him look bad."
The Tampa Tribune discloses more eyebrow-raising details about the Goose Creek boys who said they were just on their way to the beach with harmless firecrackers (hat tip - William A.). I mentioned the do-it-yourself detonator video last week. The Tampa paper notes that it was posted to--where else?--YouTube: Also found: Jihadi images and footage... Read More
The plot thickens. Read the St. Petersburg Times: (Hat tip - reader Lynne) Well, well, well: Just two innocent boys with fireworks on their way to the beach, eh?
Osama uncut. Michael Moore challenged. Goose Creek Two. And more.
The Osama video uncut. Watch it here. One of my all-time favorite journalists and role models, John Stossel, is taking on Michael Moore. Read about his upcoming special here. Babalu has more. The bullets in the car of the Goose Creek 2 were .22 caliber rounds. The suspects are back in Tampa. DiFi's $4 billion... Read More
Plus: A box of bullets.
Reader Lynne S. flags breaking news about the Goose Creek Two: Two University of South Florida students who are facing federal explosives charges after an arrest a month ago will be returned to Tampa, attorneys said after a sudden hearing today in federal court. Attorneys for both men say their clients, Youssef Megahed and Ahmed... Read More
Chertoff testifies before the House Committee on Homeland Security.
11:57am Eastern. Both Chertoff and Democrat Sheila Jackson-Lee want shamnesty resurrected. Good thing I haven't had lunch yet. 11:30am Eastern. Here we go...Rep. Bilirakis brings up Goose Creek: "There are several questions that need to be answered to better understand the larger homeland security questions." 1) To what extent is DHS working with DOJto determine... Read More
Here's the very latest on the mystery at Goose Creek: The Egyptian Foreign Ministry stated Sunday that Egyptian officials are to meet with the two Egyptian students charged with transporting explosives in the United States. The students were arrested on August 4 in South Carolina. A federal grand jury in Tampa, Florida has indicted them... Read More
Update: The pdf of the three-page indictment is here. (Hat tip - Lawhawk). And Dan Riehl, who has followed the story closely, has a reminder about an "as yet un-identified individual said to have returned to Canada right after the initial arrest." Reax from the USAO in SC: And here's the
A federal grand jury in Tampa is asking for DNA and hair samples from one of the alleged Pipe Bomb Boys.
Remember the accused pipe bomb boys arrested on the road to Goose Creek Naval Weapons Station in South Carolina? Here's a new update. The Tampa Tribune reports today that a federal grand jury investigating the case has asked for DNA and hair samples from one of the suspects: Noor and Ghassan Salhab, with attorney Brooke... Read More
Tracing the social network of Yousef Megahed and Ahmed Mohamed.
6:20pm Eastern. Eeenteresting. Via Dan Riehl, Yahia Megahed's Hi5 profile has now been removed: *** Last weekend, I noted the arrest of Yousef Megahed, 21, and Ahmed Mohamed, 24, in the vicinity of the Naval Weapons Station, located in Goose Creek, South Carolina. National media scrutiny since the men were charged with possession of pipe... Read More
"No immediate threat." Highway 176 near Goose Creek, SC, shut down after police discover "possible explosives" in a car...
Update 8/6 1:45pm Eastern: Authorities are filing felony explosive charges against the two Middle Eastern men arrested over the weekend..."Authorities in South Carolina are filing charges against two men in connection with a weekend bomb scare. Yousef Megahed, 21, and Ahmed Mohamed, 24, are facing explosives charges. The two men are USF students. The Berkeley... Read More
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