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Dunkin Donuts

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Hate couture.
My syndicated column today examines the keffiyeh kerfuffle with Dunkin' Donuts and Rachael Ray that I noted on the blog last week. As you'll recall, I linked to an item by LGF's Charles Johnson about the scarf she wore in a recent Dunkin' ad. Keffiyeh chic has been covered on this site and at Hot... Read More
Sticky situation.
Sigh. You all know I've been a fan of Dunkin Donuts for quite some time--and have touted their strong position in favor of immigration enforcement. Charles Johnson notes, and many readers have e-mailed about, Dunkin Donuts' spokeswoman Rachel Ray's clueless sporting of a jihadi chic keffiyeh in a recent DD ad campaign. I'm hoping her... Read More
I already gave you my reasons for quitting Starbucks. The ugly lady logo wasn't one of them, but it's apparently got one group worked up into a frothy lather: "Slutbucks?!" Crikey. It's a mermaid. Whatevs. I'm off to Dunkin' for a quick mid-afternoon fix...
Dunkin': Better-tasting, cheaper, and good for national security!
I got hooked on Starbucks in Seattle more than a decade ago. It was the social thing to do. It became an occupational necessity, then an unbreakable habit. I put up with the "corporate social responsibility" mumbo-jumbo, which the company leavened with an occasional bone to conservatives. As I've confessed to you before, I'm not... Read More
Discriminating tastes. Plus: While we're on the subject of food, check out the Whole Foods sock...
Sharia creep alert: A discrimination lawsuit filed by a Muslim Dunkin' Donuts franchisee who was not allowed to renew his contract with the chain because of a refusal to sell pork products can proceed, a U.S. appeals court ruled Tuesday. The decision reversed an Illinois federal court judge's 2004 ruling that rejected Walid Elkhatib's argument... Read More
I support Dunkin Donuts because they support our immigration laws.
Last spring, I praised Dunkin' Donuts for volunteering to participate in a government database program to verify that workers are here legally. The company was responding to customer concerns about illegal employees. Only 6,200 out of the nation’s 8 million employers participate in the screening program. The company continues to be vigilant. The Star-Ledger reports... Read More
Open-borders extremists are starting a boycott of the donut franchises and the restaurant chain. Why? Because they won't hire aliens whose bogus Social Security numbers don't check out: A local group fighting for immigrant rights is calling for a boycott of two nationally known companies. Dunkin Donuts and Applebee's are accused of discriminating against immigrant... Read More
Goofus Honestly, I don't see what the big deal is over Joe Biden's remark about Indian-Americans operating 7-11 and Dunkin' Donut stores in Delaware. There are plenty of reasons to roll your eyes when Biden opens his mouth. This doesn't make my list. It is a fact that a lot of Indian-Americans own such franchises... Read More
Here's a video reality check in case you thought Bush was starting to sound coherent about immigration. At least we both like Dunkin Donuts.
...because they support our immigration laws. Beginning today, all 5,000 of Dunkin' Donuts franchisees will be required to participate in a government database program to verify that workers are here legally. The company was responding to customer concerns about illegal employees. Only 6,200 out of the nation's 8 million employers participate in the screening program,... Read More
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