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"Evangelical Christian. Working class. Military veteran. Pro-life. Conservative Republican."
"Evangelical Christian. Working class. Military veteran. Pro-life. Conservative Republican." Juliette Ochieng for President! Juliette's blog is here. I've linked to her excellent work often and if you haven't already bookmarked her site, do it now. Flashback: Save Obama's school in Kenya!
Hope and change, the Right way.
#dontgo is the new gathering place for conservative activism. To quote political analyst Paris Hilton: That's hot.
"[N]o matter what, Michelle Malkin is still worse."
I'm on my way down to Austin, Texas for the RightOnline/Defend the American Dream summit (more info here). I'll be speaking tomorrow. Across town, the nutroots are holding their own shindig--featuring the likes of Gen. Wesley Clark whining about the "right wing freak machine" and the anti-Fox mob heckling former Fox News contributor Harold Ford.... Read More
Turn the tables.
(Photoshop credit: The Ugly American) The Internet firestorm over the Associated Press's heavy-handed attempt to bully bloggers over fair use article excerpts has been absolutely schadenfreude-licious. Now, it's time to turn the tables. If your blog or blog commenters have ever been quoted by the AP, listen up: It's time to prepare a bill and... Read More
Bookmark it.
One of the biggest myths about blogs perpetuated by the turf-protecting MSM is that we don't do original reporting. I've linked to scores of blogs over the past four years that have published enterprise journalism and done plenty of it here on this site as well. Over at our friend Patterico's, you can find reporting... Read More
Role reversal.
Last week, I questioned the McCain camp's inclusion of ultra-liberal bloggers in its regular blogger conference calls while excluding this and other conservative blogs critical of McCain. Nutroots bloggers snickered and mocked. Now, liberal bloggers are up in arms over the Democratic National Convention Committee's blogger credentialing decisions, which left many left-wing blogs out in... Read More
If you type "American Thinker" in my search engine, you'll come up with scores of posts. I point you to their work all the time. It's one of the best conservative online magazines on the Internet. Fantastic writing and reporting from editor and publisher Thomas Lifson, our friend Rick Moran, Ray Robison, Selywn Duke, Ed... Read More
John Hawkins introduces you to more intrepid female conservative bloggers who should be on your daily reading lists.
Foiling Chinese Net Nanny.
Via Dan Nystedt at PC World, the Great Firewall of China is trying to block out news of the Tibet riots: China has blocked access to Google News and YouTube in an apparent attempt to stop the spread of video footage related the rioting going on in several cities in Tibet, including the capital Lhasa.... Read More
Just Google it.
"The sexist media" just had Geraldine Ferraro on--again--and she was whining on Fox's Hannity and Colmes program about her fateful Obama comments to the Torrance Daily Breeze turned into a national maelstrom. "I wasn't talking to the national press," she complained. How did it happen that her little comments to a little paper get such... Read More
Crushing of dissent.
You need to know about this. The same tool who went after Canadian publisher Ezra Levant over the Mohammed cartoons is also targeting other Canadian conservative bloggers with "defamation" legal threats. He is trying to shut up and shut down the right-leaning blogosphere up north one blog at a time--and then is suing people who... Read More
The conserva-femin-osphere.
John Hawkins at Right Wing News has a fun piece profiling female conservative bloggers, including Pamela Gellar, Rachel Lucas,, Amanda Carpenter, Ericka Anderson, and yours truly. *** Rachel Lucas plots to rule the world: I would gladly work for a Lucas-owned Fox News with that motto. If she'll let me, I'll host "Suck It Up."
Citizen journalists report.
Two good reads for you this morning from independent citizen journalists: 1) A tell-it-like-is report from blogger Michael Totten in Al Anbar searching for IEDs and weapons caches with American troops. Look for the Geraldo Rivera joke. 2) An in-depth, four-part series inside Iraqi politics from blogger Bill Ardolino. Part I examines the executive branch... Read More
Welcome aboard, Captain.
Over at my other blog, we've got an exciting new addition: Ed Morrissey of the excellent Captain's Quarters will be joining us full-time (his CQ archives are here). As I wrote in my announcement: Ed has been a friend and kindred spirit since I entered the blogosphere. He brings keen political insights, boundless energy and... Read More
Read "The Race for the American Mind" by Selywn Duke. It's a manifesto for the conservative blogosphere. Here's the intro: Last year's scamnesty bill had widespread support among the powers-that-be, with the president, the Democrat majority and mainstream media all singing its praises. Yet it went down to defeat, slain by a new-media coalition of... Read More
"[T]hey certainly don’t have our standards."
Update: Patterico - She's right. We don't have their "standards." *** The deterioration of journalism--from Janet Cooke to Stephen Glass to Scott Thomas Beauchamp to Staged News Galore to Rathergate to Reuters-gate to More Fake News Galore--isn't the fault of individual MSM reporters, editors, or shoddy journalism schools. Whose fault is it? The "dean of... Read More
Fatwa, baby.
Charlotte,N.C.-based Internet jihadist Samir Khan, who's still hate-blogging, threatens the life of pseudonymous Jawa Report founder Rusty Shackleford after the Jawas wreak hot-linking havoc on the jihadist's cyber-assets: One of the Jawas' most potent weapons is humor in the face of evil. Vinnie mocks the fatwa: Ha.
"I am okay not knowing what's on Michelle Malkin's mind most days."
USA Today blogger Angela Gunn doesn't like the blog you are reading. She really, really doesn't like it (hat tip - reader William A.): Everyone's talking this week about the Carnegie Mellon study that concludes that in the blogosphere, less is more -- or at least it is on your blogroll. The original study, Cost-effective... Read More
Hanging offense.
I used to be a reader and fan of BoingBoing, the left-leaning tech/gadget/sci-fi blog. I've linked BoingBoing several times over the years, and found common cause on issues involving Internet censorship and foreign governments. See here , here, and here . BoingBoing's Xeni Jardin also linked my work on the Mohammed Cartoon controversy. I even... Read More
Women, bloggers, MSM gatekeeper arrogance, and open-source journalism.
Last week, Boston Globe columnist Ellen Goodman trotted out the old "Blogosphere=Boys' Club" meme. I didn't bother linking or commenting, because all the whining from feminists about sexist male bloggers is just so old and boring. But there was one paragraph that piqued my interest. Goodman wrote: I was curious about the spreadsheet whose results... Read More
Got a few minutes to fill out a survey? BlogAds wants to know more about who reads this site. I would greatly appreciate it if you had the time to participate in this annual blogospheric census. Thank you!
Lots of readers e-mailed to ask about the disappearance of The American Thinker. Good news: They're back! Bad news: They were victims of a domain registration scam. Thomas Lifson has the full report.
Discover magazine has a neat graphic from Matthew Hurst of Nielsen Buzzmetrics mapping the blogosphere: Individual dots represent individual blogs. You're at number 4!
***update: Block removed!*** If you've been having trouble reading Little Green Footballs at work, this may be why. Charles Johnson writes: Websense isn't showing much sense--and it's not being straight. Here's the company's contact page.
Conservative blogger/citizen journalist Stephen Taylor is posing a threat to the Canadian MSM establishment. Keep 'em squirming, Stephen.
Dr. Helen shares some good advice.
President Bush is talking about progress in the war in Iraq. I believe he is now quoting Iraq the Model! Yep, he quoted from Mohammed and Omar Fadhil's piece in the WSJ: Read more at their blog.
This is a very ominous development--not just for fledgling Internet video networks like 18 Doughty Street , Rocketboom, and Hot Air, but for any blogger who incorporates video into his/her site: EU plans threaten new media development European Union plans to regulate moving images that will threaten new services such as online games and mobile... Read More
This post by Dean Esmay, "calling out Michelle Malkin," is what is known in the business as traffic bait. So go ahead and click it and give Esmay more of the traffic he wants. I highly recommend you read his post as the classic blogospheric example of how not to argue about Islam. Or anything... Read More
Lorie Byrd, blogging over at her new digs at Wizbang, is collecting Memorial Day tributes. Lorie links to the song, "Arlington," which reminded me of this poignant photo from last Christmas: *** A military chaplain writes about one of his toughest duties--following a script that begins "Ma'am, We Regret to Inform You." CSM looks at... Read More
I'm excited to introduce you today to Hot Air--a conservative Internet broadcast network I founded with a team of multi-talented bloggers. (Press release here.) Internet video is booming. Apple’s iTunes store has sold a gazillion videos since its debut. YouTube gets more traffic than the New York Times web site. And politically-oriented web video is... Read More
- The gentlemen at Power Line have announced the launch of a new companion site, Power Line News--sure to become the top home page for hard-core news junkies. I'm honored to be included. Bookmark it! - Mike Fumento has a handsome new blog. Check it out. - Belated welcomes to the blogosphere: Michael Barone and... Read More
Bloggers are already buzzing about David Sifry's latest "State of the Blogosphere" report, which says that: -Technorati now tracks 14 Million blogs, -the number of blogs continues to double every 5.5 months, and -a new blog is created every second. These figures are sure to be cited over and over again by both bloggers and... Read More
You can tune in to NASA TV coverage of the Discovery lift-off on-line here. Update: 1039am. 3.2.1...Holding breath. Looks good. Update II: Debris. Uh-oh. Was it just "paper?" Hm.
...The Immigration Blog, you've been missing out.
Second Amendment activist and blogger Joe Huffman was fired from his job at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Read his story here. Help Joe here. Joe e-mails: Worrisome details here.
Do not blog about the "hotness" of your students. You will get fired.
Blogger/embedded journalist Michael Yon provides some of the best coverage of the war in Iraq. Some of his readers sent the following alert: It was Michael who brought us one of the most moving images I've ever seen from the war--the photo of Maj. Mark Bieger cradling a little girl killed in a car bombing... Read More
One of the best essayists/War on Terror analysts in the blogosphere, Wretchard of The Belmont Club, has shed his anonymity. Read why here. Richard, thank you for your excellent work. Please keep it up! Hat tip: Rick Moran of RWNH
The tooth fairy makes her first appearance at the Patterico residence. And don't miss Patterico's unbeatable father's day gift.
JunkyardBlog spoofs the Sorry Left. The latest, top-quality IMAO podcast is up, with special guest Laurence Simon. The Political Teen takes Democrats to task for sponsoring a private relief bill--which I've covered before here. Mary Katherine Ham asks: Where have all the good spines gone? Daniel Glover, Managing Editor of National Journal's Technology Daily, has... Read More
John Hawkins at Right Wing News has posted an interesting list of the 100 greatest Americans. I have one name to add to his list: William F. Friedman. Friedman is known as the godfather of modern U.S. cryptology. His team of brilliant codebreakers cracked Japan's highest security codes prior to World War II. As Roberta... Read More
- Arkansas? - Meet an American hero, the first woman to receive the Silver Star since WWII...Sondra K headlines the story, "Not a Nazi." Heh-heh. - Serbs, lies, and videotape...Julia and Lev Gorin have the scoop. - Ryan Sager's fine tribute to a free speech champion...Mr. Smith Quits Washington.
It's the 228th birthday of the American flag. (Coincidentally, it's the 230th birthday of the U.S. Army.) The story of how Rick Monday saved the flag is must-read. The NY Post highlights a battle between Big Apple bureacrats and patriotic city workers. Allan Wall, writer and National Guardsman, reflects on the holiday from Iraq. Here's... Read More
This blog turned one last week! (BTW: Congrats to Karol at Alarming News, which turned the Big 3 today.) First, some blogiversary expressions of gratitude: Special thanks to the following people for their warm welcomes, words of advice/encouragement, and early links during's incipient days: John, Paul, and Scott at Power Line, John Hawkins at... Read More
One of the blogosphere's best military analysts and a daily must-read, Austin Bay, is headed to the Persian Gulf and Afghanistan tomorrow. He'll be blogging the trip. Do click on his tip jar and make him a morning staple if you haven't already. Godspeed, Austin!
Did you know there's a blogger who keeps tabs on Outrageous E-bay Auctions? Hat tip: Ramblings' Journal
You think the FEC is hard on bloggers? Try blogging from China: There are undoubtedly quite a few MSMers here in the U.S. who think this is a dandy idea. No wonder Washington Post managing editor Philip Bennett believes "China is the best place in the world to be an American journalist." (Hat tip: Marc... Read More
Gerard Van der Leun at American Digest is on the scene in Laguna Beach with updated reports and photos. A commenter at Gerard's excellent site quips: "Does that count as a postcard from the edge?"
The unspoken statistical reality of urban crime over the last quarter century.
Talk TV sensationalists and axe-grinding ideologues have fallen for a myth of immigrant lawlessness.
Which superpower is more threatened by its “extractive elites”?
How a Young Syndicate Lawyer from Chicago Earned a Fortune Looting the Property of the Japanese-Americans, then Lived...
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