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The "Burrito Wall" Just when you think the open-borders crowd and Berzekeley professors can't get any more insane, along comes another one to leave you flabbergasted. Meet UC Berkeley architect professor Ron Rael. He would like to completely declare surrender of our sovereignty and border security, and turn the border wall (what little exists) into... Read More
Photo credit: Brad Froehle Last week, I flagged the latest stunt by city government officials in the People's Republic of Berkeley -- a resolution honoring Wiki-leaking saboteur Bradley Manning. Tonight's the night the city council will vote. The meeting is underway and is livestreaming on the Berzerkely website here. According to the council's notes, the... Read More
Photo credit: Brad Froehle Sigh. The moonbats in Berkeley are seeking another 15 minutes of anti-American infamy again. Look: This is the same commission that declared war on Marine recruiters (go here, here, a
"Four dancers dressed as cornstalks, including one of the strikers, twirled and gestured ceremonially to a percussion beat."
Image via Ken Wayne/KTVU In December, the University of California at Berkeley mobsters picked up torches and Molotov cocktails and tried to set the chancellor's house on fire to protest fee hikes and budget cuts. The administration continues to capitulate to the thugs. So, the thugs keep throwing their tantrums. Their latest campaign? A hunger... Read More
Berkeley's "progressive" educrats give us another perfect illustration of Diversity Uber Alles run amok. Because the government schools have failed to close the "racial achievement gap," they've proposed cutting science labs and teaching staff from the high school curriculum because those resources benefit too many white students. Via the East Bay Express (hat tip: Adam... Read More
Mob rule. (Photo: Daily Cal)
This is what happens when you coddle liberal tantrum-throwers: Via The Daily Cal has pictures and more details of the barbarians at the gate: Between 40 and 75 people marched to Birgeneau's home near the northwest corner of campus at about 11 p.m. Friday night. Some wielded torches that were allegedly thrown at police,... Read More
Don't the public officials in the People's Republic of Berkeley have anything better to do? No, no they don't: Jan Schakowsky approves. President Obama, please direct your protests against inflammatory fear-mongering to the wire hanger-wielders. Now. *** Question: What should we send the Berkeley City Council?
Tuition hikes and custodian layoffs were the latest excuse for a UC Berkeley campus tantrum. The San Francisco Chronicle called the student takeover of Wheeler Hall an "occupation." In the old days, dyed-in-the-wool libs would practice civil disobedience and accept their punishment. In the Age of No Consequences, Berkeley students demand that they be allowed... Read More
Maybe they'll get their own seat on the U.N. Security Council now: (Source: San Francisco Chronicle)
The witch hunt continues against Berkeley law professor John Yoo: As Zombie has reported, the Berkeley extremists have waged a harassment campaign against Yoo for months -- staging regular protests at his home. Waiting for the
Zombie reports on the harassment campaign against John Yoo: See how Berkeley shows its tolerance. But the left won't call it a "climate of hate." They're just exercising their free speech. *** Commenter Ragspierre: "Replace the name of Yoo with any abortion provider, and ask what the consequence would be..."
Plus: Anti-war thugs plan protests tomorrow.
It's never over. Bush is out of office. Obama is moving to withdraw troops from Iraq. Last October, Code Pink gave up on its daily harangues against the Marines who staff a recruiting office in Berkeley after a counterinsurgency of pro-troops groups stood their ground. But it's never over. Yesterday, thugs smashed the windows of... Read More
Having cut and run from their unsuccessful drive to evict the Marines from Berkeley, Code Pink is setting its sights on a new evil: The Berkeley Library! Seems the library wants to do business with 3M, but the Pinkos protest that it will violate the city's nuclear-free law. Bay Area blogger/photojournalist ProtestShooter forwarded me a... Read More
Going, going, gone.
They vowed to kick the Marines out of Berkeley. But they're the ones cutting and running. I mentioned the Code Pink retreat from the Berkeley Marine recruiting center last month. Now, they're holding a moving sale to evacuate their Solano Ave. office: "EVERYTHING MUST GO." Including their sorry, pink-clad backsides. Na na na, hey hey... Read More
The Code Pink zealots who bullied the Marines at the recruiting center in Berkeley-- and accused our troops of serving as assassins-- have given up. They've packed up their Bush-bashing signs and retreated. Protest Shooter has the story and some pics. You'll get a snort or two out of the Pinkos' insistence that they have... Read More
End of the occupation. (Photo credit: Protest Shooter)
Photo credit: Protest Shooter Ah, good old Berkeley. The "heroes" who trespassed for nearly two years to block development on the UC Berkeley campus in the name of saving trees have finally come down -- after hurling feces and assaulting cops and wasting taxpayer money and educational resources. It's a lawless spectacle we've followed here... Read More
Beyond parody, continued.
Remember when I said something nice about UC Berkeley finally getting tough with the illegal trespassers who've been idiotically perched in campus trees for 18 months? Never mind. Now, they are going to appease the law-breakers by feeding them energy bars. For crying out loud: My sympathy for the university just went out the window.
Thug life.
Clintonite Robert Reich, who now teaches at UC Berkeley, recently said this in an interview with the NYT magazine: He must not get out much in Berkeley and the Bay Area. It's not right-wing Republicans assaulting police officers, abusing government authority to try and drive out the Marines, waging nationwide war on recruiters, and terrorizing... Read More
Rule of lawlessness.
Just when it looked like the trespassing tree-sitter siege in Berkeley was winding down, up pops another law-breaker to join the remaining trio. Oh, and a police officer was attacked by one of the tree-sitters' supporters. Ho-hum. I remind you again that these loons have been perched in the branches since December 2006. Dumpster Muffin... Read More
Dumpster Muffin comes down. (Photo credit: Zombie)
Who's a "hero" in Berkeley? Not the Marines. The illegally trespassing tree-sitters.
Nuts. (Photo: Zombie)
This is getting really, really ridiculous. Last week, I noted the latest developments in the 18-month standoff between the UC Berkeley administration and the city's moonbatty, trespassing tree people (see here and here). Well, after all that, there are still nine idiots perched in the trees. The school erected barricades to prevent the tree people's... Read More
Pushback on Code Pinkos.
Well, it's about damned time. The Berkeley City Council surrenders to the nationwide backlash (and perhaps to liability concerns) and reportedly drops its preferential treatment policy of providing free parking to anti-war agitators Code Pink, who've been working tirelessly to boot the Marines out of the moonbat enclave. Zombie's got a new photo essay of... Read More
Tree stand. (Photo credit: Zombie)
I told you on Tuesday that UC Berkeley campus police had finally taken steps to remove trespassers who've been living in a grove of trees for months on end to block school stadium construction. It ain't over. Zombie stopped by the protest site, snapped some choice photos, and introduces you to "Dumpster Muffin." Zombie reports:... Read More
"Some of the tree-sitters could be heard yelling from the trees while several of them have poured excrements down to...
Update: Protest Shooter has photos. More than a year ago, I told you about the property rights violators in Berkeley who've been living in trees on the UC campus to protest scheduled renovations and development. The trees aren't endangered species or old-growth. University officials plan on replacing them three to one. No matter. The tree... Read More
Counterinsurgency in the Bay Area public schools.
I've been following the battle over the JROTC program in the San Francisco public schools for the last year and a half. When last we visited the fight in December, the program had been given a temporary reprieve--much to the consternation of the anti-war zealots who oppose the hundreds and hundreds of students (many of... Read More
Counterinsurgency progress.
My friend and partner in the upcoming "From the Frontlines" web-a-thon (June 26--mark the date!) Melanie Morgan sends word that the Berkeley anti-troop protests at the city's Marine recruiting center are shrinking. Time to call out those moonbat witches again: It's so calm at the once-embattled United States Marine Corps recruiting center in Berkeley that... Read More
Walking the talk.
Meet Leigh Wolf.
Moonhildas and ghouls. Plus: An embarrassed pagan disavows the Pinkos.
Updating yesterday's post: The witchy women of Code Pink were true to their word. They turned out in Berkeley today to cast their anti-war spells in front of the Marine recruitment center. My good friends at Move America Forward showed up to sprinkle salt as an antidote. Har:
Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble.
It's true. The nutballs of Code Pink have turned to witchcraft to wage their battle against the military recruiting center in Berkeley. Catherine Moy at Move America Forward first reported the new moonbat technique: Moonbats howling at the moon. Par for the course in Berzerkeley. From the Fox News story on the Code Pink coven:... Read More
Scenes from the Bay Area counter-insurgency. (Photo credit: Zombie.)
This is good. I was hoping someone would step up and do it. The Berkeley College Republicans are applying to the city council for a protest permit that would confer the same privileges that Code Pink has received. Via the Daily Cal: The CRs also are circulating a petition for a protected zone around the... Read More
Time for regime change! (Photo credit: Zombie)
Last week, I pointed you to a blogger's analysis of how much Berkeley's anti-troop stance was costing taxpayers. The San Francisco Chronicle follows up today with a similar look at B-town's military-bashing pricetag--as well as a tally of the city's left-wing politicking on domestic and foreign policy matters: Berkeley is finding that having its own... Read More
The price of left-wing bigotry. (Photo credit:
Via Poligazette, here's an analysis by Susan Duclos of the taxpayer hit that Berkeley is taking over its anti-troops' stance. In the last six weeks alone, the city of Berkeley has spent over $210,000 in police overtime to keep peace during these protests and counter protests, according to police. The Berkeley police department has 186... Read More
D'oh-d'ohs in the Bay Area.
Zombie has your lunchtime laugh riot. Warning: Put all beverages away before viewing the gallery of Bay Area blithering idiots. One more to whet your appetites: *** Flashback: Anti-war, pro-Mercedes
Eagles Up!
Catherine Moy and Melanie Morgan continue to keep vigil at the Berkeley Marine recruitment center. They sent me these pictures taken earlier today of the pro-troops counterprotesters who showed up in force to fight the city's anti-military bigotry. Members of Eagles Up, Patriot Guard riders, and Move America Forward attended. Awesome: Much, much more from... Read More
An illustrated history of anti-war thuggery.
Scroll down for updates... Ideas have consequences. Inaction has consequences. For the past several years, I've chronicled the Left's escalating war on military recruiters--and the apathetic, weak-kneed response to it. In Unhinged, I devoted a sub-section of my chapter "They Don't Support Our Troops" to the organized campaign of harassment against recruitment offices on college... Read More
Move America Forward's Melanie Morgan is one of my favorite conservative activists. She's led countless battles against anti-military goons in the San Francisco Bay Area, traveled to Iraq to bring thank you letters to our servicemen and servicewomen on the front lines, and crossed the country to lead rallies in Washington, D.C. countering the Soros... Read More
Keep on. (Photo credit: Zombie)
I wrote about Move America Forward's new ads pressuring the Berkeley City Council on its anti-Marines stance here. Joe Wierzbicki of MAF sends along this local news report from NBC 11 in the Bay Area. Watch it to see Mayor Tom Bates voicing his unrepentant view that the recruiters remain unwelcome: "The actual recruiters--we're not... Read More
Call to arms.
In the wake of the Code Pink/Berkeley attack on the Marine recruiting center, anti-war loons are redoubling their efforts to harass and impede business at military recruitment centers across the country. First, check out this Code Pink alert: Second, the military recruiting station in Washington, D.C. at 14th and L was trashed by anarchist students.... Read More
Semper Fi.
Zombie has published the second in a two-part photo essay on the siege at Berkeley. The pic of the USMC checklist is my favorite:
Unrepentant in Berkeley (Photo credit: Zombie) The pro-Marines protesters came, saw, and conquered in Berkeley last night--despite massive chaos, anarchy, and police neglect. The City Council partially backed down--conceding it had erred in passing its obnoxious "unwelcome intruders" resolution and granting Code Pink special privileges. The SFChron reports that "some council members added that they... Read More
Update 5:33pm Eastern. A picture that will warm your heart. The pro-troops protesters this morning in Berkeley. Video here. Update 5:28pm Eastern. A Hill staffer sends the following partial transcript of Harry Reid's comments to a reporter on the siege at Berkeley: QUESTION: Do you think the statement made by the Berkeley City Council was... Read More
Protest Code Pink.
Following up on Code Pink's attack on the Marine recruitment center in Berkeley, my friends at Gathering of Eagles are mobilizing against the Pinkos elsewhere across the country. If you're in the Maryland area, check this one out: *** Related: In case you missed it, Sen. Jim DeMint's office put out an excellent video yesterday... Read More
Berkeley vs. America, again.
My syndicated column this week brings newspaper readers up to speed on the anti-military siege in Berkeley. Move America Forward is moving forward with plans for a protest at the Berkeley City Council meeting on Feb. 12. Even the San Francisco Chronicle editorial board is castigating the fools in Berkeley: Sen. Jim DeMint continues the... Read More
"Horrible karma."
In case you missed all the most recent developments in the siege at Berkeley, check here. Move America Forward and GOP Sen. Jim DeMint have tirelessly taken up the cause. Check out his website, He sums up the outrage well: Berkeley, California is probably a very nice place to live, but the recent action... Read More
"We, the undersigned, do register our complete outrage with the City of Berkeley..."
Update 2/2 . Internet undercover photojournalist Zombie has fresh photos of the Berkeley siege. Here's how the anti-troop loons defaced the Marine recruitment center this time: *** SFGate photo gallery of the siege at the Marine recruitment center. Update 2/2: The Marine recruitment center in Berkeley is under siege and anti-war zealots are completely unhinged...... Read More
Unhinged. Plus: One Berkeley councilwoman admits she's "ashamed" of her vote.
The moonbats are upping the ante and pouring gallons of fresh fuel on their anti-military fire in Berkeley. Following on the heels of the Berkeley City Council's move to grant them special parking privileges and free sound permits to protest the Marine recruiting center, Code Pinkos held a mock debate at the recruitment office. Medea... Read More
Stop the hate.
See latest update. *** A reminder of what Code Pinkos did to the Berkeley Marine recruitment center last fall. The backlash against Berkeley's anti-Marine, anti-troop measures is building. The American Legion and Sen. Jim DeMint weigh in tonight. Keep it up. Send a message to Berkeley: We're not in the 1960s anymore. DeMint to Berkeley:... Read More
Yes, question their patriotism. Plus: An update on the Oakland Airport incident.
I told you on Sunday about the city of Berkeley's move to treat military recruitment centers like porn shops. Reader Bob USMC e-mails that Berzerkeley advanced two other anti-troop measures last night--voting to give Code Pink special treatment and send the Marine Corps a letter saying they are "uninvited and unwelcome intruders" in the city.... Read More
Moonbat zoning laws.
Only in Berkeley. Sigh: Question their patriotism? Damned straight. Megan Sego at California Patriot issues a call to arms:
Home of the free speech movement, home of the free speech disrupters.
Zombie has a must-see video/photo report on the reaction to Islamofascism Awareness Week at Berkeley: Home of the free speech movement, home of the free speech disrupters. More at Incorrect U. This student must be an English major: (Photo by Luvpotion v.9.0) Ah, Berserkeley. Brings back such wonderful memories.
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