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Animal rights wackos

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Sponsors of Anarchy by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2016 Hoodlums will be out in full force this Inauguration Day weekend. Count on it. I've covered the left's criminal anarchist element for more than 20 years -- from the animal rights terrorists who have harassed, threatened and firebombed scientific researches across the U.S. and Europe... Read More
Since my days at the Seattle Times, I've tracked the increasingly destructive crimes of the Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front. The left-wingers in the media who are so concerned with domestic terrorism conveniently omit the arsons, threats, sabotage, and violent campaigns waged by anarchic saviors of the planet. Which is why you didn't... Read More
What could be more stomach-turning than a radical animal rights group that has a snit fit over a swatted fly paying homage to a mass-murdering Marxist guerilla? Yep. PETA has teamed up with Che Guevara's granddaughter to pimp the "vegetarian revolution." Not going to post the photo of their new ad campaign. Click here if... Read More
Yesterday, Roger Hedgecock and the Liberty Papers posted an unclassified DHS Office of Intelligence and Analysis report titled: Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment. The "report" (PDF file here) was one of the most embarrassingly shoddy pieces of propaganda I'd ever read out of DHS. I couldn't believe... Read More
Reader J. is in London and wrote me this morning. She witnessed the "anti capitalist (seemingly anti just about everything) protest taking place in front of Bank of England/London Stock Exchange" and snapped some photos. This morning, folks were trying to conduct business as usual. J. writes, in fact, that there were "businesses on Fleet... Read More
A taste of things to come, just as I wrote last week. These people deserve to have the book thrown at them. But if past treatment of anti-capitalist anarchists here and abroad is any guide, they'll get wrist slaps again -- guaranteeing another global tantrum. Anti-capitalist protesters are believed to have broken into a branch... Read More
My syndicated column today continues the theme I blogged about two days ago in the "Rule of the Mob" post. Keep an eye on next week's G20 summit in London. Thousands of anti-capitalism zealots will be amassing there to intimidate and harass bankers. The vandalizing of the Scottish ex-banking executive's home in Edinburgh is just... Read More
You have no doubt read about the grisly botched abortion case in Florida where the intended murder victim was born alive, then left in a trash can to die. The details of the story involve senseless savagery. The mother's lawsuit says the clinic staff knocked the 23-week-old baby "off the recliner chair where she had... Read More
Here, sea kitty, sea kitty.
I wrote about PETA's anti-fishing jihad back in 2003. They're still at it. So, PETA now wants to rename fish "sea kittens" to turn children against the joys of sportfishing. And fish-eating. (Hat tip: Doug Ross) Not kidding: I think I'll make sea kitten sticks for lunch today. M
Thug life.
Clintonite Robert Reich, who now teaches at UC Berkeley, recently said this in an interview with the NYT magazine: He must not get out much in Berkeley and the Bay Area. It's not right-wing Republicans assaulting police officers, abusing government authority to try and drive out the Marines, waging nationwide war on recruiters, and terrorizing... Read More
"Animal killers."
I am so sure we'll see the Left rise up and condemn this radical thuggery against animal rights researchers. I am so sure we'll see UC Berkeley students organize to protest the property destruction, vandalism, and harassment of the targeted academics. I am so sure we'll see Nancy Pelosi deliver a House floor speech in... Read More
Left-wing bombers.
As if you needed further evidence that the U.S. continues to be soft on domestic terrorism, the unrepentant Sara Jane Olson/Kathleen Soliah has been freed after serving a puny sentence for participating in the Symbionese Liberation Army plot to kill police officers with nail bombs and then going on the lam: Kathleen Soliah, a former... Read More
Cracking down on domestic terrorism.
Accountability for a Pacific Northwest eco-terrorist. Via the Seattle Times: Reckless morons. Waters' fellow collaborators did her in:
"Nonviolent chemical warfare."
Last week, they were bugging Japanese whaling ships. Now, they're throwing bags of acid at them. "Nonviolently," of course. Anti-whaling protesters hurled containers of butyric acid at a Japanese whaling ship in Antarctic waters, injuring four crew members, a Japanese official said Monday. art.antiwhaling.jpg Activists from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society hurl objects on to... Read More
By any means necessary.
Has the Earth Liberation Front struck again? KIRO TV in Seattle has live, streaming coverage of a massive fire in Snohomish County, WA. Four luxury homes on the "Street of Dreams" development--long a target of environmental extremists--are burning. ELF left its mark: Yes, question the timing. An ELF activist is currently on trial for ecoterrorist... Read More
Gone wild.
Three items for you: 1) Eco-zealots are bugging Japanese whaling ships--and they think it's "funny:" 2) Greenpeace nuts are breaching security to protest an airport expansion and "save the
Exposing the terror tactics of the shadowy ALF.
UCLA researcher Edythe London: Targeted by the ALF Didn't want to let this story get lost on Super Tuesday night. It's a travesty that shouldn't get ignored: Authorities are investigating a fire caused by a device left today at a house owned by a UCLA professor who conducts animal research -- the second time the... Read More
...waaaay too much time on its hands. (hat tip - reader HadleyRae)
If it's Thanksgiving week, it's PETA propaganda week. HBO ran a documentary on PETA's founder, Ingrid Newkirk. PETA poster woman Pamela Anderson is out and about serving turkey-free, veggie dinners. And PETA protesters are demanding that President Bush provide "after care" for pardoned turkeys. The Center for Consumer Freedom isn't cowed. Yesterday, the group ran... Read More
The 9th Circuit, yes, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rejects eco-zealots; upholds Naval underwater sonar blasts.
The far Left 9th Circuit Court of Appeals finally makes some sense: A federal appeals court allowed the Navy today to resume using underwater sonar blasts in anti-submarine warfare tests off the Channel Islands in Southern California, saying the nation's military needs outweigh the safety of endangered whales. In a 2-1 decision, the Ninth U.S.... Read More
Three items: 1) The PETA language police are harassing journalists who call animals "it:" Part of the group's letter to the Associated Press: 2) Former Air Force drill sergeant Michelle Manhart t
The Save the Whales crowd sure has a strange way of showing its love for animals. Related: PETA kills animals
UGG! I'm wearing what? The company that manufactures UGG boots doesn't hide how it makes its popular footwear. A quick trip to the company website tells you everything you need to know: Somehow, this information escaped former Baywatch star/PETA zealot Pamela Anderson's attention while lobbying against the use of skins in favor of "cruelty-free fashion."... Read More
The Center for Consumer Freedom is blogging the PETA animal cruelty trial in North Carolina over at Check back often for updates. And have this chart handy the next time your vegan college kids or favorite Hollywood starlet starts proselytizing for PETA: *** Previous PETA blogging.
Back in 2002, I reported on efforts by animal rights activists to sabotage Navy sonar exercises: Osama bin Laden gets help from the strangest creatures. As America's military struggles to prepare its forces for the War on Terror, radical environmentalists are using marine life-whales, dolphins, and even squid-to try to block sea-based training exercises and... Read More
The California Patriot, UC Berkeley's conservative student publication, has an amusing story of liberal undergrads gone wild--with must-see video and photos. Andrew Quinio reports:
Check this out (via the Virginian-Pilot): And these people have the gall to throw things at other people and harass parents and children in the name of animal rights? Much more at *** Previous: 5/12/05: PETA kills animals
PETA's liberal math: Black slaves=livestock. (Hat tip: Reader Nick N.) *** Previous: Liberal math: Boy Scouts=terrorists Liberal math: Insurgents=residents Brian Williams said what? Who are they calling un-American? Schooling the N.Y. Times
My column today lists just a few of the reasons why. Ben Johnson at FrontPage Magazine is on the same wavelength. In related news, check out this report on an animal rights zealot allegedly planning a jail breakout. See also London Telegraph coverage of American animal rights fanatic and University of Texas in El Paso... Read More
I covered environmental radicals and animal rights extremists at the Seattle Times in the late 1990s and have continued to track their escalation. The Christian Science Monitor published a good investigative piece yesterday on the continued eco-thuggery: Read the whole thing. Apologists for such l
The self-righteous activists that harass parents and children for fishing have put thousands of dogs, cats, and other companion animals to death over the past five years. Check out Peta Kills Animals.
Erik Ness, 1979-2000 Eight years ago, I joined thousands of Americans who wrote checks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation in honor of Erik Ness. He was the young man with brain cancer whose wish was to hunt a brown bear in Alaska with his dad. The terminally ill teen's wish was met with a national furor.... Read More
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