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Video: My Straight Talk on the REAL State of the Union
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Click to watch my REAL State of the Union speech at Conservative Review.

Special cameo appearance by my pocket copy of the Constitution from Hillsdale College.

And a box of Kleenex.

After nearly 8 long years of the Obama reign of error and terror, I need every last tissue I can get.

An excerpt paying tribute to the millions of Americans harmed by Obama who will never get special recognition in the SOTU chamber:

Greetings, my fellow Americans – I’m Michelle Malkin with Conservative Review.

Later tonight, President Barack Obama will deliver his final State of the Union address.

He’ll recycle his same old self-aggrandizing talking points, spike his football, wag his bony finger, and smirk into the teleprompter as leaders of BOTH political parties clap like trained seals—and Supreme Court judges struggle to stay awake.

Get the smelling salts. Open your eyes. Here’s the no-bullcrap truth:

The State of the Union sucks.

Obama will claim that the economy is roaring, opportunity is expanding, the American Dream is alive and well.

Yeah? Ask the families of veterans who died because of the Obama VA’s disgraceful secret wait lists.

Ask the families of the victims of jihad attacks across America – from Fort Hood to the Boston Marathon bombing to the Washington Navy Yard to San Bernardino – who lost their lives thanks to incompetent homeland security policies and ideological delusions about Islam.

Ask the families of victims of illegal alien criminals aided and abetted by liberal sanctuary policies, catch and release, and open borders.

Ask the employees whose work hours and benefits have been slashed, and who can longer keep their doctors and insurance plans, because of Obamacare.

Ask the high-skilled workers who’ve been sacked by American companies and replaced with cheap H-1B foreign labor.

Ask the pro-life organizations and small business owners forced to sue to defend their conscience rights against Obamacare’s unconstitutional abortion mandate.

Ask the victims of the vindictive IRS political witch hunts…

…or EPA land grabs and power grabs.

…Or the countless government watchdogs and inspectors general who’ve been retaliated against and bullied.

Ask the taxpayers whose hard-earned money was redistributed to irresponsible banks, fraudulent green energy companies, and deep-pocketed Democrat union bosses at the United Auto Workers in the name of “saving the auto industry.”

Ask the nearly 50 million Americans now dependent on food stamps or the nation’s black teenagers whose unemployment rate stands at a staggering 24 percent…

Read the rest.

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