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New Year, New Platform: Joining Conservative Review
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Exciting news as 2016 kicks in: I am joining the team at Conservative Review as a senior editor. If it isn’t on your daily reading list, it should be! You will get no-holds-barred reporting and analysis challenging both the progressive left and the crapweasel GOP Beltway establishment.

Update: Don’t miss my first piece for CR blasting Obama’s alien work permit bonanza.

Here’s the Breitbart report on the news and here’s the official CR press release:

Conservative Review Welcomes Michelle Malkin

Washington, D.C.- Conservative Review is proud to welcome conservative commentator, social media icon, and author Michelle Malkin as a senior editor. Malkin, who has long been on the frontlines of the battle for conservatism, will provide exclusive writing and digital content as the newest member of the Conservative Review editorial team. Working with CR’s Editor-in-Chief Mark Levin, Malkin will be a powerful addition to CR’s unique perspective and bold conservative analysis.

Malkin, who founded the two conservative sites Twitchy and Hot Air in addition to her eponymous blog at, has consistently been one of the most influential bloggers in the nation. She also has a massive social media following with nearly 900,000 Twitter followers and 1.7 million Facebook fans. Most recently, Mediaite named her one of its “25 Most Influential in Political News Media 2015.” In addition, Malkin has authored six books, including two New York Times bestsellers.

“The mainstream media and Beltway establishment have not only attempted to hijack the political process, but have also sought to hide the awful truth — that both political parties have sold out to the Washington Cartel.

“I am proud to join the team at Conservative Review and will help them fight political spin by promoting conservative values and free-market principles with some of the best and brightest minds in the conservative movement,” said Malkin.

“Conservative Review is quickly becoming the go-to site for conservatives for insightful commentary and analysis as well as the true record of politicians. Michelle is a superb addition to our team, as her writing has served as a clarion call in standing for the Constitution and conservative principles,” said Mark Levin, editor-in-chief.

Malkin joins Levin, along with Steve Deace, Daniel Horowitz, Dan Bongino, Deneen Borelli, Amanda Carpenter, John Gray, Chris Jacobs, and more at Conservative Review.

Privileged to be in such great, conservative company! Be sure to check in regularly to check out my exclusives for the site in the coming days, weeks, and months–along with all the other invaluable resources at CR, including the regular contributors, election tracker, and Liberty Scorecard.

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