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The Mohammed Cartoons and Other Riot-Inducing Images
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Lan astaslem: I will not submit/surrender.


The Danish cartoons

Longtime readers know that nine years ago, after I helped spearhead a Mohammed Cartoon blogburst in support of the Danish cartoonists at the Jyllands-Posten newspaper, my site was targeted by jihadist hackers who launched DDOS attacks for nearly a week, along with the usual death threats.

Here’s the video from 2006 of my brief appearance on Hannity & Colmes, where I displayed the Mo Toons in full:

Everything old is new again, as the Cartoon Jihadists demonstrated this week. They never give up. They’ll never give up until we give in. As my column today shows, the dhimmi media is as feckless today as they were in 2006 when we bloggers asked them to join us in publishing the forbidden toons.

Here, again, are the Mo Toons and other riot-inducing images I’ve covered over the years that have stoked the eternal, perpetual outrage of the barbaric Muslim avengers. Click on the image links for related stories. Below the images are links to stories of the brave journalists, including many Muslims, who have died at the hands of Allah’s vigilantes.

Shame on the pixelators, whitewashers, and enablers.



The Charlie Hebdo toons


Blasphemous Minnie


Blasphemous Mo Teddy Bear


The forbidden soccer balls of blasphemy

Muhammad hell

The forbidden fresco of death


The forbidden Burger King ice cream swirl


The Allah-insulting Nike sneakers


Blasphemous Mo pig

Related: The Mo Toon image archive via Zombietime.

It’s always something…

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