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Rising Anti-Police Vigilantism and President Obama's Silence; Update: He Speaks...Finally
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By now, you’ve read the news: Two New York City police officers were ambushed and executed this afternoon, reportedly as “revenge” for the Eric Garner incident.

Sickos on the Left have been stoking hatred against cops for months now in the wake of Ferguson and explicitly calling for their murder. Today, many cheered the murders of the NYPD officers, Wenjian Liu & Rafael Ramos.

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 11.46.21 PM


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio called on New Yorkers to pray for the officers’ families, whom he met at Woodhull Hospital tonight.

“It’s a moment when we must all come together to support these families, to support healing, and to be thankful that there are heroes among us like Officer Ramos and Officer Liu,” de Blasio said.

Bratton said that authorities are still investigating motive, but police are looking at “anti-police” postings on the social media site Instagram.

R.I.P. and prayers for their families. And prayers for all the good men and women on the thin blue line who remain under siege.

What does President Obama have to say tonight? Nothing. Just this bland nothing-burger from the White House:

He’s busy, people.

Update 12:40am Eastern time:

He speaks. Well, he issues a late-night statement. Finally.

Too little, too late, I’m afraid.


Loyal readers of this blog and my columns have been reading my warnings about rising anti-police vigilantism — and the White House silence about it for weeks. Here are two of my recent columns on the festering hatred that has gone ignored:


The cop-killing cult of Larry Davis

by Michelle Malkin

Creators Syndicate

Copyright 2014

In Manhattan’s Union Square last week, a protester wielded a menacing sign. It didn’t make the front page of any newspaper. You didn’t see it on cable news. An appalled bystander sent me a photo of the marcher and his inciteful placard, but didn’t want to be identified in any way.

You’ll know why in a moment.

“Justice Please,” the top line of the poster read. “Before we see a lot of new Larry Davis[es],” the message threatened. “1986 6 cops killed,” the banner ended ominously. It was underlined in red marker for bloody emphasis.

“Larry Davis” is quite the faddish battle cry among young minority agitators these days. Enraged tweets about the Ferguson and Eric Garner cases over the past several weeks have heralded Davis as a “street legend” and “hero.” Chicago-based actor Demarco Monroe vowed on Twitter that if police “[c]ome at me on that gun pointing s–t, please believe the LARRY DAVIS gon (sic) come outta me.”

Nova Sankofa, a Philadelphia-area “social activist” and “active philanthropist” advised his followers and fellow grievance-mongers: “You’ve got to be able to ride on the cops like Larry Davis.”

For those outside of New York City who are not steeped in the social justice movement’s racially charged vigilantism against the police, and for those who may have forgotten, let me tell you about this homicidal “hero.”

Larry Davis, known as “Loco Larry” on the streets of the Bronx, had racked up a mile-long rap sheet by age 20. The black rapper-turned-drug dealer boasted arrests or convictions for petty larceny, resisting arrest, violating probation, possession of stolen property and burglary. He led violent turf wars against other crack kingpins. In the fall of 1986, police suspected him in the execution of four rivals.

When an NYPD unit descended on Davis’s flat for questioning, the hoodlum came out with guns blazing. “I’ll shoot them first. I want to die,” he reportedly bragged to family members.

Davis shot six officers; two sustained grave injuries. Contrary to popular legend (echoed by the Union Square sign displayed last week), the officers all survived. Officer John O’Hara lost an eye. Emergency Service Unit cop Mary Buckley, 40, took shotgun blasts to the face. “Mary was a mess,” her doctor recounted at the time. “Her face was mutilated. The pellets had knocked out her front teeth; her upper jaw was shot away. Your heart went out to her.” After reconstructive surgery, she returned to duty as a police sniper.

Davis escaped out an unguarded window. He led police on a 17-day, five-city manhunt. Desperate, he sought refuge in a Bronx housing project, where he took a mother and her two young children hostage as he conducted marathon negotiations with law enforcement. When he finally surrendered, many residents cheered him as the ultimate “symbol of resistance.” His radical left-wing lawyers William Kunstler and convicted terror helper Lynne Stewart played a minority-dominated jury like a fiddle – stoking racial resentment and asserting police corruption without evidence.

The panel acquitted Davis on attempted murder of the officers, but he was convicted on weapons charges. He was ultimately imprisoned on separate murder charges involving another drug crime. In 2008, after reinventing himself as “Adam Abdul Hakeem,” he was stabbed to death by another inmate at Shawangunk Correctional Facility in upstate New York.

Larry Davis used children as human shields. He talked a big game about martyring himself for The Cause, but turned yellow when push came to shove. Revered by the post-Ferguson generation’s wanna-be revolutionary hipsters, this gutless wonder shot a female officer in the face.


Former Democratic New York City Mayor Ed Koch minced no words: “Those people are fools and they are giving heroic status to a criminal.” This was no righteous crusader. “He was a killer, and he shot six cops,” Koch said after Davis’s death. “You shouldn’t take pride in the execution of anybody illegally, but I believe that there is a special oil pot in hell for him.”

Today, fear and political correctness reign on the streets. Few truth-tellers in public office will call out the cop-hating cultists seeking racially driven retribution. Social justice mobsters sucker punch cops in New York while “peaceniks” cheer. Police officers have been attacked with hatchets, knives, and bottles from the Big Apple to Canon City, Colorado. In Oakland, “F–k the pigs” has been a constant refrain. In St. Louis County: “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon.” And in Denver, dedicated police officer John Adsit remains in critical condition after being mowed down by a vehicle while escorting Ferguson protesters last week. Witnesses reportedly applauded and the ongoing investigation of the driver has been characterized as “complex.” [Contribute to Officer Adsit’s GoFundMe campaign her e.]

President Obama this week condemned the “deeply rooted” racism of police officers. But what of the deeply rooted racism and violent hatred of those who glorify America’s Mumia Abu Jamal s, Christopher Dorners and Larry Davises?

Silence is complicity.


What Obama’s Ferguson sermon left out


What Obama’s Ferguson sermon left out

by Michelle Malkin

Creators Syndicate

Copyright 2014

In his 967-word statement to the nation about the Ferguson grand jury decision on Tuesday night, President Obama devoted precisely one sentence to the risks and sacrifices police officers make to keep the peace.


Obama delivered a tepid, obligatory acknowledgement that “our police officers put their lives on the line for us every single day.” But he sandwiched it between a finger-wagging admonition that cops need to “show care and restraint” and a pandering discourse justifying the “deep distrust” that “communities of color” have toward law enforcement because of the “legacy of racial discrimination in this country.”

Note: Multiple African-American witnesses told the panel that teen Michael Brown, suspected of robbing a local market, charged Officer Darren Wilson before his shooting death. The grand jury concluded that there was no probable cause for indicting Wilson after considering hundreds of pages and scores of hours of witness and expert testimony.

Yet, Obama’s first priority was to dwell on racial injustice against “communities of color,” and his first instinct was to warn police officers to restrain themselves.

Only after expending 756 words on the need to “understand” the “problem” that “communities of color” have with police did Obama address the thugs of color “throwing bottles” and “smashing car windows” and “using this as an excuse to vandalize property” in the name of social justice.

The Nobel Peace Prize winner had nothing to say about the hate-filled “F**k the police” refrain from rioters of color in Ferguson and anarchists of pallor in Oakland and Occupy Wall Street pot-stirrers of privilege poisoning social media.

The nation’s self-styled healer of souls was mum in response to black radical grievance-mongers’ calls to vengefully burn Ferguson to the ground–a seething sentiment echoed the next day by Brown’s stepfather.

Mr. Hope and Change stayed silent about the lynch-mob instigators calling for Wilson to be shot and his family murdered.

And while the uniter-in-chief has given several public shout-outs to Brown and his family, he has delivered no special national address addressing the families of police officers ruthlessly targeted by domestic terrorists and racist radicals.

Obama used his bully pulpit this week to bemoan the “real issues” of discrimination by some police officers. But he said nothing about the murderous strain of racial animus against America’s men and women in blue.

It’s part of a longstanding cultural war against cops that has permeated academia, Hollywood, media and “progressive” halls of power for decades — from the “pig”-hating Weather Underground to mainstream rappers to MSNBC’s Al Sharpton to high-ranking convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal’s advocates such as former Obama administration green jobs czar Van Jones.

And the bloody beat goes on.

In October, a militant black nationalist and jihadist vigilante attacked white New York police officers with a hatchet. Zale Thompson maliciously wounded Officer Kenneth Healey in the head and slashed Officer Joseph Meeker in the arm. Thompson was no poor, uneducated youth. He is a College of New Rochelle liberal arts alumnus and one-time master’s degree candidate at Obama’s alma mater, Columbia University.

As the New York Post reported, Thompson was a radical “black power” proponent who converted to Islam, obsessed over jihad, spent months consuming pro-ISIS propaganda and “wanted ‘white people to pay’ for slavery.”

Thompson was hailed as a “crusader for justice” by the Queens chapter of the New Black Panther Party. That’s the same anti-white hate group whose members instigated racially charged chaos in Ferguson; racially charged intimidation at a Philadelphia voting booth in 2008 that went unpunished by the Obama administration; and racially inflammatory threats against the innocent Duke lacrosse players exonerated of false rape accusations in 2007.

A week after Thompson waged his racist anti-cop jihad, another police officer in Washington, D.C., was ambushed by an ax-wielding assailant in a chillingly similar attack. He remains on the loose.

To these men and women of all colors on the front lines, risking their lives against homeland security threats of all kinds, Obama last night offered hundreds of lines of warning and lecturing.

But not this one word: “Thanks.”



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