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10 Images Mocking George W. Bush That Were Far Worse Than a Harmless Rodeo Clown
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Over the years, I’ve meticulously chronicled progressive haters and their rank hypocrisy. It’s time for yet another refresher course as the libs go nuts over a rodeo clown.

Without further ado, drawn from my blog archives, here are 10 images/signs/agitprop items mocking George W. Bush that were far, far worse than any of the silly Obama gags causing prog conniptions.

1. imgres

2. imgres-1

3. imgres-2

4. imgres-3

5. imgres-4

6. kb2

7. kbush

8. kb4

9. bushbeheaded

10. imgres-5

Note: These were not just fringe pieces. Some appeared in art galleries and at major film festivals. Left-wing assassination chic means never having to say you’re sorry.

Message to the rodeo-phobes: Lighten up, buttercups.


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