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National Empty Chair Day Photo Album, Part II
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From reader S.S.: “I think National Empty Chair Day is a great idea. Here’s mine.”

Just landed in Charlotte NC and was met with a massively overflowing email box of Empty Chair Day photos from around the country! A Politico reporter asked me why I was covering the phenomenon and why so many on the Right felt compelled today to deliver a message in support of both the event and Clint Eastwood’s AWOL Obama skit. Here’s what I said:

It’s fun. It’s funny. It’s a social media phenomenon (see here for full round-up of blog and MSM coverage and Legal Insurrection’s comprehensive coverage here).

#EmptyChairDay is a way for conservatives to stand their political ground on their own front lawns — without the mainstream media gatekeepers whitewashing and obstructing their voices out of the campaign debate like they did during the RNC.

Clint Eastwood resonated with voters outside the snotty, derisive NY-DC-Hollywood axis. He braved derision and ridicule for standing on the convention stage. Activists on the right wanted to demonstrate that their appreciation. As always, humor is the best medicine.

Without further ado, here’s round two of the National Empty Chair Day social media photo album. There are hundreds and hundreds, so I can’t reprint all of them. But this is a great, raucous representative sample. Enjoy and thanks to all who participated! Remember in November.

More coverage:

From The Duffys: “Table of Obama’s job council. Notice how diverse it is.” HAH!

From Kathy B in Big Bear CA: “This photo says….it all! Pink Chair ……with a Pink Slip!”

From reader Lee: “My version of Empty Chair… he bows yet again…” LOL.

From reader Bruce in Manhattan Beach. Like sands in the hour glass…

From reader Angie in Vandalia, OH:

From reader Lisa in California, who e-mails that her 10-year-old daughter designed this one:

From reader Debby and Danielle in Center, MO:

From reader Lostman:

From reader DMK: “FLAG=U.S.A. is exceptional & America rules. DIRTY BLUE CAMPING CHAIR=liberal politicians & wives tax-funded vacations. CUP=32oz sodas still enjoyed & loved at our house. DONKEY=Democrat…”

From reader Paul in Spring, TX: “I decorated my front yard this morning and now my neighbors are following

my lead. I also posted this on my Facebook page.”

From reader Karen: “Changing tide.”

From reader Carol: “Here’s to real change when the people can him in Nov.!”

From reader Michael: “Mine is playing another round of golf followed by a beer summit!!”

From reader Bryan DeHaven: “Central Florida: The empty chair FAILED to make the rising waters recede…”

Ben Howe: “The ‘Change’ poster has changed a bit since 2008.”

Amy in Raleigh NC: “One big empty chair for Obama, two little empty chairs for Biden and Michelle. Even our dog lucky wants Bo to go!”

From reader Debi: “Celebrating National Empty Chair Day in San Clemente, California!!!!”

From reader Franklin in Colorado Springs, teleprompter included:

From reader Karen in East Hartford CT: “Included a hat for donations. Begging for money is second only to his teleprompter.”

From Twitter user @notoserfdom via @mthorntoncpa:

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