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Movie Theater Shooting in Aurora CO: 12 Dead, 50 Injured; Suspect in Custody; Victim Jessica Ghawi Tweeted Before Death, Had Survived Toronto Mall Shooting; Gun-Control Frenzy, Rush/Tea Party-Bashing Begins Anew; ABC "Apologizes" for "Incorrect" Tea Party Tie
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Horrific news this morning here in Colorado.

12 dead, 50 injured. The reported victims include a 3-month-old baby and a 6-year-old child. The suspect, 24-year-old James Holmes, is in custody.

Full coverage at Twitchy, including this piece on Aurora shooting victim Jessica Ghawi, who was tweeting just before her death and was present at the mall shooting in Toronto six weeks ago.

Prayers for all the victims and their families.


Predictably, Nanny NYC Michael Bloomberg has already called for more gun control. So has Piers Morgan.

Many Coloradans will remember that the mass shooting in Colorado Springs at New Life Church in 2007 was stopped by a citizen hero, Jeanne Assam, because she was armed and shot back — saving hundrds of lives.

Let me repeat that for the gun control zealots: Armed Colorado citizens have SAVED lives in mass shootings. The knee-jerk gun-grabbers have no shame. And no clue.


Predictably, the Left is blaming Rush Limbaugh.

ABC News has already floated a Tea Party tie-in as well.

UPDATE: ABC News “apologizes” for making false Tea Party connection.

Stay on top of our wall-to-wall coverage:

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