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Bloomberg News Enters MakeUpCrapistan: "I'M MAKING THIS UP;" Update: Bloomberg Responds, Editor Regrets "Unfortunate Shorthand"
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At RightOnline in Las Vegas this weekend, those of us in the “Just A Blogger” club hammered away at the MSM journalistic elites and their self-serving double standards.

Fantastic keynote speaker Sarah Palin mocked the inhabitants of MakeUpCrap-istan who disparage investigative bloggers while manufacturing the news themselves to fit their agendas.

Super-blogger Sooper Mexican skewered MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell yesterday and we in the #JustABlogger club have been having a field day with the unapologetic media fable-tellers and the Rip Van Kurtzes of the journo world.

Meanwhile, “real reporters” are on the job in other outlets…doing the apparent quote-manufacturing that #JustABlogger won’t do.

Thanks to one of my eagle-eyed readers for tipping me off to this eye-raising editorial note in a Bloomberg News story on Mexican president Felipe Calderon and the G-20 summit (also Google cached here), which I tweeted earlier this afternoon:

The editorial comment about “MAKING THIS UP” was scrubbed, but the quote remains in the story:

Picked up by The Blaze and The Right Scoop.

But hey, we’re…just bloggers.


UPDATE June 20 9:42am

Just received the following email from Ty Trippet, Bloomberg spokesman:

I read your post related to our article about the G-20 and Mexican President Felipe Calderon that cites Marcus Wallenberg saying that Calderon’s legacy would be a positive investment climate marked by a commitment to free trade and minimal government interference in the economy.

We have issued a correction on our website this morning to remove the extraneous editor’s note:

And here is some additional language that explains further what happened and how we dealt with it as soon as we could. Thank you for your attention to this.

“The story was published with an editor’s note to the reporter that he was rewriting the paragraph and was meant for the reporter to check its accuracy. While the paragraph is accurate and we stand by the reporting, the editor’s choice of words was unfortunate shorthand. As soon as we were aware this happened, we issued a correction to show that the extraneous language was removed. We take transparency and accuracy very seriously and appreciate the opportunity to improve our internal editing practices.”

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