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A Customer's Letter to the Appeasers of Amazon.Com; Update: Sign the Reverse Course Petition
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I received the following statement from today regarding its decision not to renew its membership with the American Legislative Exchange Council:

Thanks for reaching out to me. Each year we evaluate all of our association memberships and we’ve decided not to renew our participation in ALEC, in part because of positions that group took on issues unrelated to our business.


Mary Osako

Amazon Spokesperson

In other words: They caved. They chose to appease marginal agitators who have capitalized on the Trayvon Martin case to squelch conservatives’ participation in the legislative process.

I told you last month that State Farm and Johnson & Johnson are their next targets. AT&T is also on that list.

If you don’t speak up, they’ll cave, too.

Before you pull your dollars from Amazon, I suggest using your customer clout to pressure Amazon to reverse course. These companies need to hear from customers and investors that suppressing conservative political participation is not good for their business. Stand your ground.


Just received this e-mail to forwarded by a reader:

Dear Amazon,

I find myself utterly flabbergasted that you would drop out of ALEC merely because of pressure from some loud and obnoxious rabble rousers.

ALEC is a business-friendly organization that supports the free-enterprise system directly, and Amazon’s business model indirectly.

It appears to me that Amazon is all about innovation and care of its customers. It is unfortunate that you have to sully your reputation by demonstrating your thin skin. I’m sure that you have had many loud mouths who are giving you all kinds of grief and threatening all sorts of retaliation and boycotts. Let me assure you, those voices are few, they are way louder than the numbers they represent, and they pale in comparison to the Customers (such as I) who appreciate your contributions to ALEC.

None of us wants to be seen as “Racist”, but that is the invective that is being used because it is shocking enough to work in some occasions. When you examine the logic in the accusation, you have to cross several different lines of logic before you even come close to Racism. Actually, the racism being demonstrated is by those who wish to keep the faithful in line, and keep the conversation consistent with dependency.

I know that Amazon believes in excellence, as you demonstrate this in your business operations. I would much rather support a business that supports ALEC, than one that backs down in cowardice.

Your estimation is really rather simple. Being a “Book” based company, how many of your customers are intelligent enough to form and support their own opinions? Given the logic of the situation, which choice would the majority of your customers support?

Please reverse course and stand your ground. Compare the logic and intelligence of the correspondence that you receive in support of ALEC with the illogical demands that you distance yourself from them. It is your choice.

Thanks for your time and attention!

Bob Kellum


Update: Sign the Reverse Course Petition and make your voice heard.

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