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Why Do Soros Monkeys Hate Women?
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The Soros-backed hit men of Media Matters for America have led the GOP-bashing “War on Women” battle cry.

But how does the progressive organization measure up to the “equal pay,” diversity quotas, and gender equity standards it accuses Republicans of failing to meet?

After reviewing the Soros monkey’s recent tax filings, these inconvenient facts have come to light:

Top 5 highest paid employees in 2008 (base pay):

David Brock — $266,704

Eric Burns — $217,351

Jamison W. Foser — $188,333

George Lattimore — $163,451

Marcia Kuntz — $147,879

Top 5 highest paid employees in 2009 (base pay):

David Brock — $286,804 (7.5% increase over 2008)

Eric Burns — $240,579 (10.7% increase over 2008)

Tate Williams — $162,812

Marcia Kuntz — $147,454 (0.02% decrease from 2008)

Ari Rabin-Havt — $134,484

Top 5 highest paid employees in 2010 (base pay):

Eric Burns — $256,187 (6.5% increase over 2009)

David Brock — $254,547 (11.2% decrease from 2009)

Marcia Kuntz — $199,730 (35.5% increase from 2009)

Tate Williams — $192,810 (18.4% increase over 2009)

Ari Rabin-Havt — $167,052 (24.2% increase over 2009)

That’s one woman among the top five highest paid MMFA employees over three years. According to a recent list of MMFA goons, men appear to outnumber women at the group by two to one, and compensation is based not on Lily Ledbetter-style mandates but (according to the group’s 990 forms) is “BASED ON THE COMPENSATION STUDIES AND USING COMPARATIVE DATA FROM OTHER ORGANIZATIONS.”

Like the Obama White House and Democrats who coordinate closely with MMFA, it’s do as they say, not as they do.

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