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The Self-Immolation of Rick Perry; Update: Perry to Appear on Letterman; Rush Jibes, Then Criticizes Criticizers
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En fuego.

Big Government’s John Nolte has a term for Rick Perry’s devout adherents — “Perrykrishnas.”

Tonight, after Perry’s latest mortifying GOP debate gaffe in which he can’t remember the name of the third government agency he would cut and gazes helplessly at Ron Paul to bail him out, Nolte tweeted:

“Currently digging up all the tweets I got from Perrykrishnas raging about Palin not being ready for primetime. #OhTheLulz”


In case you missed Perry’s cringe-inducing Brain Blip, watch now:

It’s not like he was asked to name the president of Uzbeki-beki-beki-stan, for heaven’s sake. This is Remedial Government Cutting 101.

I’ll have to go back and amend by September 23 blog post on Perry’s then-cringe-worthiest debate moment, when Perry botched what should have been his most potent attack on Mitt Romney’s chronic flip-flopping. As I noted on Twitter when it happened, any random high schooler at the CPAC conference in Washington could have done better than this. Video thanks to The Right Scoop. The lackluster stumbling starts at around 1:28 into the clip:

Then there was Perry’s somnolent debate performance on October 11.

Who knew Perry would turn out to be such a debate flake? A lot of people in Texas knew.

Allahpundit has a round-up of reax.

Perry’s team was no doubt hoping its candidate would reignite a flame tonight.

But not the flame of self-immolation.


I’ll repeat what I said in my GOP 2012: Hold Your Nose Tracker post from October 17:

As all of these candidates’ campaigns remind us — endlessly — there’s no such thing as a perfect candidate.

Yep, don’t we all know it? Politics is the Pageant of the Imperfects.

Every single one of these front-runners is a pro-TARP interventionist with a variety of problematic Big Biz/Big Government impulses and alliances.

Which one will do the least worst job against Obama in the debates, on the campaign trail, and ultimately in the White House? Which one will insult the base the least? Which one will actually have the energy, competence, and credibility to directly challenge Obama’s corruption, profligacy, class-warfare demagoguery, progressive pandering, and epidemic failures?

Watching, waiting, hoping, praying. And yes, preparing the nose plugs however this race turns out…


Hoo-boy. Team Perry thinks it’s a good idea to book Burning Man on all the morning shows tomorrow. Hope he gets a good night’s sleep.

The inevitable joke: “Perry’s booked on 3 morning shows, but can only remember 2 of them.”


Update: The masochism. It hurts. Rick Perry tells Laura Ingraham this morning that he’ll be appearing on the David Letterman show and possible the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Lamb to the slaughter.

Fanning the self-immolation flames.

Someone help: He needs a fire extinguisher, not more fuel.



Rush Limbaugh jokes that he’s forgotten the third letter of his “EIB” network. Then he complains that those criticizing Perry are “eating our own.”

No, this is how we toughen them up.

John Podhoretz tweets:”This is a real opportunity for Rick Perry to make it known he has a sense of humor about being completely unfit to be president.”

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