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Unhinged: Occupiers Gone Wild(Er)
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Because vandalizing businesses, breaking windows, provoking police, shutting down ports, and attracting rapists, thieves, and molesters to their encampments didn’t cause enough havoc…

*An Occupier is dangling right now from the Tappan Zee bridge with a black-helicopter banner in Rockland County, NY that reads “Rockland Executive Legislature Cover Up Retaliation.”

*Occupy DC nuts used kids as human shields, shoved old people, and caused a mini-riot.

*Occupiers in my hometown of Colorado Springs were arrested after duct-taping themselves to a tent in violation of city code.

*Occupiers in Portland chained themselves to concrete plaza. More details and video of the morons at Verum Serum.

Oh, yeah — and they’re also battling a head and body lice outbreak (via Gateway Pundit). Ewwww:

*There are now “women-only” tents in the dangerous Occupy Wall Street slums of Zuccotti Park to protect them against camp rapists.

*Occupy Denver thugs defaced and danced on an American flag.


According to Occupy Arrests, there have been 3,362 arrests of the Kamp Alinsky Kids across the country.

UPI reports:

Police reported arrests in the Occupy movement spread to cities across the United States and a Portland, Ore., group said it did not vandalize two banks.

In Atlanta, five people were arrested Sunday, four on bicycles and a woman draped in an American flag, after refusing to leave Woodruff Park in the city’s downtown area, The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported.

…The arrests came a day after 19 Occupy Atlanta protesters were arrested by police officers wearing riot gear. Members of the movement had spent weeks camped in the park before being removed by police late last month.

The protests against inequities in the distribution of wealth and various social issues began in September as Occupy Wall Street in New York and spread to cities worldwide.

A group calling itself “The Real Occupy Portland and the 99%” said Sunday it wasn’t responsible for vandalizing two banks in the city, despite an earlier claim of responsibility, CNN said.

Protesters in Honolulu asked for donations Sunday to recover $1,700 in bail money after eight people were arrested during a sit-in at one of the city’s oldest community parks the previous day.

Just like the Tea Party my you-know-what.

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