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Here Are Your 1 Percent-Ers: Obama's Bundlers
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While the Kamp Alinsky Kids were taunting police officers across the country on Friday night, the Obama-Biden 2012 campaign quietly released its list of the elite deep-pocketed donors who bundled at least $20 million for the White House. I’m publishing the full list below.

Some 41 bundlers bagged more than $500,000 each for Mr. Obama this year. That’s a substantial increase over the 27 who met that threshold last quarter.

The Washington Times broke down geographically where a big chunk of the money came from: Eighty-five bundlers live in California; 41 are from New York City; 27 are from Chicago; and 16 are in Washington, D.C.

Add this to my pre-existing compilation of ultra-rich Americans who are off-limits to the Obama-backed occupiers. See: “An illustrated guide: The homes Kamp Alinsky Kids won’t protest.”

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Obama For America and Obama Victory Fund 2012 Volunteer Fundraisers

Amount Raised: $50,000-$100,000

Last Name First Name State City

Alters Jeremy FL Hallandale Beach

Anders Michael CA San Francisco

Andrew Joe MD Potomac

Apteker Jim MA Brookline

Assongba Abake NY Brooklyn

Becker Josh CA Menlo Park

Belluck David MA Boston

Berger Dan PA Philadelphia

Berghoef Susan IL Chicago

Billings David London

Bonnie Shelby CA San Francisco

Brown Anthony MD Bowie

Buckley Raymond NH Manchester

Buttenwieser Peter PA Philadelphia

Byrd Andrew TN Nashville

Canfield Ken GA Atlanta

Casey Bob PA Haverford

Clark Frank IL Chicago

Cohen Steve IL Chicago

Coles Michael GA Atlanta

Cooney John IL Chicago

Cooper Jon NY Lloyd Harbor

Curling Donna GA Roswell

Cutter Brooks CA Sacramento

D’Orta Jim DC Washington

Davis Gordon NY New York

Donovan Robert NY New York

Draizin Mitch NY New York

Eakes Pam WA Seattle

Egerman Paul MA Weston

Ellis Matt TX Austin

Eychaner Fred IL Chicago

Fishman Andrew CT Weston

Friedman Cynthia FL Palm Beach

Friedman Mark CA Sacramento

Gamble Boyer Terry CA San Francisco

Garrison Dave TN Nashville

Ginsburg Alan FL Orlando

Gold Judy IL Chicago

Goldman Steve NY New York

Gorman Matt DC Washington

Granoff Michael NY Purchase

Grasseschi Barbara CA Healdsburg

Gray De & Paul IL Chicago

Gutman Joseph IL Chicago

Hamamoto David and Marty NY New York

Herlinsky Victor NJ Hackensack

Hill David MD Silver Spring

Horning Paul GA Atlanta

Hostovich Teena CA La Canada

Isaacs Rita CA Piedmont

Islam Frank MD Potomac

Jennings Kevin NY New York

Johnson Orlan MD Bowie

Jonsson Laurie WA Seattle

Kaplan Jonathan CA San Francisco

Kassen Michael CT Westport

Kennedy Patrick RI Portsmouth

Kramer Terry CA Piedmont

Lang Sollinger Mary WI Madison

McCall Mark and Marianna CT Westport

McCurdy Greg NY New York

McFadden-Lawson Mattie CA Los Angeles

McGowan Gerry VA Arlington

Meredith Lynn TX Austin

Miller Lee IL Chicago

Mills Jon FL Gainesville

Minard Sally NY New York

Mindich Eric NY New York

Miner Judd IL Chicago

Mogull Mike FL Miami

Novello Peter NY New York

Oram John MI Beverly Hills

Ortiz Rafael CA San Francisco

Pajcic Stephen FL Jacksonville

Pang Sheldon CT Greenwich

Park Catherine CA Santa Monica

Patterson-Strachan Shaunda DC Washington

Phillips Dean MN Minneapolis

Prats Roberto PR San Juan

Replogle John NC Raleigh

Rey Joyce CA Beverly Hills

Richardson Terry SC Barnwell

Rosenfeld and Zarin Gerald and Judith NY New York

Ruiz Jesse IL Chicago

Sabharwal Sunil DC Washington

Sall John NC Cary

Sargent Todd CA Los Angeles

Scheide Judith and William NJ Princeton

Schell Michael MA Chatham

Schmitz Paul WI Milwaukee

Schram John CA San Francisco

Scully John CA Mill Valley

Shaw Clark Diana United Kingdom London

Sherr Harry MA Wellesley

Slingerland Dixon CA Los Angeles

Smith Mark NY New York

Solow David IL Chicago

Sorrell Michael TX Dallas

Sterner Amy MN Minneapolis

Steyer Tom CA San Francisco

Tankha Kavita CA Los Altos Hills

Tant Allison FL Tallahasee

Tiemann Amy NC Chapel Hill

Tsao-Wu Grace IL Chicago

Unterman Thomas CA Pacific Palisades

Weiss Daniel CA Los Angeles

Whitlock Linda MA Newton

Winthrop Jay CT Greenwich

Wolf David CA Long Beach

Zednik Joseph and Deanna FL Bonita Springs

Zimmerman Robert NY Great Neck

Amount Raised: $100,000-$200,000

Last Name First Name State City

Adams Charles Geneva

Ahn Simon GA Atlanta

Aldock John MD Bethesda

Avant Clarence CA Beverly Hills

Bakalar Steve United Kingdom London

Bauer Virginia NJ Red Bank

Berger Mitchell FL Parkland

Bittel Stephen FL Miami Beach

Blanch Richard NY New York

Brewster and Satawake James “Wally” and Bob IL Chicago

Bone Charles Robert TN Nashville

Burd David DC Washington

Bush Dwight DC Washington

Carr Michelle IL Chicago

Coleman Belinda MD Upper Marlborough

Coney Les IL Chicago

Cronin Cheryl MA Boston

Crown James IL Chicago

Davis Stephen CA San Francisco

Day Justin FL Tampa

Day Robert Justin FL Tallahassee

Emanuel Ari CA Beverly Hills

Falk Joseph FL Miami

Fass Dan CT Riverside

Fish Larry MA Chestnut Hill

Fish John MA Roxbury

Forrester Chip TN Nashville

Freeman William TN Nashville

Friedman David CO Longmont

Gail David TX Dallas

Gardner Anthony London

Gifford Anne and Chad MA Manchester

Gorenberg and Wanderman Mark and Wendy CA San Francisco

Gorman John TX Austin

Gray Richard NJ Short Hills

Griffin Chad CA Beverly Hills

Guarasci Patrick WI Milwaukee

Hashemi Noosheen CA Menlo Park

Hess Anne NY New York

Hinkle Don FL Tallahassee

Hirshberg Gary NH Concord

Hughes Kate NJ Princeton

Kang Henry NY New York

Kenney David CO Denver

Kraus Michelle CA Palo Alto

Kraus Peter TX Dallas

Krupp George MA Boston

Landis Kel NC Raleigh

Lasry Marc NY New York

Leat Chad NY New York

Lemke-von Ammon Derek CA Yountville

Lerner Steve NC Chapel Hill

Lesser Tom MA Northhampton

Levi John IL Chicago

Levine Cliff PA Pittsburgh

Levine Mel CA Pacific Palisades

Li Michael TX Dallas

Liemandt Andra TX Austin

Lynton Michael CA Los Angeles

Maddox Kerman CA Los Angeles

Mahoney William and Amalia IL Chicago

Mahoney Alice & Bill CT New Canaan

Mayer Marissa CA San Francisco

McDermott Shaw MA Dedham

McGarr Cappy TX Dallas

McLain Thomas CA Los Angeles

Meyer Kelly CA Malibu

Millman Samantha CA Beverly Hills

Morgan John FL Lake Mary

Munoz Henry TX San Antonio

Murray Bruce and Jim VA Keene

Myers Steven CA Corona del Mar

Newmark Steven NY New York

Oblander Kristin GA Atlanta

Palnick Lazar PA Pittsburgh

Paolino Jr. Joe RI Providence

Parker Yolanda CA Los Angeles

Peebles Don DC Washington

Phillips John DC Washington

Pollak Abigail and FJ FL Coral Springs

Pritzker Penny IL Chicago

Ricketts Laura IL Chicago

Rising Nelson CA La Canada

Robert Stephen NY New York

Roberts Marjorie VI St. Thomas

Roche Robert Shanghai

Roizman Israel PA Lafayette Hill

Rosenbaum Greg MD Bethesda

Rubin Jamie NY New York

Rueff Rusty CA Hillsborough

Scott Shonda CA Oakland

Shaw Noah MA Boston

Singh Amy IL Chicago

Snyder Jay NY New York

Soref Jeff NY New York

Stafford Amanda and Earl VA Mc Lean

Stanley Marc TX Dallas

Stein Bobby FL Jacksonville

Tanner Justin GA Atlanta

Tomasello Beth MD Chevy Chase

Torrey Jim CT Greenwich

Walls Tina CO Boulder

Warschaw Hope CA Santa Monica

Weil Josephine MO St. Louis

Weinstein Andrew FL Coral Springs

Weiss Antonio NY New York

Young Chris CA Oakland

Zinn Catherine CA San Francisco

Amount Raised: $200,000-$500,000

Last Name First Name State City

Aberly Naomi TX Dallas

Aboussie Joyce MO St. Louis

Acker and Goodman Gerald and Barry MI Huntington Woods

Adelson Tom OK Tulsa

Adler Michael FL Miami Beach

Alderman Mark PA Philadelphia

Altman Roger NY New York

Austin JP FL Miami

Bagley Elizabeth DC Washington

Bailey Jean MD Silver Spring

Bean Terry OR Portland

Bell Colleen CA Los Angeles

Berger Josh London

Beshar Peter NY Rye

Bluhm Neil IL Chicago

Boone Aimee TX Dallas

Broas Tim DC Washington

Brosens Frank NY New York

Buell Justin CA San Francisco

Carnahan Thomas MO St. Louis

Cioffi Michael OH Cincinnati

Clark Bob MO St. Louis

Crumpler John NC Durham

DeWitt Meredith MA Still River

Dornbush Kirk GA Atlanta

Draper Becky CA San Francisco

Dunham Doug NY New York

Dwyer Carolyn VT Montpelier

Eccles Leni CA Belvedere

Fernando Rajiv IL Chicago

Fidler Genine MD Owings Mills

Friedkin Amy CA San Francisco

Frillman Lou and Carol WA Seattle

Fulp Carol MA Boston

Gallogly Mark NY New York

Goldman Doug and Lisa CA San Francisco

Guillemard Andres PR San Juan

Halpern Daniel GA Atlanta

Hamamoto Pam CA Tiburon

Hamilton Carol CA Beverly Hills

Hanson Craig CA Menlo Park

Harpootlian Richard SC Columbia

Harris Scott DC Washington

Harris Karen ME Cape Elizabeth

Heckler Alex FL Ft. Lauderdale

Heyman Vicki and Bruce IL Chicago

Hickey Doug CA San Francisco

Hoffman Sharon MO Kansas City

Jarin Ken PA Newtown

Jordan Wayne CA Oakland

Keller Janet CA Laguna Beach

Kireker Charlie and Marie VT Weybridge

Klein Ron FL Boca Raton

Kong Michael CA Los Angeles

Korge Chris FL Miami

Korge Andrew FL Miami

Kovner Sarah NY New York

Lawson Michael CA Los Angeles

Lee Brian CA Los Angeles

LeVine Suzi WA Seattle

Levinson Kathy CA Los Altos

Lynton Elizabeth Alter (Jamie) CA Los Angeles

Mason Linda MA Belmont

Mellody Hobson John Rogers, Jr. and IL Chicago

Monks Bonnie ME Cape Elizabeth

Muse Mike NY New York

Nathan Scott MA Boston

Ness Susan MD Bethesda

Nichols Mark DC Washington

Nix-Hines Crystal CA Canoga Park

Overton Spencer MD Chevy Chase

Parekh Deven NY New York

Paul Gary CA Los Angeles

Pensky Carol DC Washington

Pishevar Shervin CA Palo Alto

Pollara Ben FL Coral Gables

Randlett Wade and Lorna CA San Francisco

Rasky Larry MA Jamaica Plain

Ratner Deborah and Ron OH Cleveland

Razdan Duggal Shefali CA San Francisco

Reeves Beverly TX Austin

Robinson Alfreda DC Washington

Ross Laura NY New York

Sacks Michael IL Winnetka

Schuster Elaine MA Chestnut Hill

Shaw David & Beth NY New York

Steiner Josh NY New York

Tamar Newberger Andy Schapiro and IL Chicago

Thompson Sandi CA Woodside

Tsunis George NY Huntington

Wagar Kirk FL Coconut Grove

Weiner Mark RI East Greenwich

Wesner Alexa TX Austin

Westly Steve CA Menlo Park

Wheeler Tom DC Washington

Amount Raised: $500,000+

Last Name First Name State City

Barber Rob MA Cambridge

Barzun Matthew KY Louisville

Bauer Denise CA San Francisco

Benioff Marc CA San Francisco

Bernstein Andi & Tom NY New York

Cohen David PA Philadelphia

Connors Eileen and Jack MA Boston

Corzine Jon NJ Hoboken

Costos James CA Los Angeles

Effron Blair NY New York

Emerson John CA Los Angeles

Forester Christine CA La Jolla

Frank John WA Bellevue

Gilbert Mark and Nancy FL Boca Raton

Green Steven FL Miami Beach

Hartley Jane NY New York

Katzenberg Jeffrey CA Los Angeles

Kempner Michael NJ East Rutherford

Kennedy Lena CA Pasadena

Kramer Orin NY New York

Lopez Andres PR San Juan

Mamet Noah CA Los Angeles

Mathis Brian NY New York

Myers Charles NY Tuxedo Park

Parham Michael WA Seattle

Perlman and Karas Dana and Barry CA Los Angeles

Raji Azita CA Belvedere

Rudy Kirk TX Austin

Sepulveda Eugene TX Austin

Sherman Bob MA Boston

Smith Michael CA Los Angeles

Solomon Ken CA Los Angeles

Spahn Andy CA Los Angeles

Spinner Steve CA Menlo Park

Stetson Jane VT Norwich

Susman Sally NY New York

Tobias Andrew FL Miami

Weinstein Harvey NY New York

White Frank DC Washington

Wintour Anna NY New York

Wolf Robert NY Purchase

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)