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Friday War Document Dump: Obama Sends Troops to Africa
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All those Occupiers holding their “End the War!” signs better march on over to the White House.

President Obama just announced he’s sending U.S. troops to central Africa to fight something called “the Lord’s Resistance Army.”

The letter to House GOP Speaker John Boehner:




October 14, 2011

Dear Mr. Speaker: (Dear Mr. President:)

For more than two decades, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA)

has murdered, raped, and kidnapped tens of thousands of men,

women, and children in central Africa. The LRA continues to

commit atrocities across the Central African Republic, the

Democratic Republic of the Congo, and South Sudan that have a

disproportionate impact on regional security. Since 2008, the

United States has supported regional military efforts to pursue

the LRA and protect local communities. Even with some limited

U.S. assistance, however, regional military efforts have thus

far been unsuccessful in removing LRA leader Joseph Kony or his

top commanders from the battlefield. In the Lord’s Resistance

Army Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act of 2009, Public

Law 111-172, enacted May 24, 2010, the Congress also expressed

support for increased, comprehensive U.S. efforts to help

mitigate and eliminate the threat posed by the LRA to civilians

and regional stability.

In furtherance of the Congress’s stated policy, I have authorized

a small number of combat-equipped U.S. forces to deploy to

central Africa to provide assistance to regional forces that are

working toward the removal of Joseph Kony from the battlefield.

I believe that deploying these U.S. Armed Forces furthers U.S.

national security interests and foreign policy and will be a

significant contribution toward counter-LRA efforts in central


On October 12, the initial team of U.S. military personnel with

appropriate combat equipment deployed to Uganda. During the next

month, additional forces will deploy, including a second combat-

equipped team and associated headquarters, communications, and

logistics personnel. The total number of U.S. military personnel

deploying for this mission is approximately 100. These forces

will act as advisors to partner forces that have the goal of

removing from the battlefield Joseph Kony and other senior

leadership of the LRA. Our forces will provide information,

advice, and assistance to select partner nation forces. Subject

to the approval of each respective host nation, elements of these

U.S. forces will deploy into Uganda, South Sudan, the Central

African Republic, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The support provided by U.S. forces will enhance regional

efforts against the LRA. However, although the U.S. forces are

combat-equipped, they will only be providing information, advice,

and assistance to partner nation forces, and they will not

themselves engage LRA forces unless necessary for self-defense.

All appropriate precautions have been taken to ensure the safety

of U.S. military personnel during their deployment.

I have directed this deployment, which is in the national

security and foreign policy interests of the United States,

pursuant to my constitutional authority to conduct U.S. foreign

relations and as Commander in Chief and Chief Executive. I am

making this report as part of my efforts to keep the Congress

fully informed, consistent with the War Powers Resolution (Public

Law 93-148). I appreciate the support of the Congress in this




# # #


FYI. The push for military intervention here is supported and spearheaded by GOP Sen. James Inhofe. Background here.

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