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Eat Your Peas. Kick Off Your Bedroom Slippers. Do Your Homework.
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Shorter Obama press conference:

Solyndra? Blame Bush.

Fast and Furious? Blame Bush.

Economic crisis? Blame Bush.

Stalled jobs bill? Blame Senate GOP *Minority* Leader Mitch McConnell.

Occupy Wall Street protesters? Blame non-specific “frustration” with the “system.” But not including he!

President Rerun trotted out all his old canards, responded to questions about his cynical politicking with more cynical politicking, and wagged his finger at the media to do their “homework.”

Eat your peas. Kick off your bedroom slippers. Do your homework. Bully, bluster, filibluster. Blather, rinse, repeat.

You didn’t miss much. You didn’t miss anything.



Best rejoinder from Sen. Jim DeMint on Twitter: “The real question for everyone is: Are you better off than you were $4 trillion ago?”

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