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Gaffetastic: Team Obama Relocates Colora-DOH!; Update: Prez Can't Remember CO Senator's Name
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Take a look at this Team Obama map. Spot the error?

Yep, on the official Obama 57 states (flashback) map, Colorado has moved to Wyoming.

Now, as usual, ask yourselves: What if [fill in the blank with any GOP politician] had been responsible for this?

This classic photo of yet another gaffetastically gaffetastic Obama gaffe comes from CNN. They report:

Looks like someone in the White House press office needs to brush up on their U.S. geography.

The press office issued credentials to those reporters and photojournalists who are covering the president’s trip this week to Washington state, California, and Colorado. The credential even provides a handy graphic highlighting (in white) which states the president will visit.

The only problem?

Wyoming is highlighted, not Colorado.

Now that we Coloradans have been relocated by Team Obama to Wyoming, Californication of the Rockies can continue apace.

The next Obama economic meme: States saved or created.

Backyard Conservative dubs it “a Chicago gerrymander too far.”

On a related matter, David Bossie ask: “Will President Obama lose Colorado?”

Looks like they already did.

Colorado. Wyoming.

Corps. Corpse.

2008. 2011.

Transcontinental. Intercontinental.

Breathalyzer. Inhalator. Inhaler.

Jews. Janitors.

And on. And on. And on. And on.

But you know, we’re the stupid ones…


On a side note, I’ll say one thing in Obama’s defense. A few years ago, a prominent Harvard-educated Republican pundit came to Colorado Springs to speak and opened his remarks by saying he was “glad to be out in the Midwest.”

Mixing up flyover states: It’s a bipartisan Beltway thang…


Update: He came, he went, he gaffed again…via my hometown newspaper, the Colorado Springs Gazette:

High School didn’t seem awe-inspired by the president’s repeated “pass the bill” demand on Tuesday. President Barack Obama repeated the boring and misleading story of Warren Buffett’s secretary in a desperate effort to spend another $450 billion on stimulus. He pitted plumbers against billionaires, again. The moment he went off script, the gaffe king forgot the name of Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo. The once-powerful Oz has become the man behind the curtain.

Obama’s presidency has done more to boost free-market advocacy than all conservative proselytizing combined. Americans understand more than ever that government cannot produce wealth, create jobs or make life free. Obama can’t put fuel in our cars or pay our mortgages. Americans understand that Obamacare and other onerous mandates on business have killed economic growth. They understand that our country is mired in debt and cannot simply write more IOUs in order to build things.


Obama spoke of a jobs bill that would give rewards for those who hire Americans who have been unemployed for at least six months. Here’s the problem: An incentive that favors the long-term unemployed disfavors the newly unemployed. If Obama gets his way, the recently unemployed would have to endure unemployment for at least six months before being given serious consideration. Why hire someone fired a week ago when there’s a $4,000 bounty on the long-term unemployed? This, from a “jobs” bill.

The jobs bill is clearly another push in the direction of creating a planned economy, rather than one crafted and kept in check with billions of consumer decisions made freely each day. By fundamentally changing our economy to one that is planned by a powerful few, we will see more episodes of authority taking other people’s money in order to spend it on those deemed most worthy. The long-term unemployed will be more worthy than the short-term unemployed. Companies with solar contraptions will be more worthy than oil producers. We’ll see more fiascos such as the defunct Solyndra, which received a $535 million loan guarantee from Obama that will be paid for with money confiscated from those deemed less worthy.

I can see why Obama would prefer to forget Sen. Bennet.


In March 2010, this column first took note of allegations by Democrats Joe Sestak and Andrew Romanoff that the White House had offered them jobs in exchange for dropping their respective bids against Obama-favored incumbent Sens. Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania and Michael Bennet in Colorado. White House legal counsel Bob “The Fixer” Bauer’s attempt to bury questions about the Sestak affair with a Memorial Day weekend document dump failed. So has the attempt to make Rahm Emanuel-enlisted former president Bill Clinton the sole scapegoat.

Bauer’s memo mentions “efforts” (plural, not singular) to woo Sestak. But the White House refuses to divulge what offers besides Clinton’s were extended to Sestak. Moreover, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs has now denied that Team Obama was involved in the one Clinton offer that has been publicized — an unpaid appointment on an intelligence board for which Sestak was ineligible.

After months of silence, Romanoff finally stepped forward this week to acknowledge that the White House had dangled several positions before him, too. He released e-mails detailing not one, not two, but three different paid positions offered by White House Deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina — whose boss, Emanuel, was subpoenaed this week by impeached former Democratic Gov. Rod Blagojevich of Illinois to testify in his Senate pay-for-play corruption trial.

So, can I say “I told you so” now?

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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