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Praying for Marizela: Month 6
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Deepest thanks to all the readers and viewers who continue to offer prayers and support as my family continues to work to bring my cousin Marizela home. She disappeared from the University of Washington campus area in Seattle exactly six months ago today.

Her parents have heard absolutely nothing new from the Seattle Police Department — which is currently embroiled in big Justice Department woes.

Time has not eroded our family’s commitment to finding Emem. Not a night has gone by since she vanished in the middle of a Saturday afternoon that I haven’t thought of her and her parents.

Though you see me in the political fight day in and day out, I remind you that we are all defined by much, much more than our politics.

Remember that.

Now, someone out there know something. If you are reading this, please have the decency to break your silence and help us.

Imagine the terror, heartache, heartbreak, agony, and helplessness of a mother and father living with unfathomable holes in their hearts and souls as they wonder what happened to the teenage daughter they loved, nurtured, doted on, worried about, and sent off to college with the highest of hopes and dreams.

Vanished. Without a trace.

We are currently working on legal strategies to try and obtain information from Marizela’s Internet/social networking accounts that the SPD refuses to share with her parents. It is a long shot, but we’ll leave no stone unturned.

Friends and strangers continue to spread the word. I heard from a reader who saw someone holding a “Find Marizela” sign in NYC in front of one of the major morning show studios last month. Other readers have held prayer vigils and continued to post her missing person flyers at work and on school grounds across the country.

Special thanks to Intermarkets and Human Events for recently donating ad space to spread the word about Marizela.

If you have missed all my previous posts on Marizela, catch up here or read all the missing persons info at

Support the search efforts and buy a Marizela bracelet here!

You can order bracelets — etched with the Tagalog phrase “Lahat ay magiging aayos” (All will be well) that Marizela had tattooed on her arm — for $5 each (all proceeds go to Marizela’s family for the search) from Brianna. E-mail her at [email protected] and put “MARIZELA” in the subject line.

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