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Quake Alert: Shake, Rattle, and Roll!
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There is a disturbance in the Force.

Last night before midnight Colorado time, I tweeted that I felt the earth shaking in my hometown of Colorado Springs. It was a 5.2-5.5 magnitude temblor — the largest Colorado has seen in more than 40 years.

Just now, the Twittersphere lit up with reports of a large 5.8 *just upgraded to 5.9* quake across the Eastern seaboard. The epicenter was located outside Charlottesville VA and there are reports it was felt from D.C. to NY to eastern PA to Boston and beyond. The Capitol and Pentagon have been evacuated. No reports of major damages or injuries yet. Hope all are safe.

Strange times, eh?


Only in 2011: The DC Earthquake now has its own Twitter account:


There are a few nuclear plants near the epicenter. Several others across the East Coast were shut down as precautions. The NRC says there was no impact on any plants.


Newsflash: White House hard at work lining Obama’s jobs plan with quake retrofitting stimulus funds.


No major injuries reported, but various reports of damage coming in. Pieces of the National Cathedral spire in DC have crumbled. Minor pipe damage reported at the Pentagon. Most serious: Assorted reports that the Washington Monument may have suffered damage. I thought it was a joke when reports said it may now be leaning/tilting. Apparently, there’s seismological truth to it.

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