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White House Deportation Waivers by Executive Fiat
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Surprise, surprise.

No, it’s about as unsurprising as the setting sun or the rising sun.

The Obama Department of Homeland Security late last week announced it would enforce the DREAM Act illegal alien student bailout by administrative order — call them White House deportation waivers — over the heads of a bipartisan majority of Congress that has repeatedly and resoundingly rejected such proposals.

They administration didn’t put it in such stark terms, of course. But that is the effect of the decree.

And it is no surprise at all to you and me.

The open-borders radicals at the White House and within DHS have been telegraphing this for months.

In June, they floated a proposal to order deferred/administrative paroles for masses of illegal aliens. ICE issued memos listed extensive criteria for “prosecutorial discretion” on deportation enforcement — chief among them, the vast subset of illegal aliens who would qualify for the failed DREAM Act illegal alien student bailout.

And now, as of last Thursday, DHS will formally suspend all deportations of potential DREAM Act illegal alien beneficiaries on a case by case basis as part of a coordinated campaign to woo disenchanted Hispanic voters.

The truth about deportation, as I’ve reported over and over and over again through the years, is that both Democrat and Republican administrations have undermined an orderly, consistent system of enforcement. And most of the politicians in Washington who speak about “comprehensive immigration reform” are still abjectly ignorant about the ins, outs, loopholes, and lax enforcement that characterize our chaotic, security-undermining deportation policies. It’s an endless appeals process and immigration litigation lottery played by deportable aliens and their open-borders lawyers. Capitol Hill compounds the problem with a raft of special private relief bills that protect illegal alien criminals.

The question for 2012 GOP primary voters: Is there a candidate out there who you trust to stand on the side of secure borders and strict enforcement, who has consistently opposed DREAM Act illegal alien bailouts, and who will resist the urge to use and abuse his executive powers to override the will of the people?

Here is one scorecard.

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