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Introducing the Democrat Crappy Meal
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Photoshop credit: Matthias Reynolds

Last week, I dubbed the Boehner debt-limit increase plan the “GOP Crappy Meal.”

As Doug mentioned earlier today, Democrats are now digesting their own bad serving of “Satan sandwiches and Satan fries” — washed down with a tall, unsweetened glass of of “Yes, You Will” juice.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Monday afternoon that she will “absolutely” vote for the debt-limit compromise but isn’t urging other Democrats to follow her lead.

Pelosi told told ABC’s Diane Sawyer that while the deal is probably a “satan sandwich with satan fries on the side,” she’ll vote for the deal with Tuesday’s default deadline looming.

During a long meeting with House Democrats earlier Monday, several lawmakers said Pelosi told them to vote their conscience while reminding them about what could happen if the United States were to default on its debt obligations.

Pelosi had previously been silent on how she would vote on the package worked out Sunday night by the White House and congressional leaders.

Which reminds me: The Happy Meal makeover photoshop contest has been extended until Wednesday — and if any of you feel inspired to come up with Crappy Meal debt-limit satires, have at it!

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