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Finding Marizela: Please Support Donation Fund, Keep Spreading Word
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Seattle-area media are helping spread the word about the new videos we posted yesterday of missing UW student Marizela Perez. Marizela’s dad, Edgar, who is my first cousin, talked to local Fox affiliate KCPQ about the search for Emem last night:


There is now a donation fund to help the family defray the costs of the ongoing search.

Make checks payable to FASA sa UW

Mail to:

Ethnic Cultural Center

care of FASA

Condon Hall, 7th Floor

1100 NE Campus Pkwy, Box 35560

Seattle, WA 98195

Make sure to put “Marizela Perez” name on memo line.

I’ll also be embedding a Paypal link soon for those who want to donate online.

Deepest thanks to all of you for your thoughts, prayers, and help.


Here are the surveillance videos once again. Please watch and distribute widely:

In this clip, she appears at :18 exiting the check stand and walking out of the store:

In this clip, she appears at :52 exiting the store, walking north.

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