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Searching for Marizela: New Videos, Message from Her Parents & an Army of Volunteers
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We spent the weekend on the ground in Seattle, looking for any signs of our missing 18-year-old University of Washington student Marizela Perez.

Family, friends, supporters, student and church volunteers, Facebook users, blog readers, and kind strangers met us on Saturday in the parking lot at the Safeway in the University District where Marizela was last seen. Family members continued the search on Sunday. We spread out and canvassed Ravenna Park, Cowen Park, the Arboretum, the University District, Chinatown, Green Lake, Rainier Beach/Rainier Valley, and the UW Bothell campus.


Family members were on the ground again today in the city. We continue to ask for the public’s help in providing any information possible about Marizela’s whereabouts. The Seattle Police Department continues to investigate. The King County Search and Rescue division has been alerted, but cannot launch an official search mission until law enforcement receives more information and leads on where Marizela went after she left the Safeway.

If any public transportation workers or cab drivers came into contact with Marizela on the afternoon of Sat. March 5, we need you to contact SPD Missing Persons Bureau ASAP. The number there is 206-684-5582.

If any Seattle-area hikers or joggers recognize her face, we need you to contact SPD Missing Persons Bureau ASAP. The number there is 206-684-5582.

If anyone noticed her after she walked north out of the Safeway on Brooklyn Avenue carrying a green Starbucks mug, a Safeway shopping bag, and a denim drawstring bag on her back, we need you to contact SPD Missing Persons Bureau ASAP. The number there is 206-684-5582.

Last week, the family released screen caps from Safeway surveillance video showing Marizela. Today, the family is releasing video clips of her exiting the check stand and store in hopes of jogging someone’s memory and gathering more clues about her location.

The videos are on YouTube and can be embedded and shared. Please watch and distribute widely:

In this clip, she appears at :18 exiting the store, walking north:

In this clip, she appears at :52 exiting the store, walking north.

Marizela’s parents are also issuing a public statement along with the videos:





Seattle, Wash.

March 12, 2011

Contact: Edgar Perez, 609 – 646 – 0905

First, we would like to extend our deepest thanks to all of the citizens in Seattle and across the country who have spread the word about our daughter’s disappearance on Saturday, March 5, in the University District.

We would like to thank Seattle law enforcement and the University of Washington staff, students, administration, and campus police for their ongoing support and assistance at this difficult time.

And we would like to thank all the local media outlets that have covered Marizela’s case with vigilance, compassion and sensitivity.

We remain hopeful and we will not rest until we find Marizela.

As the police investigation continues, we are releasing today video clips of surveillance video from the University District Safeway on 4732 Brooklyn Ave NE Seattle where Marizela was last seen on Saturday, March 5.

She was wearing a dark jacket with hood over a light-colored sweater with hood, denim jeans, light brown suede laced boots, possibly wearing green eye contacts, carrying a denim drawstring backpack with rainbow butterfly screen print.

We are asking for anyone who may have seen Marizela after she exited the Safeway sometime in the 2pm hour on Saturday, March 5, to please contact SPD immediately.


As our family has mentioned in flyers all week, Marizela is taking anti-depressants. We are concerned about Marizela’s safety, health, and well-being. She is in a vulnerable state of mind and it is urgent that we find her and bring her home safely as soon as possible.

This has been a heart-wrenching time for us and for all of Marizela’s friends, family, and supporters. We appreciate the public’s continued thoughts, prayers, and help in locating Marizela.

— Edgar and Jasmin Perez

Missing UW student Marizela Perez with her parents, Egg Harbor Township (EHT) High School (NJ) graduation 2010


Every set of eyes and ears, every pair of boots in the ground in Seattle, is a huge help for the family.

With Marizela’s Army of volunteers watching out for her, we hold on to hope and faith that she will be found and brought home soon.

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