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More Union Civility: Eyewitness to Boston Thuggery; Plus: Die, Elderly Tea Partiers, Die!
Tea Party senior citizens: Menaces to society!
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Tea Party senior citizens: Menaces to society!

A supporter of Wisconsin GOP Gov. Scott Walker in Boston wrote me last night to recount the violence that took place at the Tuesday union rally where Democrat Rep. Michael Capuano told his minions to “get a little bloody.” The tipster is remaining anonymous for now while police investigate the targeting of an elderly, flag-waving counter-protester.

As the witness told me, “It was worse than you and what the media portrayed it as…as usual!!”

The MSM may be AWOL. But the truth will out:

Hi Michelle,

After reading your column in the “Boston Herald” newspaper this morning and seeing you on Fox and Friends, I had to give you a little more inside information about that “solidarity protest” outside the Mass. Statehouse, Tuesday.

My girlfriend and I were there as supporters for Gov. Walker, I am 55 yrs. old and have been to many, many protests in the last 3 years from Washington, D,C. several times, to many town-halls all around my state, and I dare say that this was the scariest one I have ever been to. I also dare say for the first time in all my life, I was actually ashamed to be an Irish-American. Most of the thugs that were protesting against Walker were Irish-American thugs, it reminded me of the movies “The Departed” or right out of the pages of “The Godfather”, and “Hoffa.”

The men were huge and screaming into the faces of anyone, I mean anyone they thought were against the unions. Most of the Gov. Walker supporters were 45-65 yrs. old.

With all that being said, to the point now, I witnessed a man about 45-50 or so and an elderly man pushed against a granite-wall statue where all these thugs had climbed on to scream out of control words that would put your ears on fire. They pushed and shoved until he fell on the ice, screaming the whole time to get the “F**K”out of here, they took the elderly man, pushing and shoving him, taking his flag and breaking it up..I heard the younger man say he was reporting this to the police, so I followed with my eyes, and could see from body language it was not going well for him with the police officer, I was so mad, I walked over and over heard him say to the man, “well that is not the story we heard”, I walked over them and said to the policeman, my girlfriend and I witnessed the whole incident and those two thugs went after those men and hurt them. Needless to say I am now witness to this if it proceeds to court. I am scared of repercussions from these thugs, but I will do my part for those two men who were brutally accosted by those “union thugs”.

This protest was not just a “figurative…”get bloody” it was actually done. Again it was the scariest protest I have ever been to. It was worse than you know and what the media portrayed it as….as usual!!

Thank you for listening, Michelle.

Not coincidentally, left-wing hate-monger Mike Papantonio — guest-hosting for neanderthal MSNBC host Ed Schultz — was on the airwaves spreading hate against elderly Tea Party activists…and hoping for their deaths – via Newsbusters:



CALLER: And he pushed the woman and, you know, I don’t know what caused that or whatever but, two guys, you know, got on him and just grabbed him and took him out of the way and told him to go back to your area, you know, they didn’t …

PAPANTONIO: Go back to the old folks’ home.

CALLER: Well, exactly, you know.

PAPANTONIO: That’s what you have here. Look, here, let’s not miss this, this is a generational war. You have students at universities that are showing up, you have these senile old boneheads that are ol-, I mean, check, look at the pictures, I don’t even have to say, look at the pictures, Rich. Run any film, who is there for the teabaggers?! The people that are being paid for by the Koch brothers are there for the teabaggers, but take a look at the age discrepancy. They’ve used our school system. They’ve used our infrastructure. So the American Majority is busing these old feeble nuts to there and so they’re called, do you realize there’s, there’s a, calling our teachers pigs. Calling our teachers pigs and the teachers take it and that’s OK, that’s what they oughta do because you know what? The more light you shine on these senile, look, you know (laughs) truthfully, they’re the last days of their lives, they really are, these old, fuddie-duddies or curmudgeons are at the last days of the lives and you have students there that are in the protest that say, well look, we want to have the same thing you have. We would like to have infrastructure. We’d like to be able to educate our children. We’d like the same quality of life that we gave you. And unfortunately, you know, I guess the bad news is they’re not moving through fast enough because we can keep people alive a long time with good medication. But that’s who you have showing up as teabaggers.

Followed by Papantonio’s guest, Daily Beast reporter Rick Outzen, saying with a laugh, “Just a few funerals away from a good government.”

Abusing young female activists…and now elderly Tea Party members.

Future Senior Fellows at the Civility Institute, no doubt.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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