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Philadelphia Horror Update: Consequences
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The White House and the Democrat leadership in Washington may not care, but the people of the state of Pennsylvania — in both parties — have not turned a blind eye to the innocent victims of the Philadelphia Horror.

GOP Gov. Tom Corbett announced the firing of six state workers who aided and abetted the baby serial killing spree and the butchering of untold numbers of women’s lives:

Pennsylvania’s governor fired six state officials for failing to stop an abortion doctor now charged with murder. Governor Tom Corbett announced the firings today, in addition to three officials who had already resigned. Corbett also announced a shakeup at the two agencies cited in a grand jury report for ignoring complaints about Dr. Kermit Gosnell.

Even the NYTimes can’t look away:

“This doesn’t even rise to the level of government run amok,” Governor Corbett said in a statement. “It was government not running at all. To call this unacceptable doesn’t say enough. It’s despicable.”

Governor Corbett ordered the state’s abortion clinics to be inspected at least once a year and said clinics that fail to meet basic state health standards would be closed, at least temporarily.

Pennsylvania abortion clinics will also have unannounced inspections, including during evenings and weekends. The results will be posted online.

Governor Corbett said 11 state employees had been dismissed or resigned since the conditions at Dr. Gosnell’s clinic became public. The clinic’s practices had been the subject of numerous complaints for at least a decade before it was closed.

On a related note, the undermining of parental rights by Planned Parenthood that I highlighted last week continues to be exposed:, Feb. 14, described the details of a recently obtained 2008 police report documenting the case of a pregnant teen who was held hostage by a staff member at a Kennewick, Washington, Planned Parenthood facility.

The unnamed 14-year-old, 22 weeks pregnant, was held by staffer Andrea Smasne at the facility against the wishes of her father and against police directives. Because the baby’s father was a 20-year-old under police investigation for sexual misconduct, the pregnancy was considered statutory rape, meaning her father was responsible for her.

But Smasne saw it differently. The staffer continued to refuse the father access to his daughter, claiming the girl was afraid of him, until Officer Wayne Meyer intervened. When he asked Smasne to release the girl, he was told she was “emancipated.”

Meyer said,

I then asked Smasne how old the patient was. She advised the female patient was 14 yoa. I then asked why they would tell the father he had to leave if his juvenile age daughter was there. At that point Smasne stated that once the juvenile is pregnant, the juvenile is emancipated, and further stated the father had no right to be present if the patient did not want him there.


He then contacted the City Attorney’s office to verify the emancipation question and was told “A Juvenile is not emancipated simply by becoming pregnant” and further, “becoming emancipated required a Court process.” The attorney also advised a criminal investigation of Planned Parenthood if such documentation couldn’t be provided.

Please don’t let up on the drive to de-fund the abortion predators.

The tipping point is here.

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