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A Procedural Note About H.R. 5281 and the DREAM Act
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There is a bit of confusion on the Internet that needs to be cleared up about the Democrats’ plans for the DREAM Act.

A number of readers have pointed to a weekend post at warning that the DREAM Act is “hidden” in another bill, H.R. 5281.

Senate staff explained to me today that DREAM was passed as an amendment to HR 5281 in the House and it was sent over as a “message,” which gave it privileged status so the Senate didn’t have to vote on a motion to proceed (simply a cloture vote). My Senate staff source added that it essentially gave the Democrats an avenue to bypass a procedural hurdle in the Senate, but since the Senate failed to proceed to the 3rd amendment (the DREAM Act), it is dead and HR 5281 does not include it.

All that said, as you know from my longtime coverage of the open-borders lobby, they never give up.

I’ve been using this Bush 43-era graphic of the night of the living shamnesty with good reason for years:

So while the Senate cloture vote on Saturday killed the stand-alone DREAM Act yet again, no doubt it will be back in some form or another. As I pointed out over the weekend, Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell’s troubling remark that the illegal alien student bailout “should be dealt with next year” opens the door for a Republican version of the bill that forced retiree Utah Sen. Bob Bennett telegraphed last week.

Remember: There are soft-on-illegal-immigration radicals in both parties. Whatever election-year lip service they might pay to border enforcement, none can be trusted to do the right thing without your constant bucking up.



Be sure to send a special message of thanks to GOP Sen. Jeff Sessions for his stalwart opposition and leadership in stopping another down payment on amnesty.

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