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Illegal Alien DREAM Act Legislative Alert: Vote Imminent
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The shamnesty wheels are turning. Harry Reid has been hard at work maneuvering to get his illegal alien bailout pay-off vote scheduled. The open-borders lobby is energized and mobilized. Are you?

I’ve been warning about how the DREAM Act agitators have been pressing squishy Republicans aggressively. I’ve posted phone numbers of the fence-sitters for you. We’re down to the wire.

Micheal Hill reports on all the overnight developments. As usual, THERE IS NO FINAL TEXT available of the actual legislation that will be voted on. It’s classic Dem obfuscation strategy and Obamacare redux. I’ve had DREAM Act agitators screaming that I’m “lying” about what’s in the bill — when they know there has been a deliberate effort to avoid settling on which of the three or four versions will be up for the vote.


Senator Reid took the first steps toward bringing the DREAM Act before the Senate on Tuesday evening, November 30, in a move that sets up a key procedural vote on the measure that could occur as soon as Friday, December 3, or early next week. But even while Senator Reid was maneuvering to bring the DREAM Act up for a vote in the Senate, the House Democratic Leadership was signaling its retreat from a parliamentary manuever that it had floated as a way of bringing the measure up for a vote in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The Senate. With mutliple versions of the DREAM Act to choose from, the Majority Leader chose to advance a new bill, S. 3992, a measure that was only introduced on Tuesday, November 30. The text of the new measure was not widely available at the time of this writing. (emphasis added)

…The text of the bill will not become available unil later today. Accordingly, a big unanswered question at the time of this writing is whether S. 3992 contains two provisions that were included in the original version of the DREAM Act but have been left out of subsequent versions. The first of these is a provision that would amend the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 to repeal the provision in that law that effectively prohibit states from providing in-state tuition for undocumented aliens unless the state provides in-state tuition to all citizens and nationals of the United States. The second of these is the question of what the bill’s cut-off age is for DREAM Act beneficairies. The original version of the DREAM Act would have permitted persons who were up to age 35 to benefit from the bill. Subsequent versions of the bill reduced that cutoff age to 30 years-of-age.

Of course, it is possible that other significant changes have been made to the DREAM Act, as well, in this most recent version.


The impending Senate floor action on the DREAM Act was triggered when Majority Leader Reid arranged for the introduction of the new bill (S. 3992) and moved to have the bill “read” for the first time. It is likely that he will move to have the bill read a second time on Wednesday, December 1, file a motion to proceed to the consideration of the bill on Thursday, December 2, and then move to invoke cloture (shut down debate) on that motion. Under Senate rules, it takes two days for a cloture motion to “ripen” once it has been filed. Once it has ripened, a vote on cloture can occur. Thus, the earliest that a test vote on the DREAM Act can occur in the Senate is Saturday, December 4.

Senate rules require the affirmative votes of 60 senators in order to invoke cloture (shut down debate) on a measure. Accordingly, Majority Leader Reid will need to convince 60 senators to vote in favor of invoking cloture in order to bring S. 3992 before the Senate…

…Prior to Tuesday, November 30, Senator Richard Durbin (D-IL) had introduced four versions of the DREAM Act during the 111th Congress, a move that was made in order to keep his options open in case he needed to make changes to the bill in order to secure the votes of wavering senators. The four versions that he had introduced prior to Tuesday were S. 729, the original version of the measure, as well as S. 3827, S. 3962, and S. 3963. Each version made changes around the edges of the original version of the measure — some big and some small. In the end, the Majority Leader chose to attempt to bring a fifth version, S. 3992, before the full Senate for its consideration.

Two Republicans are stated AYES on the illegal alien DREAM Act bailout/amnesty — co-sponsor Dick Lugar and lame duck Bob Bennett.

Two Democrats are stated NAYS on cloture — Ben Nelson and Mark Pryor.

The ethnic tribalists and shamnesty peddlers have coordinated ad campaigns and organized feckless grievance-mongers on college campuses across the country. I’ve seen them and debated them. Their sense of entitlement and disregard for the rule of law would make Obama’s illegal alien auntie Zeituni Onyango proud.

If you like Zeituni, you’ll love the DREAM Act.

Make your voices heard.

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